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  1. Mobile page from the latest news post is quite hard to read due to the colour of text and the background.
  2. One thing I would like to see is the comparison of the human model to the beasts as their concepts roll out. Seeing how the giant will compare to a human gave us a good sense of it's size. With this current spider concept it's hard to tell if this thing will be Texas spider big or Australia spider big.
  3. I agree with this as well. Bear is currently tied into so many key crafting combinations and it sucks being gated by the loot chests at the CW PoI's. I would love to see the 3 missing leather mobs (Bear, Elk, and Auroch) added as the next mobs.
  4. One thing that wasn't covered is the Layaway option. If we have retired assets on layaway are we still able to pay it off after December 31st or will it need to be paid in full before December 31st to receive that asset?
  5. Page: https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/massive-reveal-day-is-here/ All disciplines are displayed in a single column and no longer appear in a grid which was how it was displayed pre-update.
  6. I had a question about the Guild system that Blair and Gordon answered. The question can be found here: https://clips.twitch.tv/GiantSmoothLocustPlanking). With the answer that was given it sounds like all guild functions (Creation, crests, etc) will be locked behind the Crowfall store. Does this mean there will be an actual dollar amount associated with creating a guild even when the game goes live? Or is this something that will only be done pre-launch to reserve names and guilds will be able to be created in game for a set cost?
  7. You can watch the entire segment here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/203171567
  8. With the Connoisseur Discipline one of the abilities is Finer Things which "Increases change to harvest node exotic items". Does this ability require the passive skill training to have those exotic items to drop? Or does it allow those exotic items to drop without that passive training?
  9. Skill boosters didn't kill EVE off so I doubt it will have that big of an effect on Crowfall.
  10. I didn't know the new Mino used the positional tech that will be used on the Assassin! That's huge news. Can't wait for the Assassin launch which I hope is Soon™.
  11. I see the new inventory screen now will grant us access to additional bags to increase inventory size. How will this translate to our Inventory space on the character? Will equipping additional bags just expand our total inventory slots on that main screen? Or will it grant additional tabs on that screen to cycle through? Also, when looting a players corpse will their inventory be shown in a single screen with all the loot or will it display multiple bag tabs? Will we be able to take the entire bag from the corpse and move all inventory from that bag into our own inventory?
  12. Amazing work! With there being an influx of more art is there any chance of getting prints added to the store in the near future?
  13. How will this work in the Faction based worlds? Can anyone in the faction change the wall panel to whatever they want? Can faction members suddenly troll others by replacing doors to tunnels with solid walls?
  14. Dev tracker still redirects to the main Crowfall page and doesn't work.
  15. I was hoping to see a news release or stream for the guild system we are starting to see. But this works as well!
  16. Get VIP and you'll be able to train 3 classes at once so you won't have to make a hard decision on only one class!
  17. I'm fair sure Sylvan will have both Elf's together and Fae and Elken will be the other sub tree.
  18. Due to the new (confirmed) Preception news. Can we expect a more detailed overview when the Stealth system comes online? I'm hoping you will do a news post for it since it's one of Crowfall's major systems!
  19. I'm Alpha 1 and have not receive my email yet. Fingers crossed for the new client access!
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