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  1. There's been a lot of talk by Ace on not wanting to accept large amounts of money from investors due to them possibly trying to control the project/game since they could control the cash flow. Will going with AngelList still stop this from happening?
  2. This has to be a localized banking system. Otherwise guilds could setup a sloppy base with a bank, quickly throw in all their gear, and another guild could withdraw the gear in a remote location that is safe and far away from the deposit area. There would be no need for pack animals or caravans to move goods if the banking system was global.
  3. This was one of the main reasons why I think an early skill builder would be a great tool to have! Since a large portion of the player base won't be in the Alpha phases, and quite a few people probably won't be in Beta either, it would give everyone an opportunity to test out all the various Archtypes that CF has to offer and find a build that might tailor to their play style. I was also thinking that it could be an easy Dev Tracker to follow skill progression and changes if the Dev's did build and maintain it. Although as stated above the community could try and keep on top of things as well.
  4. Note: I searched through the forum and couldn't find any update/post on this. With the combat module coming soon for testing it would be great if the CF Dev's could develop an interactive skill builder/calculator for all the playable Archtypes for the upcoming Alpha/Beta environments. I know myself I would love to see the direction of each Archtype with the proposed skills since it would open up early discussion as to what each one will be able to do by CF's end game. Plus I'd like to start paper crafting the Archtype vs Archtype scenarios! Would this be something everyone would use and test out builds or look at future/current skill changes? Are there any other options or features you'd like built into a dev supported tool such at this? Or is it to early for the CF Devs to dedicate time towards since there are many other modules and features that can be worked on?
  5. Pre Kickstarter: Beta Group 6 Post Kickstarter: Alpha 2
  6. No with the 1.3 million hit on Kickstarter it gave people free mounts to people of certain tiers. This is just a way for those backers to get their mounts and get some bonus EK content with it to help distribute the rewards.
  7. My Idea: With the Mounts and Statue Kickstarter unlocks being achieved it would be nice to have statues that can be placed in an EK that would give the player the mount object(s). How it would work: Since there are three tiers of unlocks for the mounts there could be 3 individual statues (1 for each type). It would have the basic rules of only that player being able to use the statue(s) and it has to be on a parcel that player owns. The statue can be placed in the players own EK or another players EK but nobody will be able to use the statue(s). Loot rules on the item would be bound upon pickup, so players that kill you and get full loot on your body are able to pick it up, which would depend on the loot rules of the played campaign. (I will try to find the link to where the mount loot was discussed by ArtCraft). Mounts would be destroyed if the player drops the item and there could be a item limit of 1 of each type on a characters from the same account. Every character on the same account will have full access to using the statue, given that the player can get to the location of the statue(s), since you can place them in other players EK. This system, or method, would allow players to keep these items indefinitely and still keep the full loot option if the player takes the mount into a full loot campaign. Since only having 1 mount on your body it would stop abuse of people gaining large quantities of limited edition mounts since not everyone will have backed the game by the time of release. It would also add some value to the Kickstarter Backers EK by adding more aesthetic appeal with the addition of these statues. TLDR: ArtCraft gives use 3 new statues for the mount reward on the kickstarter, they can be placed in EK and act as an NPC/Shop for each mount.
  8. There shouldn't be that large of a strain on the server due to the Voxel technology. The Voxel's will already exist when they are in the wall or on the ground so only the position will be changing. So it shouldn't be treated as a brand new static object that needs to be rendered any differently then the original wall.
  9. It's tough for me to decide since skill trees haven't been developed or released. I naturally choose between stealthy with high burst, heavy CC/Buff, or healing toons. So it will just depend on what roles my friends need filled and what seems viable to play.
  10. #5205 for me, I waited until the second release of EB packages.
  11. Weebles


    Not having auto run and auto follow in the game will slightly help with any possible bot issues but I always enjoy being lazy and not having to hold down the walk key.
  12. The biggest flaw might be the randomization of the resources that get pulled out of a campaign. Hoping to export the 90% of your preferred resource but getting stuck with the random 10% that wasn't high on your priority will be quite depressing after spending 4-6 months in a campaign. But hopefully those values can be tweaked during the alpha/beta tests to ensure consistency.
  13. I can see the larger guilds attempting to do this but I believe I read or heard in an interview that there will be multiple points to drop off resources. Add in that there will be clan/faction restrictions and entire zerg guilds won't be able to bring all their members into a single campaign will make this even tougher to pull off. But I would love to see guilds attempting to do this to create competition.
  14. Archeage definitely ruined the gamble boxes for me. I'd prefer that they stay out of the Crowfall cash shop.
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