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  1. 12 minutes ago, Zatch said:

    My personal opinion is that ACE needs to choose player advocates from the community who have a direct line to developers. Advocates can help relay info, and work with ACE to get issues solved in a less chaotic manner.

    ACE already has this setup through various support channels and invite only discords.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Spawl said:

    Get rid of mobile banking. From a risk/reward standpoint, you should have to transport your siege gear or any other materials you need to take a keep. 

    I haven't personally tested this but I've been told you are unable to use mobile banking while in an enemy parcel.  So the attacker can't pull out a mobile bank inside an enemy keep and get a new seed for ToL for said keep.

  3. Just a write up of ideas to make sieges possibly more fun and engaging.  Right now Fort Siege's are not very fun.  I think this is generally agreed upon by the community.  The fort sieges allow a large force to run into the fort at the last 5 minutes during the siege window and take over the fort.  This negates almost 90% of the siege timer as most guilds won't show up before 10 minutes is left on the siege timer.

    What I would like to propose:

    1) Fort Sieges

    a) Extend fort siege timers to 2-5 hours at a time, or multiple time slots during a single day (3x 4 hour windows in a 24 hour time)
    b) Spawn resources ever 15 minutes or 30 minutes during siege window (such as how pack pigs spawn at a higher frequency during sieges)
        i) Tie resource spawns into active player count on server to curb non-peak time resource gathering
    c) Controlling guild at the time during siege will be allowed to loot resources.
    d) Allow winning guild to continue looting the forts on every hour during off sieges (I would prefer if these resources were never faction/guild locked tbh, logging into alts ever hour to loot a fort is not engaging game play)

    This change would allow the entire fort siege window to be utilized for a benefit (free resources) but also offer disadvantages (alerts to say which guild is sieging where in events and open world pvp).  Since banks aren't in the forts it also drives players to escort/caravan the loot to a bank location.  You could also add in new cards to encourage pvp during these fort siege windows: Kills per fort siege, time owning keep per fort siege, etc).

    2) Keep Sieges

    a) Stop day 1 acquisitions
    b) Allow only Campaign gold to purchase a keep (don't allow embargo'd gold to be used)
    c) Open up all keeps on day 2 during the correct siege time (EU vs NA siege times)
    d) Have all keeps owned by a neutral force or faction.
        i) These can be tied into God Factions or War Tribes for lore reasons
    e) Add NPC King's and Chief's to these faction owned keeps, these kings and chief's would needs to be killed before a Tree of Life can be placed.
        i) Outposts currently use this system to allow a guild/faction to capture the outpost
    f) Add in a counter siege window to newly placed Tree of Life
        i) Once a new ToL is planted bane trees should immediately spawn.  This would allow a brief counter siege to be done to take keep.
        ii) Since no cool down would be done (as there is a delay on the bane tree spawn during normal keep sieges).  Guilds can then go out and kill bane trees to fully own the keep.

    This change would allow guilds to then choose which keep they want and go siege it.  It would also allow for guilds to spread out during the first siege window and try to take what they want. This further drives choice (and even consequences) in the campaign's and more PvP content. Larger guilds would likely be competing with other large guilds for the prime keep locations.  This could hopefully allow the smaller guilds to fight for less wanted land options as well.

  4. I was able to watch a VOD from last night and this might be interesting to you all:

    Siege Timer: 59:40
    First treb is placed
        -First shot is at respawn

    Siege Timer: 59:00
    Second treb is placed
        -First treb still aiming at respawn

    Siege Timer: 58:50 (lost sight lines of trebs)
    Third treb is placed (in W area)

    Siege Timer: 58:42
    1st and 2nd treb are attacking front gate trying to take out ballistas
    3rd attacking wall/respawn (can't see from pov)

    Siege Timer: 58:00
    1st and 2nd trebs still attacking front gate

    Siege Timer: 57:20
    2nd treb aiming at front gate/balistas
    1st treb aiming at respawn
    3rd treb is down

    Siege Timer: 56:40
    2nd treb aiming at front gate/balistas
    1st treb aiming at respawn
    attempted to shield respawn with ability but didn't work

    Siege Timer: 55:30
    3rd treb gets replaced
    2nd treb still attacking front gate/balistas

    Siege Timer: 54:40
    4th treb is killed (unknown placement time or where it was attacking, I believe the east wall was being hit by this treb, not the gate)

    Siege Timer: 53:01
    our balista was killed
    Treb 1, 2, and 3 still up
    Treb 2 killed balista

    Siege Timer: 52:50
    New 4th treb is placed

    Siege Timer: 52:13
    New balista is placed on gate
    1st and 3rd treb attacked west wall
    3rd treb attacking new balista
    4th treb attacking east wall

    Siege Timer: 51:29
    1st treb is attacking gate
    3rd treb is attacking west wall
    2nd treb is attacking balista/gate
    4th treb attacking east wall

    Siege Timer: 51:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/balista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    4th treb attacking east wall

    Siege Timer: 50:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/balista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    4th treb attacking east wall

    Siege Timer: 49:20
    4th treb goes down

    Siege Timer: 49:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/balista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall

    Siege Timer: 48:35
    4th treb is replaced with new one

    Siege Timer: 48:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/balista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    4th treb attacking east wall

    Siege Timer: 47:00
    DIS makes first push to attack walls with heroes

    Siege Timer: 45:50
    DIS makes second push to attack walls with heroes

    Siege Timer: 45:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/ballista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    4th treb attacking east wall

    Siege Timer: 45:30
    DIS pulls away from wall

    Siege Timer: 45:00
    KGV kills 4th treb

    Siege Timer: 44:50
    2nd treb still attacking gate/ballista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall

    Siege Timer: 44:30
    2nd treb dies

    Siege Timer: 43:50
    3rd treb dies

    Siege Timer: 42:20
    1st treb still attacking west wall

    Siege Timer: 41:25
    KGV kills last treb

    Siege Timer: 39:36
    New treb placed in previous 1st position

    Siege Timer: 38:52
    1st treb targeting heroes on the ground west of it's position, it wasn't attacking walls

    Siege Timer: 38:15
    1st treb attacking ballista/gate

    Siege Timer: 37:40
    1st treb dies

    Siege Timer: 35:00
    No more trebs are placed, all fighting is hero vs hero

    Siege Timer: 32:00
    New 1st treb is placed

    Siege Timer: 32:05
    @Tyrant spotted on roof of keep.

    Siege Timer: 31:40
    DIS pushes wall for additional damage with heroes
    1st treb attacking gate

    Siege Timer: 30:50
    1st treb goes down - no more trebs on battle field

    Siege Timer: 30:00
    KGV and LOD start attacking bane trees

    Siege Timer: 26:01
    Only 1 bane tree remains. DIS and W make last stand with tree

    Siege Timer: 21:31
    Siege ends

  5. 43 minutes ago, SAM_BUKA said:

    3. The shield ability is fine though: it does have good animation and it seems to be working;

    We tried to shield the Respawn statue with this ability on the ground and from the top of the statue (jumping onto it from the walls/tarps).  The shield didn't protect it at all and the treb damage went right through it.  Not sure if this is intended or an ability bug.

  6. This 0 import campaign really shows the lobby interface needs a bit more love in regards to character inventory.  Currently you are able to pull items from Campaign World Banks and put them into your personal vault but I cannot remove/strip all the gear off my character into my vault to be able to join into a 0 Import Dregs CW. 

    To be able to join the Dregs CW you need to join onto Gods Reach to remove all your gear and bank your items into the vault.  Then you need to disconnect from God's Reach to then join the Dregs Campaign.  If we could get a way to do this into a lobby that would solve a ton of connections being done to other servers.  This could also be a good step forward for the NPE Experience as it removes unnecessary steps.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Durenthal said:

    Also, why are all the maps laid out with crap resources along the edges and good resources in the center?  It reduces the value of exploration if we already know there's nothing valuable on the outer edges of a map.  In guild v guild worlds in particular, building your city next to a particularly valuable resource is a good thing.  If, in every single map, that means trying to control the center and ignoring everything else, that takes away a lot of potentially interesting decisions.


    Great feedback on the current world placement rules.  I hope you can review this @Hanseshadow and @jtoddcoleman!

  8. 50 minutes ago, Hunt said:

    I'm  not a fan of the new token system. The tokens available for parcels such as the hamlet and shire are very limited forcing you to spread your buildings across multiple parcels instead of keeping them together. This is pretty inconvenient in my opinion. 

     Im not sure what the reasoning is behind not being able to place more structures on 1 parcel if they will fit, but if it was to promote additional future sales of parcels to accommodate buildings, atleast let the EK owner take the total amount of tokens from each parcel they own and allow them to use them where and how they want.

    It's likely inconvenient since you need to upgrade your parcels to larger parcels to get your placements more closer together.  This will help drive stonemasonry as a profession for the EK world builder players.

  9. On 6/1/2018 at 2:43 PM, KrakkenSmacken said:

    Now that would be something interesting for Geomancy, if the parcels when created had a biome style. 

    I could totally see ACE selling a "Upside down recipe pack" that contained all the parcels and building recipes in that style.

    Or just give the feature to VIP"s to allow them change Biomes in their EK.  Instant win for ACE and players.

  10. @jtoddcoleman @ACE_Jackal

    Since there will be more focus on food and the harvesting/growing of said food.  Will there be a possibility of adding a food timer to cause said food to expire?  This would cause the minute to minute loop to stay intact for the entire campaign rather then a guild just amassing food during the first season when resources are plenty and then riding out that food store for the rest of the campaign.

  11. I notice I now have to agree to terms and conditions regarding the use of cookies on www.crowfall.com.  I'm prompted with the following at the top of my browser:


    About Cookies On This Site! Our site uses cookies to tailor your experience.

    By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies.

    More information


    Currently the 'More Information' page (https://crowfall.com/en/cookie/) is a blank and has no supporting information.  Can this page be updated to advise what I'm agreeing too if I accept the use of Crowfall cookies on my PC's?


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