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  1. At 3:45 on the video it was mentioned that "1 Support Power = 1% heal bonus". Is this correct? This would mean all the skill training and weapon bonuses create a very large healing percentage difference when compared to a non trained healer.
  2. If he/she is farming on Scorn (Faction) he could not be netting a large amount of Blue/Purple resources. But the amount of greens he would get should pay off the materials required for the tools. If he/she is farming on Corruption there would have to be a serious issue happening for a net increase to not be made when harvesting.
  3. Sounds like you need two accounts (or another person) to play two Lego's then. One account can be named "2Fast" and the other account can be named "2Furious".
  4. Hey @Tinnis, just thought I would take this chance to correct you on your post. You are very wrong with your numbers in this fight and I suggest you re-watch the video. At 2:10 you will clearly see your second Druid kill herself in the house which caused the fight to be with 4 Caldera, not 5! How dare you try to inflate your numbers to look better in the Crowfall communities eyes!! (/s - if this is required)
  5. I understand your frustration since this is something I have ran into quite a bit with the recent potion change. The one thing I did to combat the poor tools I make on my own is I found a few tester who have gone deep into the runemaking tree. They are now my tool crafters and I tip them extra resources for the time they put into the crafting. I would recommend joining up with a guild or befriending other crafters to get your tools made at a higher quality. That will help alleviate a large pain point with the tools right now.
  6. I guess I should have fully read the thread and not skimmed, my bad! As of the harvesting debuff they don't need to go that route since you can do the opposite and achieve the same results with the current build. Right now the nodes give the most resources on the final hit. All you need to do is have the weaker/non-harvesters to take the node down to 99%. Then you have harvester with the best skills for that resource to get the killing blow. That will net the group the most resources and not require a total overhaul of harvesting by the dev team.
  7. @srathor is 100% correct. The Rank 4 nodes have a very low drop rate and are not worth farming if you are aiming for Blue or Purple qualities. I would recommend switching to the Corruption (FFA/Non Faction) server to do the majority of your farming. You have the correct tool strength for those nodes and you will see a large increase in the higher level materials you receive.
  8. What colour of tools are you using? Are you using basic tools or the advanced ones? With my mining skills and using green tools I make myself (with no runemaking skills trained) I am able to net a gain in all resources when compared to what it takes to craft those tools. If you do not have any runemaking skills trained do not build any tools better then green. Blue mats will be wasted since you don't have enough experimentation points to build those tools. Also run potions 24/7 when farming and you should see a huge increase in materials. I will also recommend farming Gold and Silver at the start, even with basic tools. Using 2 Gold and 2 Silver when making a tool will add a crit chance on the node kill. This will help increase the amount or resources you get when farming.
  9. Weebles

    Destiny 2

    Couldn't you say the same about Crowfall? ACE only wanted to raise $800,000 and they received $1,766,204. Star Citizen wanted to raise $500,000 and they received $2,134,374. Both of these numbers then went and increased due to additional fundraising and their own store sales. I'm sure both projects decided to go above and beyond their project scope due to the increase of additional funds that they saw come in.
  10. @Gradishar - ACE has been very quiet on the resource costs of any EK/CW building. I'm sure they still haven't worked out the system and costs for any of these buildings and I doubt we won't know the costs until we are able to build freely on a Big World server.
  11. One thing I notice is that all of these EK parcels have Slag, Knotwood, and Cobblestone populating the farm/town/city/etc parcels. Does that mean that the Grove, Woodland, and Creek parcels were made redundant since those resources are already offered on all parcels? Will these extra resource parcels have better spawning times/mechanics on them?
  12. You can make it up to us by releasing more info on Disciplines, Vassals, or 24/7 Servers this week!
  13. You would need to ask support. Either you can create a brand new account with the new username then trade your package to it or ask support to change your current account name.
  14. As long as you have all your components from that package still on your account you will be able to email support and request them to repackage it. Once that happens you will be able to trade it to your friend.
  15. I wonder what type of leather we would get from this monster!
  16. They spent more time because their original plan and design didn't work the way they built it conceptually. So they planned out a new concept, implemented, and re-designed the system. Thinking a full change over to a brand new rebuild over a smaller amount of time is a little unreasonable no?
  17. I would say they were quite efficient with Combat. They built a system, tested it internally, let us test it, and then got tons of feedback (Hunger Dome/Siege Perilous). Then they decided to completely rebuild the combat system again with all the feedback in mind to build a better system that is working 100 times better to this date. Sure it took some time but they decided to do a complete rebuild now rather then later to make a more enjoy playing experience. To me that is being efficient.
  18. They have always been efficient when it comes to Crowfall development. They are just starting to progress faster then when they started.
  19. The warrior would have the greatest reward. It takes much less time killing a harvester and stealing a full inventory of loot compared to the time it takes a harvest to fill their inventory. Both Harvester and Warrior could end up going to the same crafter, but that is a third party in the equation of Warrior vs Harvester.
  20. I'm still watching the video but do you have an any art portfolios or previous work (non-crowfall stuff) to share?
  21. Sorry no refunds. Thanks for supporting and funding Crowfall though!
  22. For anyone interested in what is included or new with Unity 5.5 - https://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/unity-5.5.0
  23. They'd have to be inflatable like they are on aircraft's. That way people won't be able to climb up them when they are sieging it.
  24. After logging in tons and tons of hours harvesting I think the current system it's perfectly fine. Adding a mini game to the harvesting system will automatically make me drop the harvesting skill set immediately and switch to full pvp at launch. Right now with holding F and the nodes being fairly low to the ground causes a raiding player to easily get the jump on a harvester due to the limited vision they have when harvesting. This forces harvesters to bring back guards or mine in groups so this doesn't happen so it encourages grouping and coordination. Forcing the player to deal with a mini game with the already limited visibility would be a horrible experience for the harvester and give even more of a benefit to the raiders. I would support a toggle-able harvesting feature but fear this could easily be abused by botters. I would support this being added into the game but using this feature should slow down the mining speed (by 50%) and increase the noise that harvesting makes. This would create a trade off for ease of use but still not make it an easy mode feature.
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