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  1. I just can't see 100 people or more investing into one account then have them waiting over 6 months just to "maybe" get to play the game. Then their would be fighting over who gets what from the account and who gets to play it. I'm not saying the idea is bad, because it's kinda smart. It just has its pro's/cons. Edit: and plus anything can happen with in that 6 month time period, say someone lost internet, they moved, ect..
  2. If that was the case, even a Guild with 60 members in it, each member would have to give roughly $167. (depending on they don't have someone rich enough to pay for half the cost.)
  3. And how I envy though's people. If only I could have thousands of dollars to throw at stuff, but no I'm living in an apartment eating noodles every night because anything more expensive then that would put me in debt. ooohh well.
  4. Who in their right mind is willing to pay $10,000 for a game and an "Invitation dinner with the founders" and still be expected to pay for their own travel!? Plus from what I'm hearing, this game isn't expected to come out till 2016, so between now and then this game could either bust for broke or go big... Who ever backed the $10,000, I envy your spending privileges.
  5. Hello everyone! I hope you all are excited as I am for the early access to Crowfall! Time for a little bio on myself, I'm a gamer at heart, from First person shooters to MMO's to games like League Of Legends. I have beta tested some games in the past, all where low budget games except for Archage, though to be honest I didn't really get the feel for that game. I mainly play roles that involve dealing a lot of DPS to a target and at the same time be sneaky about it. (Such as Assassins or sometimes Archers) Well that's pretty much it! -Stevie9090
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