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  1. Yea ArcheAge didn't even try to hide it, It claimed Free2Play, but you needed a subscription of 15 to really play the game with their labor system. Then on top of that you could drop thousands to get the top gear in game and steam roll anyone with it. Was pretty blatant. Was a massive cash grab by TRION and co. I'll have to dig into CF's system more then. Because if its as bad as you say we might not be coming this way then. I swore I'd never get roped into a cash grab system again. I have no problem paying a monthly sub. But if a whale can dictate in anyway shape or form the outcome of PvP I'm out.
  2. Just did a re-read of the current model or what they are thinking they will implement on release. This is your hybrid SUB model. Not sure why we are arguing. Unless I'm understanding it wrong. They will claim Free2play to bring in the masses, but their will be advantages for those that are willing to pay the Subscription of 15 a month. SWTOR is doing the same stuff. That is the new Subscription model out today. I'm fine and very happy with that. Its those willing to pay the $15 a month that keep the company running and bring us new content. What I am NOT okay with and will never get roped into again is something like ArcheAge, Where it is clearly a Pay2Win model. Its not that I can't pay2win its the simple concept. Makes my stomach turn. D,
  3. LOL that most popular game ever to be in the MMO Space, World of Warcraft went over a decade, I believe they are even STILL sub today with a cosmetic cash shop. So they are able double dip. Come on man that is kind of a no brainier. Lineage 2 another one that crushed it. EverQuest, The list goes on. You might want to look to the past to learn from poorly made socks mistakes from developers. A quick cash grab with a "Oh we are free to play" and some hogwash hidden agenda to get cash quick in the cash shop will see any game dead in a few months. Another huge success SWTOR. Still has a Monthly sub today. They can say its free to play but everyone that takes that game serious pays the month VIP $15 dollars. Every cash grab free to play, pay to win game dies in months. Most free to play, but everyone actually pays the SUB for VIP (Whatever you want to call it, Its still a subscription based model) Has years under its belt. D,
  4. To OP, honestly its way to early to even make a comment on the outcome or the impact of crafters in the game. We are in pre pre pre alpha, this game is no where near completion. Do not let them fool you. So just keep watching for a few more years. I'm sure they will fine tune the crafting. D,
  5. A great post and thought thread. WPG was in Warhammer and I agree the tank role in WAR was a legit role. Right now all I could see the tank running is an initiator, with very little impact as other melee roles seem to have more CC / dmg front line D,
  6. I agree, I'll be surprised if this comes out by December of 2018. I'd just plan on a Q2/Q3 Launch of 2019 if we are lucky. D,
  7. I hope they just go with the old school Subscription based model. It worked for the most successful (financially speaking) MMO in the genre. Please do NOT go for quick cash shop grabs for any advantage. If you can't afford 15 a month then find another game. D,
  8. to the Original Post, You are 100% correct on the guild tag in game. I promise you this is a big thing for most players. I think it was Elder scrolls that tried to remove tags in the PvP world for BS immersion and picking a faction and feeling like your part of that faction. I promise you most players could care less what faction they are apart of they take a hell of a lot more pride in the guild tag above their head then the faction tag. Elder scrolls I believe has already fixed that and added guild cloaks as well. So they at least patched their mistake. Lets hope CR does not make the same one. D,
  9. I've got access but heard the test client is pretty unplayable. So didn't think it was worth downloading. Thank you Tinnis for the clarity. I'll just wait till they move it to Live. D,
  10. I must have done something wrong with the initial install, as my patcher/launcher will not update the game to 5.4 I'm still running 5.3.4? What advice do you have should I just delete all CF files and re-download? Thanks
  11. Good hell is great to see some familiar faces here again!! Man I haven't checked this forever ;p. So WarriorPoets has come back and starting to take a more serious look into Crowfall, a few of us are in beta, and we are extremely happy! We will be here for sure and looking forward to head start and future betas ;p. Thanks all Happy Hunting D,
  12. Yea i'm noticing some really great gaming communities on the list!! Should be incredible. D,
  13. Great to hear!! Love seeing familiar guilds in new games. D,
  14. Good to see you again Fourty and yes I do remember you. Was great to have you run with us while you did ;p. You left to soon we ended up having an amazing run in AA. Toke a castle, helped Xen get theirs and still holding ours today. The officers worked hard on the site, thanks for that. I'll let them know. D,
  15. WarriorPoets, Is a multi-national gaming community. We have been around the MMO space for 13 years, having a large influence in a number of different gaming titles. We are always looking for friendly, mature players to join with us in one or more of the games we play. Including community-sponsored tagged guilds in mmo's or just social games like mobas, come and join us for a ton of fun. WarriorPoets has a vast and accomplished past, In a time when many MMO communities tend to lean to the toxic or childish. We take pride in upholding the concept of "Honor among gamers." Although we understand gaming is a past time or hobby for most of our members. We still have standards and expectation we feel all our members regardless of the game they are in, should uphold. If you wear the tag, know you represent all that WarriorPoets upholds. Simple expectations for any and all games for the WP community: TS3-Voice coms are a crucial aspect of any successful Guild. Respecting all the members in WP gaming (regardless of game) While in game do all you can to uphold to WP beliefs and goals. Always look to progress yourself and your guild members. Have Fun!! For more information please visit our site. If you wish to apply for any games we are currently in or to just join the community to await the release of Crowfall please see site. www.WarriorPoetsGaming.com Thanks and HH to all. Here is one of the many accomplishments/events/fun had by all from WPG. Enjoy Dannyboy,
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