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Everything posted by gokury

  1. We have Centaurs, but the Elken people still need Unicorns archetype.. you know.. for Elken magical desires or so
  2. plz dont say poorly made socks just to win +1 post count
  3. i want to play vs humans not against unlimited finger machine
  4. We already have too many problems trying to find a mount for us, and u guys trying to use us as mounts .-.
  5. gokury

    Gender Locked?

    better the girls stay in our corral home and feed our childrens, let the battlefield for males only
  6. You can always pay for Shebulls or Hecows
  7. The vast majority will not use multi box, if the majority feels injured by the minority who uses it, they just stop playing, an example is ArcheAge, the game is wonderfull, but, servers are dead, only those who had alts bots or multi box continued to play, the economy killed all the other players, who played casually or for fun.
  8. gokury

    Bull Men

    a good way to get mad cow disease xD, better just collect the head of deads as trophy /o
  9. Sorry to ress it, but i need to thnx devs, Hell my dreams just happens *0* i on it! Put the horns up!
  10. I loved the concept of Elks, Centaurs and the Rodents in Crowfall and i will let here my suggestion to add more exotic races/classes to the game, i am so excited for it! continue the good work devs!
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