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  1. Video 2 is all about the confessor. Each of her abilities are explained and then a watch of a few of her abilities being used. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqpSLj9NTMU&feature=youtu.be
  2. Looks great, a lot better then I thought it would be at this stage. I can see why they feel a aim assist might be needed. Didn't seem to hard to miss the target who was standing still, could only imagine online with everyone moving and the ping being higher it would be hard.
  3. This one was cool, I was thinking about what will Alpha 1 will look like lol.
  4. Nobody has asked me to make them one (untill now ^). The few I have there are just what I'v made to practice learning.
  5. I'll be joining a guild closer to release date or maybe during one of the tests. I'm not a solo players and that's one of the main reasons I play MMO's and online games. I feel all the aspects of the game is achievable with a guild but if you played solo it's like "I wan't to go gather these resources... wait no can't because it's in a very dangerous area need at least 5 people".
  6. I was going to say the voice acting and the narration was really cool. I kinda felt like I was watching 300 the way the narration sounded and was being presented.
  7. Yeah and I'm sure the people who will play this game, don't even know about it yet. Also as others here have said cosmetic stuff makes money. Look at League of Legends for an example, I'v been playing that about 5 years and I'v probably spent around $500 on skins. I'm not sitting there spamming $$ at the game but I'f I spend $10 on a skin maybe once a month I get something I wan't and It's also funding the game.
  8. You know it . Thanks man you will see it in about a week.
  9. Only guessing here but I assume that most of this games population hasn't invested in the game yet. Most people won't until it's released. If the game is good then more people will come and more people will throw money at vip/keeps/mounts etc. I personally don't see this being an issue, yes artcraft gave good deals to people who backed early but that was a necessity to get the game funded.
  10. Even if someone thinks its a good idea to change the stretch goal it probably isn't a good idea for Artcraft to do a move like that. The goal is currently 68%. There is a chance people that pledges in that 68% did so knowing it was going towards a Asian Beta Server. If Artcraft changed it half way through it's not a good idea because it would show their word doesn't mean much, in other situations it isn't so bad but when it involved people giving them money... I don't think it's a good idea.
  11. I'm going to be putting out videos related to Crowfall every week or so. It may be new information and it might be thoughts I have about the game. Video 1: Overview Video 2: Confessor
  12. I'm sure if your group had maybe 2 support character with their group heals you could surely put up a fight against the larger number BUT we don't know the numbers... Who knows maybe the legionnaires heal only heals the group for 1% hp each LOL.
  13. I like a bit of RNG, nothing too major just a bit to make you smile sometimes... Example if you hit 50 damage every hit with ability A you dont even think about it but if RNG is involved and you go hit somone for a massive hit of 66 it might give that moment of shock/fun.
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