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  1. 1 hour ago, Belantis said:

    It doesn't make sense not to wipe before the sanctioned campaigns start.

    Whats sanctioned about a campaign where some have headstart in terms of gear and levels?

    This needs to be clarified.

    Limiting imports into the first sanctioned campaign will easily solve this issue.  The only headstart will be in terms of passive tree progression.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Durenthal said:

    Also, why are all the maps laid out with crap resources along the edges and good resources in the center?  It reduces the value of exploration if we already know there's nothing valuable on the outer edges of a map.  In guild v guild worlds in particular, building your city next to a particularly valuable resource is a good thing.  If, in every single map, that means trying to control the center and ignoring everything else, that takes away a lot of potentially interesting decisions.


    Great feedback on the current world placement rules.  I hope you can review this @Hanseshadow and @jtoddcoleman!

  3. 50 minutes ago, Hunt said:

    I'm  not a fan of the new token system. The tokens available for parcels such as the hamlet and shire are very limited forcing you to spread your buildings across multiple parcels instead of keeping them together. This is pretty inconvenient in my opinion. 

     Im not sure what the reasoning is behind not being able to place more structures on 1 parcel if they will fit, but if it was to promote additional future sales of parcels to accommodate buildings, atleast let the EK owner take the total amount of tokens from each parcel they own and allow them to use them where and how they want.

    It's likely inconvenient since you need to upgrade your parcels to larger parcels to get your placements more closer together.  This will help drive stonemasonry as a profession for the EK world builder players.

  4. On 6/1/2018 at 2:43 PM, KrakkenSmacken said:

    Now that would be something interesting for Geomancy, if the parcels when created had a biome style. 

    I could totally see ACE selling a "Upside down recipe pack" that contained all the parcels and building recipes in that style.

    Or just give the feature to VIP"s to allow them change Biomes in their EK.  Instant win for ACE and players.

  5. @jtoddcoleman @ACE_Jackal

    Since there will be more focus on food and the harvesting/growing of said food.  Will there be a possibility of adding a food timer to cause said food to expire?  This would cause the minute to minute loop to stay intact for the entire campaign rather then a guild just amassing food during the first season when resources are plenty and then riding out that food store for the rest of the campaign.

  6. I notice I now have to agree to terms and conditions regarding the use of cookies on www.crowfall.com.  I'm prompted with the following at the top of my browser:


    About Cookies On This Site! Our site uses cookies to tailor your experience.

    By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies.

    More information


    Currently the 'More Information' page (https://crowfall.com/en/cookie/) is a blank and has no supporting information.  Can this page be updated to advise what I'm agreeing too if I accept the use of Crowfall cookies on my PC's?


  7. 3 minutes ago, ForgyCorpse said:

    So what's the best pack to start playing now? Or is it still in pre alpha stages been seeing alot of streamers/ YouTubers playing it and been wanting to try it out loving all the new races and classes that set it different from other mmorpgs

    If you are just wanting to try out the game in it's pre-alpha state the $50.00 package is your best bet.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Armegeddon said:

    One thing to consider though, I opted for the 79.00 package. It's 30 bucks more, but it grants VIP throughout testing.You do not burn the month until it goes live. Just something to ponder.

    Good luck!

    VIP is currently being given to all accounts regardless if you have VIP or not.  This will likely get turned off in the future though.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Svenn said:

    I think it was more than $10 (was it $25?), but that is a good question. I kept mine because we were told they would find a suitable replacement but didn't know what yet, but if I could have sold them for $25 and they end up on the store for $10 each I'll be a bit sad. On the other hand, if people sold them for $25 and have to buy them back for more that would not be a great move either.

    I trust ArtCraft enough to know that whatever happens they'll do their best to make it right with backers, but I am curious as to what the plans are there.

    I had my pricing wrong, it was a $25.00 store credit that was offered for that backer reward.  It was confirmed by @Jah on the CF Discord.


    We’ve come back around to the idea of giving each account a limited number of “character slots”.


    Many months ago you offered all Kickstarter Backer's a $10.00 store credit to exchange their character slots in since they were no longer valid or in the scope of the game.  Does this mean previous KS backers can buy the expanded character slots again for $10.00 and will this be opened up to the general public (non KS backers)?



    You may notice there is a max number of vessels the player can have. We are allowing all players to have access to 6 slots as a baseline. You may also notice 3 locked slots which were available for Kickstarter packages that were Silver and higher. For those who missed the Kickstarter opportunity or didn’t get all 3 extra slots, don’t worry we will offer them in the store.

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