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    rhadiel reacted to lucius in 02/03/15 - Day 2 - Hunger Week Rages On!   
    Look there is going to be pointless PVE alongside the meaningless arena PvP!
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    rhadiel reacted to ren in 01/29/15 - Forgemaster, World Rulesets & Resources   
    So the innermost part of the map is called The Dregs, and is Free For All with (possibly?) full loot.  Does that make hardcore PKers the "Dregs" of the MMO community? Shots fired!
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    rhadiel got a reaction from seventhbeacon in Bootleg Provisions - Smuggling Guild   
    Hello fellow Crowfallers!
    Welcome to 'Bootleg Provisions', a guild dedicated to the fine and intricate art of smuggling, contraband, pilfering and trafficking of illegitimately obtained goods!
    For most, war and conflict brings along poverty and destruction; yet where others see despair, we see profit! There are weapons to be shipped, rare resources to be transported, confidential messages to be delivered, coins to be moved.
    We will focus on any activity that involves moving resource X from location Y to destination Z. For a price!
    As smuggling is often done best in isolation to avoid attracting attention, the guild structure will be quite loose. Everyone has a chance to have their voice heard and every decision will be put to the vote.
    There is only one rule: confidentiality is golden.
    Everyone's welcome to join!
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    rhadiel got a reaction from theswampysteve in Guild of Assassins   
    I'd love to see a ridiculously long respawn rate for your chars if you die - and you're restricted to only 2 or 3.
    Imagine not being able to re-log for another 6 hours. That will put you on the edge of your seat when going through a thick forest...
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