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  1. Only if i can have this in my throne room.
  2. Exactly this will be mostly GVG fighting over territory ... but this is going to be a PVP focused game.
  3. Should really have an alpha only locked forum as well for people testing
  4. It doesn't have to be ladder or even built in game but if they have some sort or tounniment worlds or ranking system I think that would apeal to hardcore pvps
  5. Ladder gives another level of competition for hardcore players / would get some Esports coverage / tournaments leonidas wants a ladder
  6. don't like the idea of intergrated voice chat ... ( keep it simple just pick up an external VOIP )
  7. i think a GVG / PVP ladder would be nice to have... would promote some competition. ( not like D3 though )
  8. heres a tid from the FAQ You don't have Healer? That's what I play!Our intent is for the support archetypes to have key buffs, debuffs, and physics related powers at a cost of damage or defensive capability. That isn't to say there won't be healing. There will be options to pick up healing powers (Discipline Runestones). We just didn't want to make the traditional fire hose style healer that most "trinity" combat systems use.
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