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  1. Sometimes, you have no control on timing and an executive decision must be made ahead of time. Ace was confident that the community would support their decision and funding would come through.
  2. Excellent game, most players that have purchased it, have spent more time playing this game than most AAA games (for the $25 I spent on it and the number of hours played so far, it's a steal). It's highly addicting! The development team has been doing an incredible job every week, updating the community, updating the game, patching, etc.... adding new ideas presented by the community, while also staying on track for their release next year. They've given back to the community with contests and bounties. Even if you're not interested in survival games, this is an excellent example
  3. I think FF should be mandatory in The Shadow and Dregs CWs. It's where it will matter the most, have the biggest impact, and affect the zergs out there in horrible imploding ways.
  4. I don't think a fully custom UI at release is a "need", but a convenience "want". It doesn't directly affect gameplay. Many MMOs have released without UI customization and added it later. If needed, due to limited resources and time, I'd rather this get UI customization tabled until after release. It's not something that should delay the game release at all. Color-blind options, however, are definitely a "need". It directly affects gameplay for colorblind people, since they're unable to view all of the colors on the UI. If you don't understand why, see this: http://pulptastic.com/
  5. ... and all of that can be done within the current plot and "footprint" system they have designed. Now, things are subject to change.. and one thing that they have made clear in recent months, is that strongholds will be pre-placed in CWs. Most likely because they're part of the plot system and not free-floating structure entities like cottages. Players don't have plot level access within CWs, like they do in the EK.
  6. If you want to understand how the building system will work, and how the CW may be generated, and the various building options we may have available.... learn everything about the EK.... regardless if you have any interest in your personal EK. The info is actually relative to the functionality within the CW as well, even if some of it will be handled for you.
  7. The differences between the two are: the gameplay rules: CWs are bound by seasons and time, with a victory condition, while the EK is permanent, without a victory condition, and the players define the rules (e.g. PvP) and who controls the territories. POIs and territories within a CW are fought for, while they are assigned to players by the EK owner. world design: CWs are generated/built by Ace and to support the CW rules along with establishing and naming the territories, while the EK is built by the player however they wish and with whatever they want to name their territories. maximum
  8. I believe in the opposite. The more diverse and unique experience per character, the greater experience you can have with multiple. You also get to learn, by first hand experience, the strengths and weaknesses of the various classes, which ultimately leads to a more knowledgeable PvP engagement. Blizzard has adopted your way of thinking with WoW and although it works for them, I'd rather not see Crowfall head down this road. I want every one of my characters to fill a unique role and offer a unique gameplay experience. As for the OP, WTF is a "pure" gamer?!?!
  9. The cities are pretty much strongholds/forts in a ruined state and require upgrading. Strongholds and forts are pre-established on the plots that are placed within the world (EK or CW), and since the CW will be generated/built by Ace, the strongholds/forts and other POIs will already be pre-located on the map. See the most recent Dev Q&A as they answered my question on this, which is that players will have the ability to construct the buildings that go in/around the strongholds/forts. It will be similar to the cottages and other buildings you place on plots within the EK, since
  10. Like I told scree in Slack, if you want to understand how the building will work in the CW, you can't ignore the EK FAQ and info drops. Ace has mentioned numerous times that they first develop for the CW and then provide those same things for players to use within their EKs. So, in particular to placement, read the EK FAQ #16 and #17: https://crowfall.com/#/faq/eternal-kingdoms We will have "free-placement" within the bounds of these footprint grids, which you can see an example green grid in this image:
  11. VN... please highlight the quote and copy-paste duplicates and reply to each fragment.... your posts are not only a pain to read but worse to quote and respond to.
  12. From what I understand, there is a skill use cap and a passive trained cap... and those caps can be extended by character stat allocation during character creation, along with the selection of archetype, profession, and disciplines. I haven't heard anything about an overall max cap, although there will be a natural cap based on the build mentioned above.
  13. Unless there is significant value to having multiple characters under an account, Players (that can afford the $) will just have multiple accounts. Those looking to infiltrate other guilds, most likely already have multiple accounts.
  14. Basically, you'll either be part of a "mega" guild or a "merc" guild. Take your pick. The mega guilds will have an entire CW duration objective, while the merc guilds will scale back their objectives to a day-by-day or week-by-week objective focus.
  15. VN, you should stick to IRC (been over 10 years since I last used that)...
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