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  1. Then they can make our Tax Free parcels 1x1 with the new cell size and grant us 4 times the amount that we used to have.
  2. Will these EK relics offer any bonus in Campaign Worlds or are they just for harvesting in EK's?
  3. It's hard to say if this was done randomly or if it was built this way by ACE. I'm fairly sure the current worlds were almost hand built by ACE so that could be why we have similarities to what resources at located by other resources. If CW's are randomly generated and stitched together by a new system/tech this could drive the resources to be different then what we are seeing now. We will just need to wait until new maps (CW's) are released and scout them out to see what is truly happening.
  4. It makes no sense to do a skill wipe at this stage to make everyone "equal". Just this week we found that PCM training in the skill tree is not working and not carrying over to the stat tree of the character. If we had our skills reset this weekend that might have never been found until we regained that lost training. A skill wipe can be done when it needs to be or when soft launch happens. The pre-alpha state doesn't need to be made "fair" for late comers to Crowfall. This is a test environment after all.
  5. Are you wanting/expecting blue, purple, and gold materials on day one of launch? That is a mechanic that needs to be trained into and these mats need to be RARE. The first official campaign world should be fought with white and green qualities with the odd blue. Rushing into end game mats (Purple and Orange) off the start isn't the goal of the early game in Crowfall....
  6. With Motherlodes you will only want harvesters who are trained in the early motherload passives to hit it anyways. This increases the chance for gems by all people hitting the node (using ore as an example). Yes the drops might differ at the death of the motherload but you don't target motherloads for Iron/copper materials. You destory them for the gems.
  7. I'm sure we can all agree we love the transparency during the Kickstarter and pre-alpha stages. Going down to minimal communication after the game launches will be a sad time but at least we will be busy with playing the actual game and not needing to worry to much about upcoming news drop as we do now! Keep up the good work ACE.
  8. The resource parcels are currently the only way to improve the aesthetics of your EK as well. The knotwood forest parcel is the only way to build a true forest themed EK. Also, as others said it greatly increases the amount of resources in your EK so if you have a high traffic EK it will be beneficial for you to have them.
  9. Todd has already said ships and swimming will need to be done much later after launch (if it were to happen at all). It wouldn't be a good allocation of resources, time, and money to build a half assed ship parcel with no actual game mechanics. If Crowfall ever gets naval warfare I'm all for it though.
  10. Thursday is June 1st so I expect some monthly Q&A Hype!! @coolster50 beat me to it
  11. What backer level are you? You can see this by going to Crowfalls account page (not the forum account page) and looking under Backer Rewards. I believe they have only let Beta 3 or higher in.
  12. All of you need to delete the CF Test folder in your downloaded Crowfall folder. You then need to download the new patcher and reinstall the game. This will fix this issue from occurring.
  13. Please allow us to group Online and Offline EK's together to allow for easy sorting. Right now it's such a mess scrolling through tons of Offline EK's just to find the one active EK that you can join.
  14. As of right now I find Knights are the best harvesters. They have the largest stamina pools and can easily farm an entire node with one stamina bar. Add in the tankiness and heavy CC that the Knight kit (and Disciplines) bring and you can easily defend yourself against an aggressor. EDIT: The Race/Class system isn't in game yet so there is no telling how races will effect harvesting.
  15. It was said during the 5 PM Wrap Up Q&A if you wanted to listen to it, it was the second or third last question. He did say it would be something that he'd be interested in doing a few years (3-5) after the game is launched so it's not something to get to excited for haha.
  16. The biggest thing to come from this is Todd saying if he got another large amount of money he would add boats, ships, and other water related things.
  17. With only one 2 classes left to be released (Assassin and Frost Weaver) is there an ETA as to when you expect all classes (and the 2 reworked ones; Ranger/Stalker and Cleric) to be released into the pre-alpha environment?
  18. With the addition of new races, is there a chance that monster races will be getting female genders?
  19. I'd much prefer a 2 faction CW for the 24/7. We don't have a large enough population right now to support a 3 faction server.
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