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  1. The same as a level 2 assassin. Besides I don't do any damage to the wolves I they don't attack back.Also I can't get into stealth.
  2. If I remember correctly, in the original vision VIP was going to be an in game tradable token. I guess it's off the table for now.
  3. Didn't you get cutting grit harvesting slag? At least I think it was that way when I was playing.
  4. The funny thing is you get gold through combat (with mobs) but you don't need gold to upgrade combat disciplines. You need gold to upgrade crafting and harvesting discipline, but you don't get enough gold crafting and harvesting while you're leveling even if you sell everything you get (to vendors because nobody will buy those low level items).
  5. That's true, it's not well balanced. You can try to sell them if you can't use them, but I'm not sure how alive the economy is at the moment.
  6. Yes, this applies to harvesting tools too. You need to craft the advanced ones to have the chance to get a runecrafter discipline.
  7. Puedes probar a buscar aquí. https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?language=es Aunque no sé cuan activas estarán esas guilds.
  8. I think you need to equip a green weaponsmith discipline to unlock the belt. You'll need to craft several weapons to get one, probably, or maybe you can buy one in an EK.
  9. As Arkade said, max out the attribute for experimentation points and after that go full intellect to to improve your experimentation success chance. Intellect is the attribute for experimentation success in all the professions.
  10. There are two approaches to this commands, an easy and bad solution and a harder and good one. In the first solution you just apply the command to the current guild members. They can implement it easily, I think, but it's a bad solution. In the second one they will probably need new tech to apply the roles to guilds instead of players and when they try to see what a player can do in an EK check the player and the guild. This solution is the good one but it's not that easy.
  11. Oh, those stats are really nice. Big numbers.
  12. Do they have any other use than allowing the hunters to see you from further away?
  13. Last time I checked crafting a batch of potions had the same chance than crafting just one. It may have changed, but I don't think it did.
  14. I wonder why harvesting and crafting disciplines and belts require domination dust and the combat ones don't, but you get gold through combat and while you're upgrading your harvesting and crafting disciplines and belts you can't produce anything worthy for combatants. I think this economy loop is not a loop, not yet.
  15. I guess they should increase the bonus in risk management to have a chance, but if they do that then risk management will be better because is far more important the reduction in experimentation difficulty than in assembly difficulty at the time you're using a legendary belt and you'll always take max risk to improve you're results. Another tricky problem.
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