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  1. Well, if you're in a guild or plan to be in a guild you can work with other players, the design of the crafting system tries to encourage the team work. Besides in the future there will be guild banks to put your stuff and retrieve it later with another character. There are some missing parts but they will be in game at some point.
  2. In the future you won't be able to remove disciplines and replace them with something different. You can build your character the way you want but you can't make a character able to do everything. What you need to do to be a jack of all trades is to level up different vessels and slot the crafting disciplines you want in.
  3. The third faction may or may not capture it but I still think it's weird giving a bigger reward from the capture than the points accumulated by keeping it. Imho the 80% you get in last iteration when you take something in winter was ok to keep the campaigns alive.
  4. What I find weird in the new proposal is if someone takes anything in spring and loses it in winter the faction taking the outpost, fort or keep will get more points than the faction holding it in spring, summer and fall. For example, you get and outpost in spring at it will give you 5 points each period, but if you lose it in winter the other faction will get 8 points for each period you kept it, for each period in summer you will get 10 and your enemy will get 12 and for each period in fall you will get 15 and the taker will get 16. So, the best strategy is don't take anything until winter. It sounds strange.
  5. Look for the recipe for harvesting tool. It's the same recipe for all the advanced tools just use the sigil for the tool you want.
  6. To craft shovels you need the runemaking discipline and a runecrafting table. Craft an unmarked runestone and a shovel sigil, both in runecrafting components and then a harvesting tools i runes. And that should be it. The passive skill tree increases your stats and the first node in basic crafting grants you some basic recipes. It has no interaction with the active leveling.
  7. It looks like the minor discipline "Attention to detail" does nothing. The info in the discipline says "Increase amount of Experimental Points", the info in the passive says "Increases your Additional Risk Points Value by 1". The passive actually increase the Additional Risk Points stat but I can't see any change in the result with this stat changing from 0 to 1.
  8. I think the system where you generate your 2FA code (your phone or your computer) has its clock 30 seconds ahead.
  9. Still no crafting combinations to make healer gear. The only available stat is support power no critical healing chance or critical healing amount. @thomasblair It looks like Rehabilitation from field surgeon discipline is not working.
  10. I don't know how it works now because I haven't harvested motherlodes in a long time but they used to have high resistance (from 105% for rank 1 to 150% to rank 10) an require two people hitting. Take it down used to reduce the resistance 40%. If there's an extra shield now it's a new thing.
  11. Check the time in your system.
  12. The thing is it hasn't to have a leveling system. ACE introduced it because people asked for a "more active progression". They can grant the stat and talent points at the time of creating to customize your character as the advantages / disadvantages were supposed to work. I really don't like this grinding over and over again, several character slots, vessel upgrades ...
  13. From my calculations each point gives the same % with or without the passive, for example, a success with no extra risk gives 2.050% always.
  14. I've checked this passive power and I can't see any effect in the experimentation result, I checked with and without risk and the improvement percent is the same with or without the passive. Maybe I'm missing something.
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