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  1. And Order of The Blade, and Vita Brevis, and Storm of 4, and half the other guilds on the server. IA takes the credit for this primarily, but they did it with the help of most of the server (after all why not?). Not a bad deal though, to the victor goes the spoils, and they did end up getting most of the spoils. Which is why 4 months later the entire server turned on them too. (and lost). Then ScornDeath came and wiped us all out.
  2. Amun'raa says hi. DC was fierce   I okie dooked you at whooping stick though

    1. lindorn


      Hey man,

      Long time no see.  I'm not sure what Okie dooked means, but I'd attribute what happened at whooping stick more to UDL than anything DOF did.  <3

    2. scipio


      Its a cheap trick.   UDL had about 7 dwarfs there. Anyway I was excited to see ur name   Hope ur well.

    3. lindorn


      Hey man, you guys played the Game of Thrones and did what you had to do.  Excited to hear from you as well.  Hope things are great for you too!

  3. Honestly I like to fantasize about playing this type of game, but unless I plan on retiring early (one can hope) I don't see how I'll be able to make it work. At least, thanks to Shadowbane, I do this for a living now so I can rant at my coworkers all day about this and feel understood :).
  4. The fact that you're referring to the situation with "CN" as evidence of your assertion that western guilds didn't have their poorly made socks together tells me that you basically started playing long after most of them were already gone .
  5. There are other things to consider though. Don't take this as me advocating for one route over another (I have concerns that this would work in any form), but a simple "confederation" is likely to come with a bunch of other problems. For example: 1. What recourse does the larger group have if one guild "breaks ranks"? Confederations that are too loose will fall apart the moment this happens. Confederations that are too tight will strangle guild autonomy and push people out. (not to mention the leadership power struggles, now you have an inner council of 15-20 guild leaders???) 2. Wh
  6. I R make glorious love to winterblades <3
  7. To add to this, Shadowbane servers were also episodic in other ways as well in that there were political "seasons". Empires would fall and there would be periods of peace during the power vacuum, or often times even immediate civil wars as the victors fought amongst themselves for control. Lots of interesting stories and dynamics occurred through the longer persistence on Shadowbane servers. It will be interesting to see how the devs here balance the need to avoid stagnation and guilds "winning" and putting everyone under their boots with the fact that there is a lot of interesting things
  8. Jesus man (Man? Time? Can I call you Man?). You post just like I do. And btw I came when you started talking about classical military. As one history nerd to another, I have to call out one thing though. The Roman legion was just the name of a roman "division" whereas hoplite speaks to a particular type of troop. It would be more accurate to compare "hoplite" as a formation to the Roman maniple system, which was, after Rome itself abandoned the hoplite formation, the primary military method used by the legion. I dig your posts bro.
  9. I mean to be fair you're the one who brought up the leadership thing .
  10. From Detroit Free Press But this what Bettis did have: Detroit and his family, an extremely strong work ethic and enough sense to rely on the good people around him. Jerome Bettis on the sideline before the Steelers' wild card playoff game against the Ravens in Pittsburgh in January. (Photo: AP) "So I think growing up in Detroit you learn from all those life lessons that you're taught," Bettis told the Free Press in a phone interview. "It wasn't one thing in particular, but growing up in Detroit it really hardened me to the point where when I left and went to Notre Dame I was menta
  11. Actually, it is. Check out the research of a Dr. Carol Dweck who's spent most of her life studying how a person's mindset is at the center of their ability to learn and grow. It has little to do with any innate or ability given at birth. It's mostly about how you work through problems and handle failure.
  12. There is no such thing as a natural-born anything, to be fair.
  13. Can't emphasize this enough. This is true in life in any large venture as in any sandbox games. Leadership is at the center. It's not to say that leaders deserve all of the credit. The people who follow them do. It is to say though that the success or failure of just about any group comes down to leadership.
  14. There's a lot of truth to what you're saying here. Although in this case you might need to be careful when you see people "clinging". I think a lot of the clinging to SB has more to do with the extremely rich stories, politics, and social interaction. The PvP and competitive gaming aspect is there for sure, but I have to admit in retrospect now I've played far more mechanically intense games before and since Shadowbane.
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