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  1. We will get into the nitty gritty soon, but I wouldn't read too much into the terminology. INTERMEDIATE recipes are only slightly better than basic ones, where ADVANCED ones are much much better. The balance to strike is to give every player some general crafting capabilities so they have options for tools, armor and weapons, while also giving them reasons to craft better gear or find someone who can. If a non-crafter walks up to a station and can't do anything because all recipes are advanced, then we are not giving them enough of a taste to want to come back, or try the crafting track. For dedicated crafters, the advanced crafting game will continue to be deep and necessary. The best weapons, gear, tools, potions, etc will only come from the best crafters, giving these folks a lot of power.
  2. You are fast! We will cover the ins and outs of the project view as well as other menus in stations that we did not include in today's update, in the near future. It will be good.....sooooo soooo good:)
  3. I like SECRETS a lot! Lets see how this plays out. Whenever we talk internally about some sort of mystery recipes that are revealed via experimentation with wildcards we come to the conclusion that within the first week a wiki will go up with that info taking a lot of the punch out of that discovery. So instead, our core focus is going to be on better guidance to the player with clear crafting requirements and illustrating the path from a base resource all the way through a finished project. I dont know about you, but I HATED hunting for component recipes in the old design. Totally broke my focus and was so off putting, I think I have only crafting basic items for the past year.
  4. Great question. I believe we will let you see recipes and components you cannot craft for the sake of planning and offering guidance for what skill track to pursue. If we have any additional gates to lock out that knowledge, that is tbd, but I think it would be BAD user experience to keep that information from the player.
  5. If we add it as an action, then you will be able to set it to any key you want. Let me see what I can do...
  6. Thanks for the clarification. We have definitely had requests to run and manage menus at the same time, so its an easy confusion to make on my part. I can see if maybe we can have an option in settings called TOGGLE MOVE which, when enabled, will act as you have described. Tap and hold will operate as it already does. Tap once and release will set run on indefinitely, tap again to turn it off and stop moving. And any interruption to movement such as combat, tray swapping and mode shifting will automatically set the toggle off again. Does that sound like what we want?
  7. Auto run, or a num pad toggle like other games, has been a frequent request and I can say with some certainty that we will not include this feature. Part of our cursor mode/character mode design is forcing the player to be in a dedicated head space. Either they are moving around the world, interacting, fighting, harvesting, etc OR they are engaging in character management via inventory, equipment grid, spell book, etc. By letting you move around and manage your inventory simultaneously we break the balance and focus of those dedicated modes. If you have followed the history of this game's development, you may remember a time when our cursor mode windows were full screen takeovers. Meaning, when you entered character management we would completely obscure the world around the character which would heighten tension and create some player agency. What we found over time was that we had swung too far left and players really hated not being able to see their character while in cursor mode. So we course corrected and went with a floating window model which we are still refining to this day. Point is, switching contexts between character movement and character management is a core design philosophy for Crowfall and allowing players to overlap functions between the two would break that design.
  8. This would be great. We aren't opposed to this, since we want as many people to enjoy the game with their preferred controls. Technically I could turn on support for that now, but we do not want to add that until we have a responsive UI that can update layout and input feedback based on detected controllers. Otherwise we are inviting a whole lot of bugs and QA issues at a time when we are still laying the foundation. Thanks for posting! The more people we hear that are interested in a feature like this, the more we will want to bump it up in priority.
  9. We are going to give players an entirely dedicated mode for moving and customizing their combat HUDs. This will be coming as soon as we clean up our preferences manager to properly track and save the locations of your customization. Not sure when that will go live, but its a clear priority now that we have such a prominent character panel.
  10. I like this approach and it is definitely one of the ideas on the table. Stay tuned!
  11. Tray buttons = yes. I am personally mapping mine to Z, X and C respectively. Additionally, we are updating the default mapping of ultimate powers from C to Q to better group that action with the other default powers. Long term though, we are looking for a better solution for tray swapping that requires fewer dedicated keys. We can look into further customization for auto run after we ship this first input overhaul. I think we have a stack of requests that we need to sort through before promising anything. Valid request though, thanks.
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