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  1. simon

    The Hive

    When are we slaying? Any Frost Giants around?
  2. Notifications? :D

  3. I can’t wait to start drawing the beautiful worlds/area you guys are gonna be releasing Its going to be so new and awesome to explore, extremely hyped and ready to roll in this distant land
  4. IF, you had the chance to pick some sort of music type, like: Adventurous music, Rock music? No, that probably doesn’t match game music. Peaceful music, Mystical music, DUBSTEP? Idk. So tell me, what type of music do you want to hear in-game?
  5. Hm, 2 months was just an estimation, but yea… *Shrugs*
  6. Something that is good and easy to get is all I ask for >.>
  7. >~> I’m not sure really… just want to see something new.
  8. So far, this game shows “elements” which mostly show, 12 and up.
  9. I love this idea! Defiantly! Maybe, at day, everything is normal and the creatures or pretty much normal and are easily defeated. But when night comes, more monsters lurk and gain more strength, or a night even that might happened… if, we ever get monsters.
  10. If you put it in a way calling it “rare” most people won’t find it rare, as it is “obtainable” at some point. But, truly, promotion items, as you say it, can be THE rare type of gear you would describe.
  11. So, CrowFall is about to open in at least 2 months and I’m wondering, will there be school and classes in this game for players to pic and do things as the school? Of course, all games or, some games must have a selection of which “role” you want to take, so, what do you think the expectations are?
  12. ~_~ My net sucks… can’t post any art stuff. pls net.

  13. What do you think this game is about? Base on the words we were given, like betrayal, conquest and such? I wanna hear everyone speak their opinions. Do you think, we have clans? We have castles of players battling others? Adventuring with one and another but have the ability to defeat each other? Some kind of demonic actions will happen? What do you think this game is mostly about? Vengeance? Speak up
  14. Welcome to the community Ms.Misthead :P

  15. Updating my profile overtime :o

  16. Updating my profile overtime :o

  17. Do you think the game will develop pets in combat? Or even fishing? Housing your own house? Have chatting options depending on age?
  18. As J Todd Coleman was the previous developer for the game Wizard101 and Pirate101, (Kingsisle) do you think this game will have any reference of some sort? I spy my eyes with magic casting.
  19. I am really curious to hear about YOUR resolution you would make for this new upcoming game, and what is it? MY resolution is to draw amazing art scenes around the game, and achieve many new other things within it, a fresh new start
  20. From Wizard101 Wolf FairyForge, LvL 100 Fire
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