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  1. Was time Amazon revealed its current Projects. They hired talented Developers for years now and had their Lumberyard Engine ready since they bought a lot of the old CryEngine Team. I'm gonna look forward to this - those People there are experienced and know what they are doing. Also Amazon pushes a little more the risky design directions than the normal publishers. Maybe we will get to see something innovative from this. Fingers crossed.
  2. These are actual people who know what they are doing. And they involve the community in the game development and design phases. I think it is save to call that this won't be a No Mans Sky Desaster - at least gameplay wise. To the rest: Not more risk than any other Kickstarter game. They got my money. Looks promising!
  3. HBO has more series than Game Of Thrones? WutFace xD But sounds kinda interesting? lol
  4. 4 everybody out here it was the most hilarious video in Art Craft history up to date tough I would say - would be up for another 1 at any time. LUL
  5. I only can agree with you. Coming from Guild Wars 2 and also some hours of BDO, the combat still has to go a long way until it can compete with how those games feel. Not being able to move during almost everything is currently my biggest issue I have with the combat. On some (very very very few and powerful) skills it does make sense to add a movement block which is very punishing - but for the most part I feel like being not able to move hurts the game more than it adds. I have to be honest, if this stays I feel like the combat will kill the game for me (since that is such a huge part of it). I just can not go back to rooted combat coming from those games.
  6. Looking forward to getting my hands on the info about the castle building tools.
  7. Do we know when the first Alpha will start?
  8. I like this new approach. Seems to get the job done quite well - better than before.
  9. This is pure gold - all of it. Edit_1: Well, this happens if you post before you read Pann's comment at the start lol. How to delete post... Edit_2: Ha, quick gimp/photoshop action:
  10. The only thing that worries me about this is, if different parcels get put next to each other and they don't match at the aligned borders. Humans have a feeling for such things and notice it very quickly if something doesn't behave like nature. (you can see on the maps in the video that every parcel has a "border" that doesn't fit 100% with some random other parcel that is not handmade for being aligned). When this is is taken care of, the parcel building tool will be a great feature for both the campaign and the EK!! Can't wait to see how it looks when it's finished.
  11. Now Hireing: Monkey or Cat, no special skills needed. No fixed working hours - Payment negotiable, lodging and boarding + SNACKS provided!
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