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  1. I'm not at all programmer but I don't think you need to focus on specific AI for every creatures. Like you said it's a lot of work for a PvP game and it means MANY potential bugs to correct. For me the better system (and maybe the simpliest i don' t know) would be to have a large data base of creatures and plants (which is a huge artistic work i admiit it) with, like i said previously, specifics caracteristics. After this you can handle this concept more like a simulation than specifics AI. What I realy want to say is: "What is an ecosystem after all?" and "How can we use this notion
  2. I think they eat it in peru.... Sorry guys
  3. Yes chat reglementation is a huge part of the immersion... (I did not pos tin the right subject so i edit in something random )
  4. The most important thing for me will be the "visibility" of enemies (and allies) since it's not pure RvR you have to deal with a lot of parameters to know if this guy will discuss or just throw a fire ball at you.... The worst would be the classic red names... I'm again speaking about fps (i have a long experience with PS2), because it's the only massiv strategic battles i've been to, but something like "i see an enemy --> i use a class spell--> me and my guild/commando see it for 30secs" would be the best. It's not realy useful to speak about commander skills if we don't know how w
  5. It has been done in few games like you said Raeshlavik, but why it never worked ? Maybe because these worlds did last longer than they should, an ecogolical (because yes it is) system, like that, has defaults it's obvious, and the more your system lasts the more it will be dizorganised and unbalanced. Crowfall can maybe limit this drift by these time-limited worlds. The interaction with the player is the hardest thing but you can maybe cheat a little: 1) Overpopulation of one mob in one zone --> the server detects it and start to kill random individuals like a natural plague 2) Subpop
  6. You are right, if we have physics like described i think you can moove/destroy almost any items/voxel so it 'll be fun to be hable to moove and hide bodies (maybe for a res?).
  7. For this kind of thing i think planetside 2 is a good exemple. I'm speaking about abilities to create respawns/bonus in a squad/global orders and signals.
  8. Wakfu was a cool first try for introducing a real ecosystem in a MMO, the first beta version (2010 i think) was awesome. You had to manage every resources, guilds started to create laws for the gestion, blocus and monopolies were created. It was awesome but now this game has left all his ambicious features T_T. My dream would be to see something like this: 2 categories: Plants: 1) Life time-line based on the species (seed, growing, mature --> reproduction with seeds / spores, natural death) Because you need to create a dynamic if you want a simulated ecosystem to be interes
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