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  1. With a +15 pick and 0mining skills you have a base damage of 35 in a r7node, that base damage can go up to 100. You'll need twice the time to get less than half the loot because your plentiful harvest pips will be lower even in spring and your critical chance in the final hit will be close to 0. It's a very ineffective way to harvest but it can be made this way. It's a matter of choices.
  2. Guards and hippos are not respawning properly in EU servers. Non basic trees are not respawning properly in some parcels in EU server. Chat disconnections are very frequent lately.
  3. Cleric LMB heal?

    I think the simplest solution is to have two different weapon disciplines for the cleric hammer: a damage oriented weapon discipline and a healing oriented one.
  4. This is what I've been trying to say unsuccessfully.
  5. I don't plan to be a necromancer, it's more like an economic balance issue for me. In fact I have said in a previous thread about this issue that ACE should take the character path or the vessel path (initial proposal, pure items as EVE ships) but mixing both concepts is kind of messy in my opinion. I think deep down we're pretty much in agreement.
  6. I didn't said completely dead, I said "quite" dead.
  7. Yes, it can take some time to get there, I don't know how much time, but I plan to play Crowfall for years and this is an imbalance between faucets and sinks you can see coming. I just say this can be solved the same way it's solved for all the other professions. But this is just my opinion.
  8. As I said all those arguments work the same way for armor and weapons. But players will lose armor and weapons even if they don't want to. Vessels won't be replaced unless players want to replace them. Forced replacing - voluntary replacement. If you don't see any difference there's nothing I can do about it.
  9. That's my point, people won't change vessels that often.
  10. Necromancy is quite dead since the vessels don't have durability and they can't be lost. Everything is been said about people wanting a better vessel to upgrade and stuff like that can be said about all the gear, but the gear will break and it'll need to be replaced even if players don't want. Vessels replace rate will be insignificant compared to armor and weapons so the market for necromancers will be small.
  11. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Just remove leveling. It's ok to try to give people something to do when there aren't other in game goals, but people will try to find out the easiest way to level up to 30 and do that. Right now a lot of players think they need to spend 2 hours making arrows before they can start playing. What's the point? Once we have campaign scoreboards send players to win points for their faction to keep them busy and remove levels.
  12. Soft launch means the game will be officially launched but it won't be a big marketing campaign at start. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/20996-about-soft-launch/?do=findComment&comment=388628
  13. It's been said a lot of times by ACE officially. It will be a full wipe before alpha, it will be a full wipe before beta, it will be a full wipe before soft launch. It may be more wipes in between. I don't know what "discussions of new players" are you talking about and who from ACE took part on them. Were these discussions in the forums?
  14. People who play more will be more powerful because they'll know how to play better and they'll have better gear and vessel. I think this will be enough advantage.
  15. Any idea when druid orbs will work inside buildings? Thanks.