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  1. Sentinel all the way. I'm hoping that their ranged attacks are slow to fire but hard hitting.
  2. I think EKs are mostly for friends or guildies to hang out between campaigns, as well as a place to store artifacts and relics.
  3. I will lick my wounds while plotting my revenge. I'll create a new character, under a new name. I'll first befriend my original guild, then stage a falling out. Going to my betrayer, I'll act as if I too have made an enemy of myself (the original) . Hopefully, this will be enough to win his trust. Should he need more to place some trust in me, I'll play as long and as hard as I have to in order to win his favor (but not too hard, lest he become suspicious). As soon as he gives me the slightest bit of responsibility... I'll do exactly as he asks. The second time, nothing. The third time, nothing. Until I have entered his inner circle. Then, waiting at least a few more months, I'll wait for the perfect opportunity. No minor betrayal will be enough. This needs to be crushing. When a suitably soul-grinding opportunity is presented to me, I will strike, burning down all he has worked so long and so hard to build. As he looks up, terror and betrayal and rage in his eyes, I will smile, and bring my sword down.
  4. With the size that many Eternal Kingdoms are likely to be, I really wouldn't want to have to build the whole, multi-acre area from scratch.
  5. I can't imagine ever kneeling. My pride wouldn't allow it.
  6. I personally love the graphics as they are now. I feel like "moar" cell shading wouldn't be beneficial to the game.
  7. I am having a problem with the kick starter images they handed out for use as character icons. I try to set it as my icon, yet it repeatedly says that the file size is too large. Is there any way to work around this?
  8. So, having only recently discovered this game, I have a quick question about how the gear system will work in this game. When talking about how the campaigns will progress, the developers make it sound as if you start the game with no items. " You are dropped (typically naked) into an unknown, deadly environment." I sincerely hope that this is not the case. I have always enjoyed collecting loot over the long term. They say that our characters carry over, but is it just our stats and skills, or is it also our gear?
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