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  1. There has been no talks on a 2nd or 3rd Kickstarter.
  2. Can a hard reset feature be added to the EK as well? Something to refund and remove all placed assets and/or parcels? It would be nice to start from scratch rather then picking up each individual piece.
  3. I'd prefer seasons over a scary night mode. This isn't GoT where the night is dark and full of terrors... Unless you run into @SirGeorge I suppose.
  4. Weebles


    Big news drop coming on Tuesday.
  5. The re-downloading of the same patch was an issue with the launcher. The only way to fix it is to delete the entire crowfall folder and redownload the new patcher. That should fix that issues. If the issue persists with the new launched I would recommend contacting support.
  6. Hey @Pann, your full story link doesn't go to the news article directly, just the general news page.
  7. All the pvp servers have been taken down due to broken AT's and stat issues. If they come up tonight you will be able to hunt the odd AI monster or other players.
  8. Weebles

    No news?

    Nothing as of yet. They won't release the next AT until after the Assassin has been launched.
  9. I was also thinking of replying to this in the feedback thread but glad you made it's own thread for this discussion. One thing all harvesters gain is +Motherload Damage and +Node Damage. I think these stats needs to be built into a craftable bonus to allow non-trained harvesters to get them while sacrificing the bonuses for additional dust or node crit chance. The motherload bonuses would help more groups to be able to farm Motherloads which are almost an impossible task for Rank 5 in the current Big World build.
  10. I don't think ACE has ever claimed they have dedicated Internal testers. All testing that has been done and documented (released to the public) has been by the dev's themselves. As far as I know the player base is the only dedicated testers that they have at this time. Also, why would they spend money on having a dedicated tester(s) when they could spend that money for additional engineers to build the systems and services that are needed for the launch of the actual game.
  11. We just need a dead white crow below the text and that shirt will be an instant seller!!
  12. @Pann, Can you please ask Blair (@thomasblair) where he got that shirt from? I want it!
  13. There will definitely be a place for you. But you will need to wait for a few CW's to end before EK trading and markets start to become established I would think. Creating a market with zero resources isn't going to be very profitable at launch.
  14. He cleared said "1 HPS or heal percentage" in the video.
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