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  1. This is incorrect. All Beta 1's were given access to 5.3 on Test.
  2. Did you download the new test client/patcher? Or are you using the previous test client/patcher from a few weeks ago?
  3. ETERNAL KINGDOMS Deeds have been added for all the stations, and attachment nodes have been added inside the Pavillion Tent, Cottage, Villa and Manor buildings to allow players to place these stations. Recipes for all of these buildings are now available, so you can start crafting in the privacy of your Eternal Kingdom once you get the resources you need to do so. ------------- With the current test server we do not get to import our bundle packages (Parcels and Buildings). Does this mean we will need to craft parcels and buildings to be able to craft in our EK's on the 5.3 test server once this update goes live? Or will we be given test parcels/buildings on the 5.3 test server to allow us to place these assets to allow us to build a crafting station and actually craft in our EK?
  4. Mobile page from the latest news post is quite hard to read due to the colour of text and the background.
  5. One thing I would like to see is the comparison of the human model to the beasts as their concepts roll out. Seeing how the giant will compare to a human gave us a good sense of it's size. With this current spider concept it's hard to tell if this thing will be Texas spider big or Australia spider big.
  6. Can we get BEARS next...

    I agree with this as well. Bear is currently tied into so many key crafting combinations and it sucks being gated by the loot chests at the CW PoI's. I would love to see the 3 missing leather mobs (Bear, Elk, and Auroch) added as the next mobs.
  7. Currently Ranger can slot all the abilities on Shield Breaker Discipline except for the Reveal Weakness buff. It won't go on the Ranged or Melee tray.
  8. One thing that wasn't covered is the Layaway option. If we have retired assets on layaway are we still able to pay it off after December 31st or will it need to be paid in full before December 31st to receive that asset?
  9. To unlock the Mass Production tree you need to get 5 pips on the Mass Production Basic skill node under the Crafting Basics tree. When you look at the skill layout the Mass Production Skill tree comes out from the Blacksmithing Skill tree.
  10. You need to equip the Eagle Eye's minor discipline and passive if you wish to have your HUD register ~20m beyond the 40/45m range it's defaulted too.
  11. Page: https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/massive-reveal-day-is-here/ All disciplines are displayed in a single column and no longer appear in a grid which was how it was displayed pre-update.
  12. Snap over?

    Test server was taken down today, it was supposed to be taken down last night but Gordon left it running till the AM. Servers will be patched soon and we will be told on Twitter when we can log back in.
  13. I had a question about the Guild system that Blair and Gordon answered. The question can be found here: https://clips.twitch.tv/GiantSmoothLocustPlanking). With the answer that was given it sounds like all guild functions (Creation, crests, etc) will be locked behind the Crowfall store. Does this mean there will be an actual dollar amount associated with creating a guild even when the game goes live? Or is this something that will only be done pre-launch to reserve names and guilds will be able to be created in game for a set cost?
  14. You can watch the entire segment here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/203171567
  15. Will there be a patch today with any fixes?