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  1. Does this mean if a party/guild enters into a moongate/portal at the same time there is a high chance they will all be separated with various destinations in the continent? If so that would be amazing and a good step for the cat and mouse "mini-game".
  2. Nice map Tinnis! I would prefer to see less blue space since it would be wasted area for nothing but map aesthetics but it's definitely showing how "vast" a Campaign World could be.
  3. Doubtful, since we don't have ships and there won't be an swimming mechanic (initially) it would be a waste of space/area to have multiple islands on a single continent.
  4. I wonder if moon gates will be "safe zones" as well. Sadly swimming won't come in until after post launch and they do a "sea expansion". Which I am definitely hopeful for!
  5. Stealth is currently slower then out of movement combat speed. It should match combat movement speed but there are passive skill trees that increase the stealth movement speed overall.
  6. PUBG pre-game lobby is a strong indicator of what would happen in CF if ACE put in a VoIP system.
  7. Attributes have been tied into Combat, Crafting, and Harvesting for the upcoming 5.4 patch. You will want any and all of these stats regarding your accounts profession. It's not a good idea to remove these stats.
  8. That won't happen until after 6-12 months of training....
  9. A few dev streams ago they mentioned a Bard class might be made to become the second Scoundrel class.
  10. We also have an Unofficial Crowfall Discord which houses the majority of Crowfall players. Come join us: https://discord.me/crowfall
  11. A ruined village maybe? Overrun with a few giants that made their home in the ruin village? Or a score of risen which were formally the towns villagers? These adventure parcels could be built a multitude of ways I hope!
  12. Whoever the necromancer was that built that vessel, I wouldn't want to hire them to do my own!
  13. Poor Stoneborne. Forever being picked last. Anyone wanting to take up bets on which will come first, the Stoneborn or the Frost Weaver?
  14. The 3 classifications are: Fighter, Mage, and Rogue. DPS, Tanks, Healers, Demolishers, and Supports are available from one, two, or all three classifications.
  15. These look amazing and I can't wait to explore them! I noticed that mob types are shown to control the look of the parcel; such as spider vs zombie vs none. Is there any plans to make these adventuring parcels linked to each of the Gods to inject more "playable" lore into the game? Seeing how a Gods influence on the adventure parcels (changing the terrain, mobs, and resource drops) could be pretty cool and could be an awesome way to tie the sacrifice system into the different God's lore.
  16. Currently Parcels and Kickstarter packages are being displayed above $200.00.
  17. You log into your Website account with your email address and not the Display name so that offers security/protection. Then adding 2FA allows for another level of security on your account.
  18. Also with the release of 5.4 with a new class does this mean we might lose backer entitlement on Test once 5.4 hits that server? Previously for 5.3 the Test server entitlement was rolled back to PA 1 + 2 and soon after Alpha 1.
  19. With the upcoming Leather, Armor, and Skill tree training will we see wipes for 5.4 when it lands on the Test server? I expect a spirit bank wipe will happen but will we get a skill tree wipe for the deep skinning tree change?
  20. This is incorrect. All Beta 1's were given access to 5.3 on Test.
  21. Did you download the new test client/patcher? Or are you using the previous test client/patcher from a few weeks ago?
  22. ETERNAL KINGDOMS Deeds have been added for all the stations, and attachment nodes have been added inside the Pavillion Tent, Cottage, Villa and Manor buildings to allow players to place these stations. Recipes for all of these buildings are now available, so you can start crafting in the privacy of your Eternal Kingdom once you get the resources you need to do so. ------------- With the current test server we do not get to import our bundle packages (Parcels and Buildings). Does this mean we will need to craft parcels and buildings to be able to craft in our EK's on the 5.3 test server once this update goes live? Or will we be given test parcels/buildings on the 5.3 test server to allow us to place these assets to allow us to build a crafting station and actually craft in our EK?
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