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  1. When I try to launch my EK it keeps loading for a while and fails.
  2. It didn't happen to me, any chance you double click because the interface is laggy?
  3. I think what's happening is you don't have enough points to buy the full peep so when you click it consumes the points you have and reduces the points left to get the full pip. You can also see the incomplete circle around the node.
  4. Major disciplines cost 5 talent points, you need to get 5 unused talent points to unlock the major discipline slot.
  5. Agree, besides, I think 2160 points for the first node in the exploration tree is too high.
  6. The original statement was major disciplines couldn't be removed they even included a mini talent tree to spend your points, but we've been able to remove them until now and there's no trace of the mini talent tree, so who knows how it will be for launch...
  7. They removed what was obsolete at that time. Anyway, we're talking about something that will not happen, so ...
  8. They removed all poor regular drops when they introduced the white quality materials in vendors ...
  9. If they do that they can remove poor, common and uncommon minerals from drop tables ...
  10. Well. this is an improvement over when they sank through the floor of buildings.
  11. It will be complicated to level up in EK, maybe you can get a couple of levels chopping knotwood trees so you'll only have the auto-attack and maybe another power ... so I don't think fighting in EKs will be interesting. But I'd like to start browsing the passive skill trees.
  12. Those bonuses will probably be very interesting for the first white vessels when players don't have passive skills or good crafting gear.
  13. It would be awesome to know what those crafting passives give.
  14. Yep, you should post it in the bug reports forum. https://community.crowfall.com/forum/168-pre-alpha-5100-playtest-bug-reports/
  15. I miss when the skill tree was bugged and the buff lasted for almost 3 minutes.
  16. Earthkeeper is easier, but you lose all the damage. If you want to be a full healer it's what you need, if you don't want that then it's better to learn how you can avoid burning yourself. Anyway, a lot of things are changing in the next patch (soon in your computers) so I'm not sure if learning how to work with a class / promotion worth the effort right now.
  17. They did a lot of changes in the skills for harvesting in 5.110, pips available only through skill training and such, so I guess the also changed all these numbers. We'll need to see how it works in the end, after several weeks / months of passive training...
  18. I really don't like leveling, One of the reasons I backed Crowfall back in the day was there wasn't the usual "kill one hundred whatever" but it looks like the community wanted active progression so ACE implemented it. Anyway, the post opener doesn't have a problem just with the leveling part. He also doesn't like gathering or crafting in the game. He just want pvp ...
  19. When I read these type of messages I always wonder why people try to play an MMORPG when it seems they want to play a MOBA.
  20. We even saw Blair fighting a bear in one of the twitch streams a long time ago.
  21. How do you get in an npc's hate list? Just by getting aggro or you need to hit or being hit? Can you be simultaneously mounted and in combat or if you're mounted the rules to get in combat are different? I think the mechanic is a little confusing for me.
  22. But while you're beheading, are you in combat or out of combat? And what about looting? Do you have to wait to be out of combat or can you loot being in combat? There's a lot of details to know.
  23. My only concern is you won't be able toca control when you are out of combat to execute out of combat abilities (go to stealth, mount, cast an spirit axe to behead someone, eat or drink to get a buf ...)
  24. If you're leveling by yourself don't became an earthkeeper until you're level 30 ... It's easier to level up without the extra talents ...
  25. Dryad discipline does that (90% druid orb refund). I think it's great for earthkeepers as they should stay in life tray as long as possible, but as an archdruid you should want to manage your essence directly to prepare your tray switches, if you're building up essence for a damage push and another team member takes your orbs and removes your essence it can be a problem.
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