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  1. Well, as a last page of a diary... I have no motivation to play as crafter/harvester now even with an ability to craft same weapons, so i am going offline for 1-2 month till i got enough passive skills ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  2. 1) Fort Sieges resources were never faction/guild locked tbh - it is a great idea. It would be a good way to randomize spawn time a bit too. If your faction have a fort, you should be pushed for a few mins before it spawned in UI/chat. If fort is not your's but you see chests, you should be able to kill all guards(faction, that control fort should be pushed in UI/chat while you are doint it) and steal some yomi-yomi.
  3. I hope - someday i'll have enought res to craft things such easy)) Btw, do you any crafring bonuses on your armor?
  4. Yeah, found it too. If we are speaking about pure damage, weapons are really nice in comparing. But wartibe have some crazy stat bonuses - and i need to research more about it. Now bows looks for my like a hardest to get good equal with a drop(i found some green/blue bows with ~35-40dmg and 90-120 AP, so, it's about 52DMG, +12-16 Dex and +17-18m to range), i want to craft one, but have no res for it =(
  5. Well, i conquested this topic with my dairy.... And today i was emotionaly tired of crafting, out of dust, so i spend some time on mining activity. After 30 min of mining in Dregs(t8 nodes with a plentful harvesting in 5) i got a bit of minerals: As i like, it's a time to comparing. Let's compare with caravans: 30 mins is about 3 runs(ok 2) of pigs for an ore, and you will have at least 3-6 craftable res blocks. It is at least 375 uncommon ores. I got only 60 in sum for the same time. Well, that makes novice harvesters useless xD Proof about 10 min for run: Proof about
  6. Ok, now i have target to experiment with, but needed to create some runecrafter first. 9.41 41.2 Well, after bunch(50+) of tests i found that "insane" result in % always better in comparing with any other options for my crafts. I was focused on armor crafting, where the main goal is amount of Armor points. Then i see on some resistances, i got about 20 now, while dropped from mobs are about 100. we have freaky lot of pigs in a keep, like a see... but anyway, ya, exp cap now useless, for sure.
  7. Without player 2 - Crowfall will become battle royale with some unique ideas. It's not bad, it's just a different game, where 1/3 or 1/2 of current rules(you can see some of them if you push *details* in inventory and start scrolling alot of numbers) just unnecessary. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ UPD I don't know how much exactly blocks spawning in keeps and what about random here... But it's working a bit another way with caravans. They are working like a random with CRAFTING resourses, but they are have basic speciality, that is fixed - Ore, Wood, Stone and Pelt. Any of Ore, Wood, Stone need
  8. Well, 1 more week end, and i try to craft something more to compare.(spoiler - still have useless result). Checklist: Were you a dwarf champion with max STR and a weapon with a lot of STR? - 150STR Did you know which minor discs are best? - used Monkey, Att to Det, Armor Did you have crafted blacksmithing bonus armor? - no way to have in now Did you have crafted blacksmithing bonus jewerly? - no freaky way to have in now Did you have an advanced vessel? - no way to have in now Did you have the appropriate food buffs? - Bon Tippers, Sumptuous Pot Pie Di
  9. What do you mean? why should i? Mine skill(45) is enought to use Negligible risk(40). And, anyway, as a result, insane is better. I can complain it today with "no risk" but i think result would be the same... "insane" would be better. Literally it's easy to create model and calculate it without being ingame, if anyone have a table of % giving per operation...
  10. Yeah, thanks! My crafted weapon have the same dmg to dummy as a vendor one(+/- 3-4 dmg per hit) But for armor this is still not working xD
  11. 1 more post, now a bit of theorycrafting, couse i have no mojo and res to test it. Let's suppose, i don't like my Two-Hand Staff and want to craft some. I will focus on Attack Power, couse it gives me much dmg. Staff contains from 3 parts: Limbs: Staff Staff Head Staff Heel Each of them contains different parts of basic Attack Power enchance, where "x" is a common item like Composite Wood, and "()*y" is a result of pre-melting of number of "x" Limbs: Staff - (x+x)*y Staff Head - (x)+(x)+(x+x)*y+(x+x)*y Staff Heel - (4x)*y In total it is 2x
  12. Of course this craft was done with some few investments, that only new crafter can allow(minor/major + some stats). And you know, this investments doesn't allow you to switch free to another game way. But the main idea in comparing things with each other. As for me - i don't think that first crafted item should be much more better then vendor/drop one. But i hope to see any potentional average, becouse in other way, there is no point to play in that economical part. In terms of time and efficiency it better and faster to start farming mobs, where you can gather 2000-3000 gold for k
  13. Mine personal experience in two screens... Craftet by lvl 30 Stoneborn full STR Blacksmith AttToDet/Helper Monkey/Armorsmith wihout Bon Tippers. No mercy for newbie crafters. No point to try and no mercy. So, it looks like in a gathering, you have no point to do anything, while passive tree is leveling? And it's not like EVE. In EVE you can trade/craft something may be not such profitable, but possible to be profitable on a new chars. Sure you isk/hour would be really terrible, but as a result of researching the game as a newbie - you got something usefull, w
  14. Great! For me it's look like "all or nothing". As a "hamster" i love to gather res by myself and then craft something. Basicly i have not enough time for war busines - so, i just need to wait 2-3 weeks untill i can start playing? With a basic tool i can gather only common res, with no chance to gather something better then uncommon, am i right? And the only source of blue res now - is a fort caravaning. And this content avaliable only for groups, who can capture the fort =/ But after 3 weeks of offline - booom, welcome to gathering. I think it is a kind of a bad game design
  15. Have the same issue with white screen. Found in logs: Connecting to physics on Unloading 31 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 52902. Total: 115.515488 ms (FindLiveObjects: 2.112289 ms CreateObjectMapping: 6.005483 ms MarkObjects: 107.167839 ms DeleteObjects: 0.229285 ms) Internet is up, but Crowfall servers are not answering Didn't find any solution(with phone net doesn't works)
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