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  1. <QUESTION> Has Unity found any improvements in their findings? If so, when will we start seeing the improvements/fixes implemented?
  2. Welcome to the ACE team Diane! Look forward to seeing you around in the CF community.
  3. ACE already has this setup through various support channels and invite only discords.
  4. I haven't personally tested this but I've been told you are unable to use mobile banking while in an enemy parcel. So the attacker can't pull out a mobile bank inside an enemy keep and get a new seed for ToL for said keep.
  5. Just a write up of ideas to make sieges possibly more fun and engaging. Right now Fort Siege's are not very fun. I think this is generally agreed upon by the community. The fort sieges allow a large force to run into the fort at the last 5 minutes during the siege window and take over the fort. This negates almost 90% of the siege timer as most guilds won't show up before 10 minutes is left on the siege timer. What I would like to propose: 1) Fort Sieges a) Extend fort siege timers to 2-5 hours at a time, or multiple time slots during a single day (3x 4 hour windows in a 24
  6. You still need to edit the hyperlink as it still contains the period.
  7. Yes! There is still a final wipe planned for Launch. Although, unscheduled wipes may occur at anytime during Beta if they are required.
  8. TLDR: East most treb only targeted east wall. Middle east only targeted gate/ballista, Middle west and west attacked respawn statue, western wall, and gate.
  9. I was able to watch a VOD from last night and this might be interesting to you all: Siege Timer: 59:40 First treb is placed -First shot is at respawn Siege Timer: 59:00 Second treb is placed -First treb still aiming at respawn Siege Timer: 58:50 (lost sight lines of trebs) Third treb is placed (in W area) Siege Timer: 58:42 1st and 2nd treb are attacking front gate trying to take out ballistas 3rd attacking wall/respawn (can't see from pov) Siege Timer: 58:00 1st and 2nd trebs still attacking front gate Siege Timer: 57:20 2nd treb aiming
  10. @ace-tyrant @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman @Tyrant Would it be possible for your team to share the numbers for the siege equipment + hero damage vs wall hp for last nights siege (July 21st)?
  11. We tried to shield the Respawn statue with this ability on the ground and from the top of the statue (jumping onto it from the walls/tarps). The shield didn't protect it at all and the treb damage went right through it. Not sure if this is intended or an ability bug.
  12. This 0 import campaign really shows the lobby interface needs a bit more love in regards to character inventory. Currently you are able to pull items from Campaign World Banks and put them into your personal vault but I cannot remove/strip all the gear off my character into my vault to be able to join into a 0 Import Dregs CW. To be able to join the Dregs CW you need to join onto Gods Reach to remove all your gear and bank your items into the vault. Then you need to disconnect from God's Reach to then join the Dregs Campaign. If we could get a way to do this into a lobby that would so
  13. You'll just need to bring a bow to the knife fight @Brightdance!
  14. Limiting imports into the first sanctioned campaign will easily solve this issue. The only headstart will be in terms of passive tree progression.
  15. Hey @Fauno, Which city will the Brazilian server be hosted in?
  16. Great feedback on the current world placement rules. I hope you can review this @Hanseshadow and @jtoddcoleman!
  17. Or just give the feature to VIP"s to allow them change Biomes in their EK. Instant win for ACE and players.
  18. @jtoddcoleman @ACE_Jackal Since there will be more focus on food and the harvesting/growing of said food. Will there be a possibility of adding a food timer to cause said food to expire? This would cause the minute to minute loop to stay intact for the entire campaign rather then a guild just amassing food during the first season when resources are plenty and then riding out that food store for the rest of the campaign.
  19. I notice I now have to agree to terms and conditions regarding the use of cookies on www.crowfall.com. I'm prompted with the following at the top of my browser: Currently the 'More Information' page (https://crowfall.com/en/cookie/) is a blank and has no supporting information. Can this page be updated to advise what I'm agreeing too if I accept the use of Crowfall cookies on my PC's?
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