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  1. As a boardgame aficionado, I'm somewhat happy about this approach. My only concern is the inherit growing chasm between veterans and new players, since character progression is consistent throughout realm reset. Will guilds even recruit new players that don't meet certain attribute requirements?
  2. Hello fellow Crowfallers! Welcome to 'Bootleg Provisions', a guild dedicated to the fine and intricate art of smuggling, contraband, pilfering and trafficking of illegitimately obtained goods! For most, war and conflict brings along poverty and destruction; yet where others see despair, we see profit! There are weapons to be shipped, rare resources to be transported, confidential messages to be delivered, coins to be moved. We will focus on any activity that involves moving resource X from location Y to destination Z. For a price! As smuggling is often done best in isolation to
  3. I like the idea of support! Skill tree might not allow everyone to craft their own Daggers of Ultimate Throat Slitting...
  4. *rolls d20... 20! Critical, leader does not notice me in the shadows*
  5. *slowly covers head with the black hood and moves closer through the shadows to listen in*
  6. Indeed. That's why I also mentioned 'smuggling' in my sign-up post. If the game mechanics allows it, of course. On another note - what do you guys think about the heraldry tree? http://community.crowfall.com/public/Crowfall_CrypticTree.jpg Seems to hint at possible alignments - which makes me wonder if we should stick to a faction in the middle, so we can take 'jobs' from both sides. Illara or Kronos sound good for this guild. Both hint of death and fleeting time.
  7. I'd love to see a ridiculously long respawn rate for your chars if you die - and you're restricted to only 2 or 3. Imagine not being able to re-log for another 6 hours. That will put you on the edge of your seat when going through a thick forest...
  8. Lets just hope death has quite bad consequences so an assassination has meaning to the overall state of things / politics.
  9. Where do I sign up? I love playing stealthy backstabbers, backdoor smugglers and patient assassins.
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