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  1. teleportation is fun, but only if its not spamed, it needs large cooldowns and energy used
  2. crowrise

    Art Dump

    nice, will you post the first one when u end it?
  3. Agree, the most powerfull names should be told to the players, and maybe they should have a throne or whatever the crowfall team decides
  4. 1,435,000 And i dont want a beer I have enoguh with the satisfaction of the win
  5. i like how you pinted the bandit, 15 mins? uohooho nice brights/shadows, by looking on it it seems simple and easy, but its not!
  6. his neck is not visible but he have one. Imagine if we puted his head even higher to make his neck visible, i tried to imagine it and my eyes hurt I edited the original post, thats what i would make to him: i would separate the closer eye from the nose, and i would make his back/uper head smaller
  7. Am i the onlyone who think the frostweaver male head is deformed and its weird to look at? Dont want to look bossy but.. I think if more people think the same it could have a little and easy edition. Dont be mean. its my opinion edit: i think i would separate the closer eye from the nose, and i would make his back/uper head smaller
  8. Maybe supports strategy will consist in stuning enemies, resist and scape, then farm and earn item improvement with monsters, then back again in battle? Although they wont be able to make a 1v1 if they stand between the last ones
  9. bandit idea is interesting. Btw it looks like Braum from league of legends xD
  10. What make u think im interested in reading a text which lenghts like 2 papers full of words?
  11. some people missunderstood a litte. I think theres already a "ladder" in the game, being some strongest than others and having more loot, i think it would be nice if that ladder was visible, knowing who are the strongest ones in the game for example and maybe puting some encouragement to fight them. About competitive (profesional) playing i dont even care.
  12. I can understand better now, look at that: Order difficulty to win: ascend 1 vs 2 (itself being the strongest) Caos difficulty to win: ascend 1 vs 2 (itself being the strongest) Balance difficulty to win: help one side (when it is the weaker) (2v1), fight the same side (when it is the strongest) (1v2). So balance is always in the weak side. both of the factions have a work, but the only issue is, is it really possible for Order or Chaos to ascend 1v2 and keep in that state? We must wait for the game release edite: balance might have an strategic play too
  13. I hardly understand that part: "Which also means, Order and Chaos might/will be fighting for the point of interests and the resources Order are holding onto as well to gain the advantage. Therefore to say that they are facing less pressure might not always be the case. Personally, I feel Order is the more complicated one to be in." What does Order have to be diferent from chaos? I think u meant to write Balance, and not Order, maybe?
  14. Lol..., i think that the faction focus are chaos and order, when one gets too strong, then balance take part and make a 2 vs 1 faction battle, but the 1 is stronger in taht moment. If what you say happens and the 2 vs 1 own the other, then its time for balance to change its allied faction. Oh wait... then balance is always 2v1, so they always win But they always fight vs the strongest, that must be studied ingame, not fair to argue it here
  15. yeah! Love pvp and im a solo player so it will be fun to be there, between life or death all time Adventure time!
  16. nice drawings I maybe post some art too maybe u have some with more action/perspective?
  17. Both images are nice, but the first one is just epic, 100 out of 10, that environment is so misterious and any adventurer and player would enjoy that ingame. Really hope that the ingame environment have such a variety of heights and beautiful hills well, maybe 100 out of 10 is to much now :s, lets leave it in 50 out of 10?
  18. i think they will have few support skills too, but i think they will be more like a dps than a back supporter. About the haunted ghouls, sounds great
  19. The same, i think i would go ranger right now, but i have improtant doubts between him and stalker. In addition, i like to play characters with low popularity so i maybe decide to play another archetype (legionnaire, forgemaster, knight)
  20. ranger, love his backstory in my opinion these are their features: Stalker: non-magic, agile, 1v1 character? Ranger: hybrid of magic/physical, more direct champion (fight till win or lose), maybe more dmg or more specialized in multiple targets fight?
  21. even though my grammar is not perfect, i think u can understand it easily
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