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  1. I did manage to create the guild and get it posted. Those of you who haven't checked the forums please do so to get an invite.
  2. I am just waiting for a bit more in the new features department before I stick my head back in and play around. I think most everyone is around that same sentiment.
  3. Should be a lot of fun. Can't wait for more mechanics to come about so we can get a better feel for the game.
  4. I am excited to see the Assassin release as well as Disciplines. Def want to try the Assassin
  5. Waiting for the EK testing. Hopefully it is coming out soon.
  6. One of our members posted up a nice 3v1 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaYN0ytYzpY I will have to see if anyone else recorded anything. I had a lot of fun this test. Probably not as much fun as I had last test, but still fun. I look forward to future tests and seeing what changes are made.
  7. Balance appears to be the most inflated currently. Order seems to be the least populated.
  8. UPDATE: We have decided to play Chaos for this testing phase. We have not decided our launch faction choice as of yet - that will be decided later down the line.
  9. Need clarification on whether it is for this test or the next test.
  10. Ewww. Think I can speak for most PvP guilds in saying...no...just no...
  11. That would probably net you in a lot of trouble.
  12. Sorry I was referring to the tests. He mentioned crafting anywhere in the world so I assumed he was speaking about the testing.
  13. If they have as many campaigns as they stated then I would imagine the cap being far lower. They have stated that there will be campaigns opening and closing all the time so that players could join the campaign they want. I think such a system would be very hard to do in reality. If one campaign lasts for 3 months and another 6 months then who wants to join a campaign already half over? Or would someone have to wait 3 months to join a different rule typing? If campaigns last upwards of 6 months (I thought they stated this - could be mistaken) then you would need 6 servers per ruletype to be able to join a different campaign very month. Now if there are multiple rule types such as RvRvR, GvG, 12-Faction RvR, and FFA this means you would need 24 campaigns running at the same time (roughly equivalent to 24 servers) to offer a new campaign a month. If the 12-Faction RvR offers variation such as 6-Faction RvR then you are looking at even more of a dispersal of players. I could have mis-read to be failing to properly recall what was stated but in order to cap out at 10k the developers would need 240 thousand players for all 24 campaigns. Plus I see issues later in the games life where the player base takes a huge hit making campaigns have smaller and smaller amounts of people and/or less and less campaigns.
  14. pass. Not being able to craft on the spot would require tedious amounts of time running back and forth as you would need to carry extra tools and potions with you that would fill your inventory. What is more like a survival game than having to run back to craft? H1Z1, 7 Days to Die, etc all have these features. I think using the word "logistical" is nice but irrelevant as it doesn't add much to your gameplay as much as it subtracts. Keep in mind the current banking system is just a temporary stop gap measure until something more refined is added later. Also, we haven't seen resource POIs yet so once they get added I imagine fighting over them will be a common occurrence.
  15. We are currently ONLY recruiting players currently playing. While we won't show up in force till at least beta we are willing to add a few dedicated individuals primarily interested in testing mechanics.If interested check us out at www,xoohq.com.
  16. Now now. No point in feeding. Let him say what he will. Regardless we will do what we always have done. No need to brag or defend our actions. Our accolades speak for themselves; at least a lot more than 90% of the other guilds out there. Our primary goal is and will always be the same - to enjoy the game and develop strong bonds with friends. Winning is just a side effect of our strong comradery and teamwork.
  17. Appreciate the warm support everyone.
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