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  1. When i was trying Confessor, Redeemer Major i found 2 things: Redemtion should make up to 6 hits, but it everytime hits only 5 times. I see animation of last hit, but there is always no damage registred.
  2. Any class, in white vessels with some drop gear, if it have enought HP drain/selfheal, can solo lvl 20 chiefs, some of classes can solo some of lvl 30 chiefs(in 6.1 archdruid was able to kill some of them too) , may be kings... ANY RDD can solo any melee NPC, including lvl35 Heralds(killing lvl 35 herald or so with solo rdd is a bug, but still not fixed btw). And, i repeat one more time, it's all about white vessels with drop gear vs lvl 30 mobs. This game is not an ESO, NW, AA, WoW, EVE Online. It's another game and have another mechanics and rules. If you want to talk about gear, w
  3. The idea of an archdruid without bombs was also interesting to me, and I did not find a way to make it comparable with other classes in Campaign on ~30mobs in terms of clearing speed or PVP in terms of dmg impact on target. Sorry, but your examples in video are really non-valid becouse of damage deminisions coused by target level difference. If you don't want to enter campaign - you can try to install simple dps/hps meter and show it's result on Dummies, in case of theorycrafting it would be more relevant then lvl 4 herald.
  4. Bang! Glass Canon has the same story. I bet other minors - too... Blue and Purple Villein - same story again. Well, i think green and blue Major would be the same. Are we still playing early alpha?
  5. Hello! Today i crafted blue minor "Sparring" and it's have a same statistics bonus as an green - +1% to critical. Is it legal for every minors or just this one?
  6. it's useless, because you can enter for a few seconds before siege starts and come to the wards, when you are inside it doesn't really matter are you invisiable or not, if you are in a strong party. few seconds before siege i was inside. And my way to wards was absolutely free of guards.
  7. Ok, and, as i see, siege with hamsters is ok too? i mean, when siege just begins and 10 hamsters instantly kill ward, there is nothing bad? Why do you need another classes, when you have tank, heal and dps in hamsters? Why do you need to build trebuchets, when you can just enter enemy keep with no problem? And, the last question, if the "tunnel" working well, why the hell it works with keeps only if you see in special point before use it, but not every time?
  8. Btw, during the siege it should be OP. Ward would be destroyed easely without any sieges, just some sneaky work, while another group works on trees.
  9. Hello! Had a terrible gaming experience today. An enemy hamster climbed into the territory of our keep and began to kill out crafters. He just used the tunnel and moved around the territory unprotecteable by guards. In particular, we didn't have a single guard near the bank, and as a result, out clan lost some valuable resources. As for me, this is a bad game design. The keep should be a safe place and must provide security, or it becomes just a burden... Screen with no guards in zone under spoiler
  10. Well, my point ov view was to allow player to craft something usefull on early experiance. I don't want to see as a crafter that everything i do is worthless. In 6.1 i was needed to spend some hours to make something, that lost in compare with usual items selling by NPC. I feel myself ok with passive training in EVE, because i was able to craft and use things i created. Or sell it. In 6.3 i have the same story, i can't craft something good on early gameplay, but now i need no to wait, but to grind. Brilliant. Btw. I feel it could be ok with gathering, mb. But with crafting, no... it
  11. Well, as a last page of a diary... I have no motivation to play as crafter/harvester now even with an ability to craft same weapons, so i am going offline for 1-2 month till i got enough passive skills ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  12. 1) Fort Sieges resources were never faction/guild locked tbh - it is a great idea. It would be a good way to randomize spawn time a bit too. If your faction have a fort, you should be pushed for a few mins before it spawned in UI/chat. If fort is not your's but you see chests, you should be able to kill all guards(faction, that control fort should be pushed in UI/chat while you are doint it) and steal some yomi-yomi.
  13. I hope - someday i'll have enought res to craft things such easy)) Btw, do you any crafring bonuses on your armor?
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