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  1. I thought that this was in a later development stage than it is actually. Also, gameplay footage can be misleading, as somebody mentioned, Destiny looks awesome on youtube and only there.
  2. Let me begin saying that I've started playing MMORPGs back in 2000-and-I-don't-remember-anymore with Runescape. Ever since I've played Mu Online, Ragnarök, Tibia, WoW, TES, Perfect World, Arche Age, Star Wars TOR, and many other more. Ever since WoW I've been looking for something that wouldn't keep with the "quest-gather-item-quest-gather-item" mainstream that have been ruining MMORPGs for the last few years. TES and Arche Age were two gigantic failures and disappointments to me. Hyped games that failed to create and inovate in a area where what I call "WoW-like leveling up" hold developers back. So, I ask you: why should I trust you? PS.: Please, don't take me as arrogant bastard though I probably sounded like one. I'm just concerned about my gaming hours that diminishes as years goes by.
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