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  1. Unable to queue my time bank in the Animal Specialization tree. I can queue up a skill and once the pip is complete it will start up the time bank. But I am not able to directly queue the time bank.
  2. I had my pricing wrong, it was a $25.00 store credit that was offered for that backer reward. It was confirmed by @Jah on the CF Discord.
  3. THE CRYPT (AND THE RETURN OF CHARACTER SLOTS) We’ve come back around to the idea of giving each account a limited number of “character slots”. Many months ago you offered all Kickstarter Backer's a $10.00 store credit to exchange their character slots in since they were no longer valid or in the scope of the game. Does this mean previous KS backers can buy the expanded character slots again for $10.00 and will this be opened up to the general public (non KS backers)? Edit: You may notice there is a max number of vessels the player can have. We are allowing all players to have access to 6 slots as a baseline. You may also notice 3 locked slots which were available for Kickstarter packages that were Silver and higher. For those who missed the Kickstarter opportunity or didn’t get all 3 extra slots, don’t worry we will offer them in the store.
  4. Soulgems and Gems

    I like this one since Soulstone reminds me of Wow and Diablo.
  5. Yes. Once Beta happens and the game does it's soft launch everything will be deleted/reset.
  6. Soulgems and Gems

    You need to harvest Motherloads to get gems to make jewelry. Soul gems will be used for the upcoming Capture Thrall system to make disciplines or your own thralls.
  7. Bend the knee or lose your head!
  8. You need to have the tree unlocked to start banking time in the 2nd tier racial trees.
  9. It's buy to play with an option monthly sub.
  10. WTB real crowd control class

    Have you played a confessor yet? They are currently the best crowd control class in game.
  11. Does this mean if a party/guild enters into a moongate/portal at the same time there is a high chance they will all be separated with various destinations in the continent? If so that would be amazing and a good step for the cat and mouse "mini-game".
  12. Nice map Tinnis! I would prefer to see less blue space since it would be wasted area for nothing but map aesthetics but it's definitely showing how "vast" a Campaign World could be.
  13. Doubtful, since we don't have ships and there won't be an swimming mechanic (initially) it would be a waste of space/area to have multiple islands on a single continent.
  14. I wonder if moon gates will be "safe zones" as well. Sadly swimming won't come in until after post launch and they do a "sea expansion". Which I am definitely hopeful for!