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  1. Yep, when I checked this stuff I didn't find any use for the coordinates out of the map, I just needed the south-west corner of the square containing the map and I worked from there.
  2. It's easy, you can go to the south and east ends and check what are the coordinates of the borders of that map. They won't be 0,0 probably.
  3. I haven't checked for a while but each square used to be 128x128. 1point=1 meter. You need to go to the south end and to the west end to get the origin point coordinates. But as I said, this is old info and it may have changed.
  4. Maybe @thomasblair would not mind showing it to us.
  5. That's inside information that I don't have access to.
  6. I think you should forget about that. I believe they replaced it with the leveling system (attributes + talents) for character customization.
  7. Yo creo que lo que se intenta es darle importancia al control territorial. Si tienes control sobre un fuerte en la zona puedes resucitar en la misma zona pudiendo reincorporarte más rápidamente a la batalla mientras que si no lo tienes necesitarás mucho más tiempo.
  8. This shouldn't be a game for people who has gearing up as the final goal. The goal here should be to win campaigns and gearing up should be just a means to do that, imho.
  9. Well, to be honest, there wasn't any need to work hard to get them as the gold and silver badges are essential the same and you get one just by being there.
  10. But the sacrifice value of an item varies with the character level, right?
  11. Eve was released in 2003, I think. I started playing in 2010, 7 years later, and I kept playing for 6 years. For me it's not about what I can do on my own, it's about how I can contribute to my guild and enjoying doing what I do in my play time. Sure, a player with more skills will be more efficient, but two players, even if one has less skills will be even better. If playing is not fun what's the point of playing, if playing is fun who cares about what other rewards you get.
  12. Well, I'll ask ACE to remove the active progression because that's not what I bought back in the day. I bought a game with time based passive training. I guess nobody will be completely happy at the end.
  13. But, how can anybody craft the first runecrafting discipline without a runecrafting discipline or polish the first soulgem to catch the first thrall's soul without a jewelcrafting discipline?
  14. Any clue about a badge for crafters or harvesters?
  15. I think the only unknown thing right now are the probability of each experimentation result as a function of experimentation stat and experimentation difficulty. I made thousands of experiments to try to get that but there's too much variability in the results. If I remember right the assembly success formula is: min ( 98 , 100 - assembly_difficulty + assembly_stat ) The percentage you get for each pip in experimentation is like this: Critical failure -14.000% Failure 0.000% Moderate success 1.050% Success 2.050% Good success 5.635% Great success 6.44% Amazing success 8.05% Then you need to add the extra risk to each pip: Negligible risk 0.530% Marginal risk 1.030% Critical risk 2.821% Catastrophic risk 3.224% Are you insane?! 4.030% A negative final result don't reduce the item stats. The quality of the materials modify the difficulties this way: Quality Assembly diff mod Exp diff mod Poor 0 0 Common 10 5 Uncommon 15 10 Rare 25 20 Epic 35 40 Legendary 50 60
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