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  1. The Beneficial harvest power is the "stength" of the buff as @Zirone said. With better critical chance you have a higher possibility to roll the critical harvest table where the highest qualities are, that's all the influence on what you will get as far as I know.
  2. I think when it triggers you recover stamina and your critical chance and beneficial harvest chance increase for that type of harvest (ore, stone, wood ...). Check those stats with and without the buff active and you should see the change.
  3. The problem is that people wants to play a MOBA and buy an MMORPG.
  4. I think gravedigging only gives humerus and femurs.
  5. I think that loot items are more harmful for new crafters than the passive skill training.
  6. I got this in my combat logs tonight: 2019-08-03T19:53:30.119Z INFO COMBAT - Combat || Event=[VitnirTL Essence Burn hit You for 2979 damage.] 2019-08-03T19:53:34.554Z INFO COMBAT - Combat || Event=[VitnirTL Essence Burn hit You for 4119 damage.] 2019-08-03T19:53:51.363Z INFO COMBAT - Combat || Event=[VitnirTL Essence Burn hit You for 3657 damage.] 2019-08-03T19:54:10.277Z INFO COMBAT - Combat || Event=[VitnirTL Essence Burn hit You for 5117 damage.] If it's the regular Essence Burn, how can somebody else Essence Burn hit me? If it's the death orb, for how long and how much does it hit?
  7. It looks like there's no way to sort or filter the contents of the world bank. It's hard to find stuff in there.
  8. This happens because that ultimate should put you in stealth and that sound is the stealth sound, but you don't get stealth until level 15. They need to review it.
  9. I have two stacks of common tin one with 200 and the other one with 104 but the vault shows 104 in both stacks.
  10. They can remove the level requirement once you have a char already in the campaign. The requirement, in theory, is to avoid unprepared players from jumping in the campaigns but if you already met the requirements with one char it's supposed you know what you're doing.
  11. In fact, if as an Earthkeeper you need to build up essence you do it in the life tray, but with the automatic passive you need to generate it twice. Any possible way of disable it on demand?
  12. Restrict access to the world bank to certain areas is in the work, I think. Right now the difference is in campaings you access to a world only bank and in Gods Reach you access to an account bank.
  13. The vault will behave as the spirit bank in worlds without import/export restrictions (eks gr), but in worlds with imports/exports restrictions you won't have direct access to it. You'll have a world bank (accessible everywhere in the world for now) and you can move items between the vault and the world banks you have from the lobby. You can try it in the Test server joining the campaign.
  14. It's in the patch notes in the Harvesting section.
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