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  1. Was time Amazon revealed its current Projects. They hired talented Developers for years now and had their Lumberyard Engine ready since they bought a lot of the old CryEngine Team. I'm gonna look forward to this - those People there are experienced and know what they are doing. Also Amazon pushes a little more the risky design directions than the normal publishers. Maybe we will get to see something innovative from this. Fingers crossed.
  2. Do we know when the first Alpha will start?
  3. Ich wurde durch dieses video aufmerksam - Kannte den channel, weil er unterhaltsame gw2 videos macht. Ich komm MMOtechnisch von GW1+2, spiel aber auch viele rpg's (Gothic, Risen), shooter (CSGO) und taktische Spiele (Empire Total War, RUSE) sowie Rennspiele (Split Second) etc.
  4. The more pigs, the easier to find and ambush you I would say ^^ But we don't know much about the caravan feature right now, it will get a FAQ section too at some point in the future.
  5. The problem of though experiments is that everyone can make up and turn things so it matches the own imagination. For such things we need to know more until we can properly discuss this. I'm not against voice chat, I just see it critical for a number of reasons. But everyone weights these things differently, so this discussion will go endlessly until a dev clears things up.
  6. Ok, for the sake of giving this a reply: You are ignoring the fact that we have 0 clue about how combat will work. How fast can you die? How much CC is there really? How fast are players, is running from a fight a thing? Is 4v6 beatable or unbeatable? And so on... You are assuming things over assuming things. There is no answer anyone can give you about what to do next. Maybe this will clear things up for you, why no one answered.
  7. At this point I usually stop discussing with the guy on the other side of the internet lol, you have strong nerves.
  8. He could convince you to party. Maybe he found a rich resource and can't carry everything. So he tells you the location in exchange to you letting him live People come up with very compelling stories and arguments if you are trying to kill them.
  9. That was exaggerated... it meant: text is much better to moderate than voice. You can filter it and stuff, voice has to be listened to to just name one difference.
  10. Good luck to the guy having to listen through all of that lol
  11. True, BUT - chat can be moderated because it is stored on the servers. Voice is too much data, can not be saved and not be (as easy) moderated.
  12. Official answer to this was: text based communication only right now. But Voice is not off the table.
  13. That reminds me on my school time lol, but we only had black/white screens, no color. Still SuperMario did run smoothly
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