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  1. With even more colours being brought into the chat window. Is there any word on a colour blind mode/feature for this chat (or the game).
  2. Rather then messing around with group size numbers and having them vary on a CW basis, I would be much happier to see an actual UI update and the ability to group alliances/guilds into a raid (with a raid frame UI).
  3. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.540 Being able to fix crafting flaws with dust The addition and separation of Low Sec and High Sec in Gods Reach Option to skip the NPE via power level to 25 options (VIP/Non-VIP) Portal directly to Sky Point so you don't need to auto-run 3+ zones to find pvp in GR Soulbinding of discs, allowing you to change your build without losing all your investment. Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? 200 Zone population was the last confirmed limit, would like confirmation if this can be increase when needed. Arcane Backer Weapon Skin Reward only displays the defauly weapon skin, would like to see it expanded to all racial weapon skins. Class balance still needs more fine tuning Handshakes sieges are still not in game @mdonley said patch notes would be up in an hour, but 4 hours have passed since his post. Would like to confirm how much time a "one hour of mdonley" actually is! (/s) Did you complete the NPE if not why? No, used the power leveling option to get to 25. It was quicker to get into Sky Point then going through the NPE. NPE - Let's hear your top 5 likes about NPE and why You can now skip the NPE and you offer VIP and Non-VIP this option NPE - Let's hear your top 5 dislikes about NPE and why You are unable to remove the quests from your hud/quest book after power leveling to 25. Quest line should be cleared after skipping the NPE and show only relevant quests.
  4. HD banner not displaying any status message at this time.
  5. Teleporting bug on pulls when inside the castle still happens. Any changes to my ability bar in HD resets once HD ends. This causes me to reset them again on every HD match.
  6. Would we be able to get screenshots added to the Archetype pages to show stat allocation (character sheet)?
  7. <Question> Will weapon/armor skin (transmog) system come online before launch? <Question> Can you go over PvP Ranks that are coming out soon:tm:? <Question> Is a guild ranking system also in the works? <Question> Can we inquire on the future of water (rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans) within Crowfall biomes (current/future) and how disgruntled Maeve is right now?
  8. <QUESTION> Has Unity found any improvements in their findings? If so, when will we start seeing the improvements/fixes implemented?
  9. Welcome to the ACE team Diane! Look forward to seeing you around in the CF community.
  10. ACE already has this setup through various support channels and invite only discords.
  11. I haven't personally tested this but I've been told you are unable to use mobile banking while in an enemy parcel. So the attacker can't pull out a mobile bank inside an enemy keep and get a new seed for ToL for said keep.
  12. Just a write up of ideas to make sieges possibly more fun and engaging. Right now Fort Siege's are not very fun. I think this is generally agreed upon by the community. The fort sieges allow a large force to run into the fort at the last 5 minutes during the siege window and take over the fort. This negates almost 90% of the siege timer as most guilds won't show up before 10 minutes is left on the siege timer. What I would like to propose: 1) Fort Sieges a) Extend fort siege timers to 2-5 hours at a time, or multiple time slots during a single day (3x 4 hour windows in a 24 hour time) b) Spawn resources ever 15 minutes or 30 minutes during siege window (such as how pack pigs spawn at a higher frequency during sieges) i) Tie resource spawns into active player count on server to curb non-peak time resource gathering c) Controlling guild at the time during siege will be allowed to loot resources. d) Allow winning guild to continue looting the forts on every hour during off sieges (I would prefer if these resources were never faction/guild locked tbh, logging into alts ever hour to loot a fort is not engaging game play) This change would allow the entire fort siege window to be utilized for a benefit (free resources) but also offer disadvantages (alerts to say which guild is sieging where in events and open world pvp). Since banks aren't in the forts it also drives players to escort/caravan the loot to a bank location. You could also add in new cards to encourage pvp during these fort siege windows: Kills per fort siege, time owning keep per fort siege, etc). 2) Keep Sieges a) Stop day 1 acquisitions b) Allow only Campaign gold to purchase a keep (don't allow embargo'd gold to be used) c) Open up all keeps on day 2 during the correct siege time (EU vs NA siege times) d) Have all keeps owned by a neutral force or faction. i) These can be tied into God Factions or War Tribes for lore reasons e) Add NPC King's and Chief's to these faction owned keeps, these kings and chief's would needs to be killed before a Tree of Life can be placed. i) Outposts currently use this system to allow a guild/faction to capture the outpost f) Add in a counter siege window to newly placed Tree of Life i) Once a new ToL is planted bane trees should immediately spawn. This would allow a brief counter siege to be done to take keep. ii) Since no cool down would be done (as there is a delay on the bane tree spawn during normal keep sieges). Guilds can then go out and kill bane trees to fully own the keep. This change would allow guilds to then choose which keep they want and go siege it. It would also allow for guilds to spread out during the first siege window and try to take what they want. This further drives choice (and even consequences) in the campaign's and more PvP content. Larger guilds would likely be competing with other large guilds for the prime keep locations. This could hopefully allow the smaller guilds to fight for less wanted land options as well.
  13. You still need to edit the hyperlink as it still contains the period.
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