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  1. It is similar to the phrase "We come to establish trade" but shorter.
  2. SB was my first MMO, played mostly console games before that. Funny story about getting SB was that someone at the Wally World I worked at (Pet Dept Manager at the time) was trying to get a friend and I to play Everquest, so I went over to the Electronics Dept and looked at the EQ box. The box basically said the same things the person (no killing random people) said but then I noticed two little boxes tucked into the corner of the software section...yep Shadowbane. Read the box for that and said "This sounds better than EQ at least they allow me to kill other players", so my friend and I bought the last two copies when we were on break.
  3. Did you ever think that since they have a rune at creation called Dimwitted that reduces intellect that they might have one that raises intellect?
  4. There should be a separate definition in the dictionary for a Shadowbane "friend".
  5. I'm guessing you haven't been paying attention to what the Dev's have been posting about Character Creation or any of the videos where J. Todd talked about it.. Lets see if any of this sounds familiar: From this thread: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/641-011315-character-creation-preview/ We see six "attributes": Strength, Spirit, Intellect, Dexterity, Movement and Armor and that you have a set amount of Creation Points to spend to modify your attributes. Hmm sounds familiar to some other game that has been mentioned. From this thread: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/907-012015-character-creation-preview-runes-runes-runes/ We see a partial listing of "starting" runes such as Lucky, Fleet of Foot, Eagle Eye and Ambidexterity, hmm this also sounds familiar to that other game again...oh wait there is a reason why: So it isn't like they hid the fact that they were going with a modified Shadowbane Character Creation system.
  6. I knew of a FoF exploit that allowed Aelborn Mages take it by first going Rogue based, apply the rune and then switch base to Mage and the rune would "stick".
  7. I still don't know how I didn't get any, especially the day I went into rant mode and chewed up some new posters for posting PvE thread 3,000,000.
  8. GW2 WvWvW was based on week long campaigns over 4 "battlegrounds" each comprised of supply camps, towers and keeps. Each of those camps, towers and keeps were worth increasing points with camps being the lowest to keeps being the highest (Exception being the one "castle" in the one Battleground, Stonemist). The points were counted every 15 mins and you would see a countdown from 15:00 to 0:00 which was called "The Tick". So at the end of the week the server that had the most points would "Win".
  9. Haven't seen Conman in a good long while but I did start out SB in a subbed guild (Durus Vir) to the Crimson Brotherhood on Chaos server, then in Vindication Test my guild (LB from the other video) joined up with CB for awhile.
  10. Skorp has popped in a few times in different threads.
  11. Yep. CS and LB both went from Entropy to Wrath after ToO beta but by the time the server war with CN was about to go into full swing, they announced Vindication Lore was coming and CS and LB left for Mourning until it came up.
  12. You weren't with CS when LB and CS joined together and left Wrath for Mourning and ran the Dwarf hammer chucking spec?
  13. When on Safari always remember to lock your car doors or you might become kitty snacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeaztQK9If0
  14. For those that keep asking where the Dregs only at start up came from here is your answer: J. Todd Coleman. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3137-so-only-the-dregs-ruleset-being-funded-by-this-particular-ks/page-3#entry77760 As someone else posted pages upon pages back, as the Devs get more money more campaigns will get designed.
  15. Nah if we get the EK and Crafting posts separated out of the General and Suggestion forums it will be easier to see all the threads crying about PvP or asking the Devs where they spent the money or the 1000th thread on which twitch based combat is the most "skillful".
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