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  1. Where has it been said that this will be a remake of this SB game? I mean I had never heard of that game, and heard about this project from people that also never heard from SB, but you guys all seem to know each other and assume this is a remake of that game. Am I missing something? (to be fair, the way you guys talk about the game does make me interested in SB^^)
  2. I voted WASD, because it gives me the best mix of immersion and control/usability. However I wouldn't mind seeing a top down MMO one day, maybe not for this particular project, but the idea of a Diablo-like-controls MMO is really interesting to me.
  3. I hated this one server thing on ESO. I like the feeling of community you get on smaller servers. Of course, I do realize there are many advantages to one server, but I hate not recognizing the people when I walk around big cities, not caring about this or that guy because I know the probability of me seeing him again is close to non-existent. I hate not knowing most of the guilds, their reputation, their leaders etc.... So I'll vote Many servers. Getting the size right is essential though.
  4. I very much agree with this, the concept of the "Holy Trinity" is something that I very much enjoy but lacks variety. I really want to have a wide array of roles available to me, and I want to be able to REALLY specialize.
  5. So very hyped! Can't wait to see what you have planned, and to criticize the hell out of it too
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