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  1. Oi Brasil. Bem Vindo

    Hey @Fauno, Which city will the Brazilian server be hosted in?
  2. Great feedback on the current world placement rules. I hope you can review this @Hanseshadow and @jtoddcoleman!
  3. It's likely inconvenient since you need to upgrade your parcels to larger parcels to get your placements more closer together. This will help drive stonemasonry as a profession for the EK world builder players.
  4. Wildcrafting - Official Discussion Thread

    Or just give the feature to VIP"s to allow them change Biomes in their EK. Instant win for ACE and players.
  5. Wildcrafting - Official Discussion Thread

    @jtoddcoleman @ACE_Jackal Since there will be more focus on food and the harvesting/growing of said food. Will there be a possibility of adding a food timer to cause said food to expire? This would cause the minute to minute loop to stay intact for the entire campaign rather then a guild just amassing food during the first season when resources are plenty and then riding out that food store for the rest of the campaign.
  6. I notice I now have to agree to terms and conditions regarding the use of cookies on www.crowfall.com. I'm prompted with the following at the top of my browser: Currently the 'More Information' page (https://crowfall.com/en/cookie/) is a blank and has no supporting information. Can this page be updated to advise what I'm agreeing too if I accept the use of Crowfall cookies on my PC's?
  8. You should report that on the bug report forum.
  9. Hope the snap test starts today! I'm pumped.
  10. NPC's drop gold. Boars, Cats, Risen, etc.
  11. Is "Mario" going to be a static NPC or can we customize him with the Thrall system? I would love to be able to change the race and/or appearance of the vendors in my EK!
  12. @jtoddcoleman I'm not a fan of the items returning to the Spirit Bank once a person is banished/banned/kicked from an EK. Can we have it be restored to the purchases tab so it doesn't tie up the spirit bank? Once a player has spent weeks or months in a CW they will likely have a Spirit Bank full of items.
  13. Welcome to the ACE team and our ever growing community!
  14. Asking

    If you are just wanting to try out the game in it's pre-alpha state the $50.00 package is your best bet.