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  1. Haha
    Weebles reacted to ComradeAma in Could 5.125 be the Version to go Beta?   
    NPE 3 or we will have Lazy Peon poorly made dergsting on the game again, because noone explained to him how to win the campaign.
  2. Haha
    Weebles reacted to makkon in The 5.125 Update to Live WILL require a wipe   
    you can come and gank Tyrant for doing wipes. pretty easy on NA ūüėÉ
  3. Haha
  4. Like
    Weebles reacted to LordofCake in 5.125 TEST Patch Notes for 7/22/20   
    Crowfall The Calling Update
    Development Build 5.125.0
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.125 TEST Bug Reports
    To report feedback, please go here: 5.125 TEST Feedback
    For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues
    Latest Updates:
    Based on Community feedback, the Dregs and Infected siege schedules have been adjusted to support both NA and EU players on the same server!  Different zones have siege schedules set to the primetime of the respective regions.  Some Strongholds will be vulnerable for an hour nightly in a range from 7:30PM to 10:30PM CEST (12:30PM to 3:30PM CDT.) Other Strongholds will be vulnerable somewhere from 7:30PM to 10:30PM CDT (2:30AM to 5:30AM CEST.)  Players from different regions can participate in sieges in any zone.
    This change allows a greater number of players to join a siege timed to the period they usually login to play and will increase direct competition between players from both regions.
    There are now Multiple versions of Keep Bases in Infected and Dregs campaigns, the Mini and Medium Keep.
    The Mini Keep is the same parcel footprint, and building plot limitations as the now deprecated large Fort. We consider the Keeps to be player ‚ÄúHome Bases‚ÄĚ and require siege equipment to siege properly, as they all contain stone walls. (if you see a stone wall, it is some form of Keep!) Outposts now include new versions of Forts.
    Some Forts can be surrounded by wooden walls. Forts can contain chests that produce materials and other items every hour. Forts with walls should not require siege weapons to break the walls down. Sacrificing higher rank materials should now provide progress towards building walls.
    Caravan Pig locations will now spawn additional pigs when there is an active siege within the zone.
    God’s Reach now has been expanded to include the second chapter of introduction quests intended to guide in Crowfall gameplay.
    The levels of some God’s Reach NPCs have been modified to allow a smoother transition between zones.
    Vendor slots have been removed from Temples.
    Wartribes should now be represented in each campaign. Legendary relic items have been added to Wartribe bosses which can be sacrificed and used for specific victory cards. Increased the chance of receiving Uncommon disciplines on Watrtribe Bosses. Several foods have been added as part of Wartribe loot. Crafting:
    Small Re-rolls now indicate that they re-roll your 3 lowest Point results, with the current result as the minimum value. Large Re-rolls will completely re-roll all Point results for the current experiment, with no minimum value, basically it is as if starting the entire phase over again Recipes that always combine with a minimum rarity can no longer trigger a Flawed Assembly. Updated SFX for trying to use invalid recipe components. Small, Medium, Large Shields require a Bending Form to Craft. Added weapon appearance functionality for Small, Medium and Large Shields, Pistols, Rapiers, Frostcasters, Books. Dodges:
    Dodges have been normalized to be either 10m and 20m based on the character’s race. 
    Races with 20m dodges:
    Guinecean, Centaur, Nethari, Wood Elf
    Races with 10m dodges:
    Human, Half-Elf, Fae, High-Elf, Stoneborn, Half-Giant, Elken, Minotaur
    Races who have 10m dodges have a Dodge Power maximum of 2.
    Races who have 20m dodges have a Dodge Power maximum of 1.
    Races who have 10m dodges have a Dodge Power Regeneration Base of 11.
    Races who have 20m dodges have a Dodge Power Regeneration Base of 22.
    Crowd Control Immunity - We hadn't looked at the numbers associated with Crowd Control in a long time, and now that we have the Retaliate power functioning correctly whenever it is used, we could look at Crowd Control in general, and made a few adjustments.
    Post using the Retaliate power, the player was also made immune for 3 seconds; this value has been reduced to 1.5 seconds. When the player has had multiple Crowd Controls placed upon them in a short period of time they are made immune to Crowd Control for 8 seconds. We do this via increasing a stat on the player called Resolve. When the Resolve stat hits a certain threshold, Crowd Control immunity kicks in. This immunity has changed from 8 seconds to 3 seconds. Similar crowd control types no longer stack and will no longer generate Resolve. Specifically:
    Hard Crowd Control (Knockdown/Stun) now blocks all other forms of Crowd Control. Hard Crowd Control (Knockdown/Stun) is prevented when you are afflicted by both a Movement Crowd Control (Root/Push) and Attack Crowd Control (Blind, Suppress, Cooldown Reduction) at the same time. Attack control types (Blind, Suppress, Cooldown Reduction) no longer stack with each other. This means you cannot be Suppressed while Blinded for example. Movement control types (Root/Push) don't stack with each other and won't increase Resolve. Basically in the past all the forms of Crowd Control applying to the player were stacking, and pushing the player into a Crowd Control Immunity state very quickly.
    Power Trays - All classes now have 10 base Power Tray slots. Offensive player combat abilities that can hit multiple enemies can now hit a maximum of three targets. Weapons and Power Damage - We have decided to remove the damage range variance from weapons, You will no longer see 105-117 on weapons but instead just see a single damage number 111. We also took out the minimum-maximum roll variance out of the powers, and all powers should always deal the same amount plus the player stats and weapon bonuses. We did this to make things less confusing and easier to see damage values increases when gaining better equipment and buffs in combat. (Ie the player normally sees 235 damage when using an attack against an opponent, when they have a buff placed on them, they see that number jump to 455 on the next attack.) Harvesting:
    Reworked the Grave Loot tables, they now follow the patterns of the other resource types more in that you can get lower qualities as filler drops for upper end resource nodes.  Added roots/mushrooms as potential drops from graves. Seasonal buffs do not increase/decrease grave digging harvesting based on season. Reduced the stat values granted by the seasonal harvesting buffs. Energetic Harvest is no longer classified as an Ultimate power, it is now classified as a standard Tray power. Intermediate Harvesting Tool recipe is now 4 separate recipes, each Recipe should be granted in the skill Trees by the same nodes that allow the player to equip them. General:
    Several performance optimizations have been included including a new occlusion system which limits rendering objects blocked by other objects.
    Bugs Fixed:
    The Delete Character warning in the lobby will now tell you the quality level of your vessel before you confirm deletion. Fixed an issue where if you were killed while recalling, you would teleport to your temple in bleed out state. Fixed an issue where hitting any key while the Retaliate prompt is visible would cause it to disappear and become unusable. Fixed an issue where you would be unable to trade items to other players if your inventory was in overflow. Fixed an issue where some assets around Canyon entrances would appear to float in the air. Fixed an issue where in-combat fidget animations would play at incorrect times. Fort Walls will no longer ever be affected by poison DoT. Fixed a number of culling inconsistency issues. Fixed an issue where some areas on Trees of Life would not trigger hit FX. Added SFX for capturing outposts. Updated sacrifice values on a number of consumable items. Fixed an issue where Ballista would snag and get stuck while in placement mode. Catapult and Trebuchet attacks should now always play SFX. Fixed an issue where Guineceans would appear incorrectly if jumping or falling while stealthed. Fae should now display FX while gliding. The Retaliate shader should now remain visible on you for the duration of your Retaliate effects. Updated FX when consuming some food/drink items. Fixed an issue where Auroch NPCs were not displaying hit FX while skinning. The hit FX from Assassin basic attacks should now appear correctly on their targets. Trees of Life and Banewood Trees should now play SFX when they are hit to reflect damage. Fixed an issue where skill tree SFX would go off at the wrong times. Removed extraneous audio feedback and click SFX in the lobby. Fixed an issue where you could become stuck inside of Keep walls if you stood on them during construction. Fixed an issue where you could not hear harvesting SFX of other players. Fixed an issue with broken collision on spider nests. Fixed an issue where resource collision would not update after being damaged or destroyed. Fixed an issue where some players would lose all sound. Player armor debuffs will now also affect NPC's. Fixed an issue where slotting consumables to your minibar would cause power trays to clear after zoning. Improved overall performance by updating terrain textures. Updated environmental assets so that they now always face the correct directions. Fixed object collision issues in the temple marketplace. Items moved between your Inventory, World Bank, and Account Vault should now stack properly (with the exception of items auto-imported into a campaign - this should be reflected by the item UI). Fixed an issue where zoning would cause your all gameplay input to break. Improved the sizes of short swords so that they appear more reasonably sized. Fixed an issue where the client would (very rarely) abruptly shut down at seemingly random times. Campaign:
    Guards should no longer be invulnerable and damage players after a keep goes neutral. Ranger Guards now only spawn after the walls are fully built. Minion type aracoix assassins who Swoop in on you from Stealth will no longer inflict a stun (boss and lieutenant types will continue to stun though). Elementals no longer detect stealthed players. Ranged NPCs will no longer attempt to maintain range since it looks bad when they do. Fixed teleport/rubberbanding issues in the Gods Reach Moon Temple zone. Fixed an issue where Keep guards would remain hostile even after you had taken the Keep for your guild. Fixed interact issues with scavenging minecarts. Fixed a Wartribe hut that caused teleport/rubberbanding issues. Fixed Hunger nodes that would cause teleport/rubberbanding issues. Crafting
    Fixed an issue where improved weapon molds (runed/imbued/compendium appearance) would result in the wrong items being crafted. Eternal Kingdom:
    Fixed parcel rotation issues on the Hamlet Parcel in the EK editor. Fixed an issue where some parcels could not be placed at the edges of your EK map. Improved the collision on the Guild Hall placeable building. Fixed collision issues on a number of placeable castle wall pieces. You will no longer be able to move or loot buildings while logging out of your EK. Fixed an issue where removing a parcel from your EK would cause that parcel’s name to break. Fixed issues with objects disappearing inside of placeable buildings. Fixed an issue where if you removed noble status from a player while they were placing a building, they would get stuck in placement mode. UI:
    Improved the crafting descriptions on Metal Bar, Metal Section, and Metal Billet recipes. Fixed an issue where zones on the Cluster Map would highlight incorrectly. You will now see an error message if you try to move items into a World Bank that has already reached full capacity. Item Tooltips have been updated to better reflect how they can be used (mainly for crafting recipe items). Fixed an issue where dragging vendor items out of the inventory window would cause them to get stuck on screen. Fixed an issue where dragging vendor items outside of their inventory windows would prompt the ‚Äúdestroy item‚ÄĚ UI (even though you cannot destroy items on a vendor).¬† F to Interact prompts should now only appear when they can actually be used. Fixed an issue where opening the Split Stack UI at the bottom of your screen would cause it to remain forever visible. Improved zone maps to better reflect real time capture status. Fixed an issue where unarmed Druids would see incorrect messaging if they tried to use Kinetic Boost without weapons equipped. Updated lobby messaging when the client is down for Maintenance. Fixed an issue where the Combat Basics skill tree information tooltip was not appearing correctly. Fixed an issue where ally health bars would appear in red, as though they were enemies. Improved the tooltip for the Confessor Redeem talent - it improves the Movement Control Intensity stat. Fixed an issue where clicking the ‚ÄúReset‚ÄĚ button during the crafting process would imply that you lose those resources - this is not the case. Banewood Tree combat information will appear as Plague Tree in your combat log. Fixed an issue where the Split Stack UI would appear in the lobby. Fixed an issue where Minotaur players' health bars would appear behind their heads, so they were partially obscured from view. Swift saddles can now be traded. Fixed an issue where moving items into your vendor would always show the sale info UI, even if the item was not successfully moved into the vendor. Improved Quest compass marker functionality. Added missing Russian translations. Fixed a number of Russian translation appearance issues (overlapping or bleeding text). Chat:
    There is now messaging in the Me channel to reflect when your inventory is in overflow and preventing you from picking up more loot. Powers:
    Fixed an issue where Recall could occasionally be used multiple times before its cooldown would trigger. Fixed an issue with Recall FX appearing incorrectly. Fixed an issue where Ballista FX would cancel out before the power ended. Urgu wartribe Ranger’s basic attacks should now display the correct FX. The Harvesting ultimate, Energetic Harvesting, should now play the correct SFX. Centaur Wild Charge should now have the correct hit FX. Fixed an issue where traps placed by other players were not visible to you if they were placed before you logged in. Assassin Spirit Dart will now display the correct projectile FX with, or without a valid target. Assassin Spirit Dart cooldown will now be correctly reduced after being used on enemies that have been Exposed. Improved Cleric ultimate, Miracle, power FX so that they always appear at your feet. The Confessor talent Well-Oiled Sandal should now properly increase your dodge pip regeneration rate. Confessor Condemnation should now hit within the correct range. Druid Essence Scram power FX now appear correctly under your hands. The Druid Wicked Winds power tooltip has been updated to reflect that it consumes the Shroud of Darkness buff when used. Duelists should now correctly gain pips after using Flintlock Shot on enemies that have been Exposed.  Duelist Rapid Fire should once again fire the correct number of times in keeping with your current number of pips. Fixed an issue where Myrmidon Vengeance and Frenzy power FX would stack. Fixed an issue where Templar Holy Warrior and Resurrection powers were not appearing correctly in your power tray after being unlocked. Frost armor no longer gives double armor when cracked. Frost Armor cracks may now form at a rate of 1 every 0.5 seconds naturally or 1.5 seconds with the Frozen Solid talent. Frostweaver Freezing Blast should now hit within the correct range (up to 30m). Fixed an issue that caused the deploy time from Volatile Ice to be removed leaving it nearly impossible to escape. Fixed an issue that caused the deploy time from Refreshing Ice to be removed. Re-Fridgerate now requires 1000 Supercharge to activate Frostweaver attacks that strike multiple enemies are now limited to three targets. Volatile Ice now assumes the cast time of Ice Weave for damage calculation and is now in the AOE damage category. Frigid Ice now assumes the cast time of Ice Weave for damage calculation. The casting time of Ice Weave is now 1.35 seconds. The ticking effects of Cool Ice and Frigid Ice no longer stack. Removed the "In Combat" component from buff abilities that shouldn't be putting you into combat Disciplines:
    The NPC Confessor power Flames of Truth should now display the correct FX. The Burning Hatred passive power FX should now appear correctly (granted by the Burning Hatred minor discipline). The Ricochet Shot power (granted by the Sharpshooter major discipline) should now display hit FX when hitting a valid target. Fixed an issue where Male WoodElf Rangers would animate incorrectly when using the Adjudicator power (granted by the Adjudicator major discipline). The Chain Heal power (granted by the Friar major discipline) will no longer root the caster. The Benediction power (granted by the Friar discipline) should now increase your Bleed Resistance cap correctly. The Unstoppable power (granted by the Juggernaut major discipline) now plays SFX. Fixed an issue where the Dispel power would not knock down targets correctly. Added ignore external interrupts component to Bard and Troubadour powers. Frostweavers are no longer eligible to use Blood Pact. The Fieldsurgeon major discipline Purgative power should now purge all pulsing debuffs.
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    Weebles reacted to coolster50 in 5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20   
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    Weebles got a reaction from APE in 5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20   
    East most treb only targeted east wall.  Middle east only targeted gate/ballista,  Middle west and west attacked respawn statue, western wall, and gate.
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    Weebles got a reaction from APE in 5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20   
    I was able to watch a VOD from last night and this might be interesting to you all:
    Siege Timer: 59:40
    First treb is placed
        -First shot is at respawn
    Siege Timer: 59:00
    Second treb is placed
        -First treb still aiming at respawn
    Siege Timer: 58:50 (lost sight lines of trebs)
    Third treb is placed (in W area)
    Siege Timer: 58:42
    1st and 2nd treb are attacking front gate trying to take out ballistas
    3rd attacking wall/respawn (can't see from pov)
    Siege Timer: 58:00
    1st and 2nd trebs still attacking front gate
    Siege Timer: 57:20
    2nd treb aiming at front gate/balistas
    1st treb aiming at respawn
    3rd treb is down
    Siege Timer: 56:40
    2nd treb aiming at front gate/balistas
    1st treb aiming at respawn
    attempted to shield respawn with ability but didn't work
    Siege Timer: 55:30
    3rd treb gets replaced
    2nd treb still attacking front gate/balistas
    Siege Timer: 54:40
    4th treb is killed (unknown placement time or where it was attacking, I believe the east wall was being hit by this treb, not the gate)
    Siege Timer: 53:01
    our balista was killed
    Treb 1, 2, and 3 still up
    Treb 2 killed balista
    Siege Timer: 52:50
    New 4th treb is placed
    Siege Timer: 52:13
    New balista is placed on gate
    1st and 3rd treb attacked west wall
    3rd treb attacking new balista
    4th treb attacking east wall
    Siege Timer: 51:29
    1st treb is attacking gate
    3rd treb is attacking west wall
    2nd treb is attacking balista/gate
    4th treb attacking east wall
    Siege Timer: 51:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/balista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    4th treb attacking east wall
    Siege Timer: 50:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/balista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    4th treb attacking east wall
    Siege Timer: 49:20
    4th treb goes down
    Siege Timer: 49:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/balista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    Siege Timer: 48:35
    4th treb is replaced with new one
    Siege Timer: 48:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/balista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    4th treb attacking east wall
    Siege Timer: 47:00
    DIS makes first push to attack walls with heroes
    Siege Timer: 45:50
    DIS makes second push to attack walls with heroes
    Siege Timer: 45:00
    2nd treb still attacking gate/ballista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    4th treb attacking east wall
    Siege Timer: 45:30
    DIS pulls away from wall
    Siege Timer: 45:00
    KGV kills 4th treb
    Siege Timer: 44:50
    2nd treb still attacking gate/ballista
    1st and 3rd treb attacking west wall
    Siege Timer: 44:30
    2nd treb dies
    Siege Timer: 43:50
    3rd treb dies
    Siege Timer: 42:20
    1st treb still attacking west wall
    Siege Timer: 41:25
    KGV kills last treb
    Siege Timer: 39:36
    New treb placed in previous 1st position
    Siege Timer: 38:52
    1st treb targeting heroes on the ground west of it's position, it wasn't attacking walls
    Siege Timer: 38:15
    1st treb attacking ballista/gate

    Siege Timer: 37:40
    1st treb dies
    Siege Timer: 35:00
    No more trebs are placed, all fighting is hero vs hero
    Siege Timer: 32:00
    New 1st treb is placed
    Siege Timer: 32:05
    @Tyrant spotted on roof of keep.
    Siege Timer: 31:40
    DIS pushes wall for additional damage with heroes
    1st treb attacking gate

    Siege Timer: 30:50
    1st treb goes down - no more trebs on battle field
    Siege Timer: 30:00
    KGV and LOD start attacking bane trees
    Siege Timer: 26:01
    Only 1 bane tree remains. DIS and W make last stand with tree
    Siege Timer: 21:31
    Siege ends
  8. Thanks
    Weebles reacted to Quig in 5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20   
    Which has been agreed upon by the major guilds on both sides of the conflict except for the people who were inside the keep snuggling up behind said walls. Trying to poke holes in random parts of the siege with still images and ignoring the video's. It's actually quite comical at this point. 
    So, don't just take our word for it, devs. There's other leaders saying the same thing. 
  9. Thanks
    Weebles got a reaction from SAM_BUKA in 5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20   
    We tried to shield the Respawn statue with this ability on the ground and from the top of the statue (jumping onto it from the walls/tarps).  The shield didn't protect it at all and the treb damage went right through it.  Not sure if this is intended or an ability bug.
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    Weebles got a reaction from PSIcoh in 5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20   
    We tried to shield the Respawn statue with this ability on the ground and from the top of the statue (jumping onto it from the walls/tarps).  The shield didn't protect it at all and the treb damage went right through it.  Not sure if this is intended or an ability bug.
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    Weebles got a reaction from Tofyzer in 5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20   
    This 0 import campaign really shows the lobby interface needs a bit more love in regards to character inventory.  Currently you are able to pull items from Campaign World Banks and put them into your personal vault but I cannot remove/strip all the gear off my character into my vault to be able to join into a 0 Import Dregs CW. 
    To be able to join the Dregs CW you need to join onto Gods Reach to remove all your gear and bank your items into the vault.  Then you need to disconnect from God's Reach to then join the Dregs Campaign.  If we could get a way to do this into a lobby that would solve a ton of connections being done to other servers.  This could also be a good step forward for the NPE Experience as it removes unnecessary steps.
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    Weebles reacted to Muta in Vanguard quitting Crowfall .. For now   
    Not true
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    Weebles reacted to Nueby in Disbalance in the current DREGS rules   
    I feel like KGV put in the work and deserved the win. They had people working harder than DiS because they had less numbers, therefore they had to put in overtime. Your k/d/a and scoring is irrelevant here as it doesn't show the pigs they ran, the heads they sacrificed, the buildings they built, or anything else not included in the k/d/a rankings. 
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    Weebles got a reaction from ZYBAK in Campaign Scoring - The good, The Bad, and the Ugly   
    Because we had to stop:

  16. Haha
    Weebles got a reaction from Spunky in Campaign Scoring - The good, The Bad, and the Ugly   
    Because we had to stop:

  17. Haha
    Weebles got a reaction from moneda in Campaign Scoring - The good, The Bad, and the Ugly   
    Because we had to stop:

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    Weebles reacted to Yumx in [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]   
    The first EU Dregs campaign on LIVE goes to Vanguard!

    And our killers!


    Everyone did an amazing job, both with base building, but also fighting their hearts out in hard fought battles!

    Thank you to Caldera, 4g players + Alekzak and Nordic Marauders for a lot of fun fights this campaign!
    (I will make a video with some highlights later on)
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    Weebles reacted to moneda in Campaign Scoring - The good, The Bad, and the Ugly   
    Heh, that's a question for @cremdalacrem. Boss man just points in a direction and I shoot at the red names.
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    Weebles reacted to LordofCake in 5.115 LIVE Patch Notes for 6/30/20   
    Crowfall The Awakening Update
    Development Build 5.115.0
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.115 LIVE Bug Reports
    To report feedback, please go here: 5.115 LIVE Feedback
    For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues
    Fixed an issue where your power bars would clear powers after zoning. Wartribe Bosses will now spawn in new campaigns. Russian player’s guild membership should now always be correctly reflected in game. Fixed an issue where the Always Melee camera setting would cause your camera to get stuck when you released your crow after death. Campaign:
    Adjusted the siege schedules to be at 8:30 server time (CDT / CEST).
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    Weebles reacted to Nueby in Transcendence is Recruiting! [NA]   
    TRA pulls out a 3rd place finish on our first NA Live Campaign as a guild! 

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    Weebles reacted to Zatch in Guilds Ally ?   
    make friends. 
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    Weebles reacted to jtoddcoleman in new version on Test   
    Hey folks,
    We put a new version up on Test last night -- this has a number of performance improvements, and a few known issues that we should probably highlight.
    the Good
    - First, we found a few improvements in the rendering pipeline.  This should give a frame rate boost on all machines.
    - Grass cards have been improved to look better (no razor edges along the bottom) AND to perform better.  You can see the difference by turning your settings back to "Basic" ... but frankly, the overall performance improvement to this system means that you might as well run in Medium or higher.
    - We added a new culling system to help performance as well.  "Culling" is a way of removing items and effects from the scene to improve framerate -- and, in theory, you shouldn't notice anything but increased performance if we are removing the right things.  (again, that's in theory).
    - We fixed the framerate stutter that happened when you looked at harvesting interactables,
    - Finally, we managed to get unity garbage collection under control! This one has been a long time coming, and what it means, in layman terms, is that you should see far less hitching as you run around the game.  Pay attention to the "SPK" (spike) counter in the upper left; you'll probably see it hit 4 or 5 when you first log in, as the world loads around you, and then it should settle down and stay at or near 0.  That's the hope, anyway, so let us know if that is what you are seeing.
    the Bad
    - In practice, the culling algorithm is making decisions for you about what you do/don't want to see, and algorithms are notoriously prone to error.  We've exposed settings for this in the preferences screen, so please try out different settings to cull things more / less aggressively and let us know if you can find the sweet spot.
    - Eventually, we need the culled objects to fade in and out of view rather than just popping.  Once fading is in, the culling of objects will be less noticeable. 
    (We have more advanced culling in the works, as well, but even this first iteration should pay dividends!)
    -  Some items that were created in previous builds look like they have bad mouse-over information.  Mouse-over popup info for new items is working fine, and the old items are (I think?) just as functional as before, but the info being shown for them is incorrect.  The easy fix for this issue would be to wipe items, but that kind of sucks for testing, so let's see if we can hold off on doing that unless it becomes absolutely necessary.
    & the Ugly
    - There is a bug (potentially related to culling, but maybe not?) where you collide with something on the server that you don't see on the client, and after a moment it causes your character to pop/sync/teleport.  This is especially bad around outposts and hero statues/respawn locations, two locations where I'm sure you're really delighted to be unexpectedly yanked through space.
    - Frostweaver targeting seems borked. 
    - There is a particular power that seems to be causing a server exception.  Bad, bad, bad.
    - Some state seems to be causing powers to stop working in a zone? This bug seems wiley, but thankfully rare.  
    - There was an edge case that caused wall upgrades to be lost on a server reboot.  We believe this issue is now resolved, but please be on the look-out and let us know if it happens again.
    In all of the above cases, we're looking at the Ugly bugs first, and we'll move on to the Bad once those are done.  As always, we working to get the issues resolved as quickly as possible.
    "Why did you prop it, with known issues?"
    That's a great question, thanks for asking.
    Two answers to that: first, we don't always know all the issues -- or, we sometimes know an issue is there (as we did with teleport) but it turns out to be much worse in practice than we expected it to be.  and second, sometimes we don't know about the issues until the build is tested in front of real players.  Crowfall is a pretty beefy game at this point, with a lot of interlocking systems, and even with internal testing + our overseas testing firm that does a full set of tests every night while we are sleeping, we still don't catch every issue every time.  There isn't enough time in a 24 hour cycle to touch every single [ power, recipe, loot roll, monster, victory card, building, interactable, etc. ] in the game.
    It's probably worth reminding everyone that this is the Test server, and there are always bugs on the Test server.  The more tolerant we are of pushing builds out to Test with known bugs, the more builds we can push!   and the opposite is true, also: if we want to ensure more quality, it means we prop less often.  In this case, we've gone several weeks since our last update, and that means hundreds of fixes waiting in the wings... and in the meantime, no way for players to harvest rare resources.  It seemed like a good idea to get it out and let you guys test it over the long weekend, even at the risk of the overall experience not being 100% playable.
    If you find these kind of issues too frustrating -- and believe me, I can certainly understand if you do -- then I would caution you to wait until the game migrates to Live -- where the issues will tend to be bad rather than ugly.  For those of you who are willing to help us test, know that we appreciate it greatly, as the faster we can find the fixes the faster we can get them resolved and get this thing out to Live.
    Hope that helps shed a little light on the method to our madness, and see you in Test, if you brave it... and if not, I hope you have a great memorial day weekend!
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    Weebles reacted to ACE_JackalBark in Please Remove the lack of privacy in Guild chats and PMs   
    Hi, hello, friendly neighborhood CS manager here.¬†ūüĎč

    First, it's our policy not to discuss disciplinary actions or warnings with anyone except the individual in question, so I won't comment on the specifics of any suspensions/bans/warnings/such and so on. I can talk about the Rules of Conduct and Terms and Conditions in general, though!

    We take the use of slurs very seriously. We don't like them and we won't tolerate them. There are plenty of nice, snappy curses that are wholly permitted in-game. Pick a different word.

    We investigate infractions against the RoC and T&C after a report. I don't sit around and read chat all day hoping to snap someone up for a violation. That said, your guild chats, group chats, private messages, etc in game are all using our chat service. They're all bound by our RoC and T&C, no matter how private you feel they are. A real-world threat sent through DM is treated the same as one posted in public chat. Your best bet, if you're using Crowfall's chat, is to simply not break the rules. They're very lax in game.

    If you're not sure if a word you're about to use is a slur, pick a different one. The world is full of them, and a lot of them are pretty great.
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