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  1. Today the server is working a lot smoother than yesterday. It could be related to the amount of people logged.
  2. This build seems more "laggy" than the previous one. I'm around 60ms network time the same as before, but in the previous version I had aroung 90ms message time and now I'm having twice that time (180-200ms). The overall game seems less responsive. I don't know if it's global or related to the EU campaign.
  3. Prices of materials

    I know there is no market, that's why I wrote this post. In the end the market is the players selling and buying.
  4. Prices of materials

    Let me put it in different words. If a rank 2 boar in the beachhead with 0 risk gives you around 20 gold, how much gold should cost one unit of green ore?
  5. Prices of materials

    Right now ACE has fixed the white materials price in 4.5 gold but I wonder how much do you think the other qualities worth? 1 green = 5 white? Maybe 10 white? What about blue or epic? I just wonder.
  6. "All" means you need the pips from all the incoming branches. The number of pips required are shown as segments in the line. In this case 4 pips in each parent node.
  7. I think the leather armor issue will be fixed in part when they fix the bug allowing to use plate and mail without the proper disciplines. Once this is done they can give a set buff similar to uniform/matching disciplines but without any discipline involved and set the leather stats to their old values. This way you have a choice between protection and damage/healing.
  8. Harvesting Help

    You should try this. It worked for Homer.
  9. I've been having small unfrequent msg spikes (300-500 ms). Today after a server reset I had several close spikes. Can these spikes be related to players connecting to the server or to the zone?
  10. I have an Rx580 and I don't have that problem. Maybe it's a combination of graphic card + drivers version + in game graphic qualitysettings or something like that.
  11. Another issue related to resources in vendors is the gold loot is not affected by seasons as the harvesting is.
  12. When you change zones the cooldown for recall is resetted. So, if you teleport from the beachhead you have a timer; if you teleport from the mainland you don't have a timer. If you equip or unequip a tool while you're casting recall you don't teleport but you have the timer.
  13. It needs 4 pips from the mining branch and 4 pips from the quarrying one. If you can take down the hunger crystals with a pick or a hammer you should only need to unlock the connection from one of the branches imho.
  14. The campaign status bar (chaos-balance-order) is not synchronized between different zones. It's different in the mainland than in the beachhead.
  15. Plentiful harvest pips modify the loot, not the damage dealt to the node.