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  1. You craft the disciplines using the souls looted from the named thralls. The discipline you get is rare (blue). If your vessel is better than rare you'll need to combine several disciplines of the same quality to get one of the next quality. If you have a runecrafter you can check the recipe to craft major disciplines.
  2. If your vessel is higher quality than rare (epic or legendary) you'll need to combine several dropped disciplines because what you get from thralls will craft into a rare discipline.
  3. A lot of players think that pvp is just combat, but there are more pvp activities in the economic part of the game. We can see this clearly in Eve where the economic / logistic part of the wars is more important than battles very often.
  4. Right now in test they removed some stats from the passive tree and move them to the crafting disciplines. They give 25 experimentation and 6 experimentation points. They also reintroduced the quality modifier for experimentation difficulty. Poor and common is 0, uncommon +5, rare +10, epic +15 and legendary +20 (at least in the items I tested).
  5. I can't find a way to gain harvesting pips for the energetic harvest power.
  6. It's very nice to have the possibility to add attributes to armor. It would be nicer to know about it from the patch notes.
  7. I slotted the Energetic Harvesting power but it seems I can't gain pips to use it. I'm using an advanced tool and hitting non basic ore. After training one "mother lode: mining" node the related stat was reduced instead of increased. It looks like there's a wrong minus in the passive training node.
  8. I can see now a plant harvesting branch in the reaping tree. Is this affecting the mushrooms, garlic, onions ... or is it for a new system?
  9. Yes, it looks like the node giving access to intermediate axes and knives is bugged.
  10. If they implement your second suggestion I think it will be kind of op. You put orbs that your group can use to heal up and you can still do damage with them.
  11. They did. But they need to change EKs onlining system first, I guess...
  12. I was running close to the respawn point in the northern part of the sun temple area and suddenly I was teleported to the temple. Some other players appeared at the same time than me.
  13. That's probably because gold was supposed (in the original plans) to be used to pay taxes and upkeep costs but those things aren't in the game.
  14. I have a low end laptop besides my desktop computer. My laptop is an intel i3 gne 8 with 8GB RAM only integrated gpu (terrible performance, of course. ). What happens to me is this: I try to join a campaign in my laptop and it gets stuck in the preparing terrain phase. If I wait to be kicked off the campaign by the inactivity timer I can join the campaign, it takes a minute or two but It joins the campaign every time on the second try. My desktop is a ryzen r7 with 16GB RAM and I have no problems at all to join campaigns.
  15. It seems that the skill Skinning Basics costs 10080 per pip while Logging Basics, Mining Basics and Quarrying Basics cost 6120 per pip. These 4 are the nodes unlocking the spirit harvesting tools. Is there a reason for the difference (not all the paths have to be the same) or is it a bug?
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