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  1. Aye, count me in too. No banana? NO REFUND!!
  2. I voted no. I like that crowfall, in many ways, is trying something fresh. I respect that and want to be a part of it.
  3. Toggleable and colour custumisable. Also a log to say who killed you so you can build a nice nemesis vibe.
  4. It gains a certain magic in translation, wonderful!
  5. You voice a valid concern, Homun. I'm confident that ACE will implement a safe way to trade though.
  6. "It's only numbers, it's only numbers!"......I will be pleading through blinding tears to the repo man.
  7. I'm hoping for random spawns. Not to prevent guilds meeting up but to ambush them as they try to. Edit: I say ambush but we all know I mean provide them with the inconvience of having to kill me and get their nice, clean sword and clothes covered in claret.
  8. I learnt something about myself; my budget means nothing to me.
  9. I am so humbled to be a part of such a great community, it will take a meteoroid to the noggin to burst this chap's bubble today!
  10. I think that this is a wonderful, insipred post, Ren. I truly hope that it receives some genuine consideration, not just for the effort and love that you have invested in it but also for the fact that it opens up a whole extra aspect to what is becoming an ever more exciting game. I would love for a Dev to share their thoughts on it and would be very surpirised if your concept hasn't pricked a few ears! Edit: Also thanks to everyone who has contributed to the discussion, it's been a real pleasure reading this whole thread!
  11. It would be in the interests of Balance for both Order and Chaos to ally against them, that's the beauty. If, for example, Balance concentrates on fighting only Chaos whilst this 'alliance' is in place it wont be long before Chaos must turn their attentions away and onto Order - or they will lose. When this happens Order is compelled to retaliate thus taking the pressure off of Balance, which will allow Balance to then lick their wounds and regroup against whoever begins to get the upper hand. This dance will continue through the match. I can't see any alliance holding for too long but it will play an exciting and important part of the whole campaigns ecosystem. This is a simple yet very clever format and I can't wait to play it. Edit: Walpurgisnacht nailed it before me
  12. Not really. There are some amazing ideas being thought up by the community here and people are putting tremendous efforts into them. If those ideas are never going to make it to the game or the ideas are either too ambitious or just simply not viable it seems cruel to allow people to continue down those paths without putting them straight. No design documents required for that, just integrity.
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