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  1. Most computer monitors do only run at 60hz, but most computers are not "gaming" computers. 60Hz maybe good for your spreadsheets at work, but true gamers are going to need a lot more out of there monitors. Were not playing Eve Online here. Crowfall is action oriented. Most gaming monitors right now are 144 Hz, and the latest and greatest gaming monitors are now a true 240 Hz. True 300Hz monitor, does not yet exist, but we will eventually see monitors that will sync with your framerate well over 240Hz. If you don't believe that you can use more than 60Hz, I highly suggest you get into Counter Strike. Put in a few hundred hours on a decent 144Hz monitor, and then try playing on a 60hz screen. The difference is astounding. And No Zach.... I am not "trolling"
  2. Sir, your statement of a steady 30 fps on screen being a good goal absolutely disgusts me. 30 FPS does not just look bad, it's simply unplayable for any sort of action based game. For me 30 frames per second looks like a slideshow when I'm intensely focused on a moving target. 60 frames per second looks blurry and is completely unacceptable for fast paced gaming. 90 FPS is better, but still unacceptable for my standards. I consider 120fps+ to be playable, and roughly 300 to be optimal. I didn't pay hundreds of dollars for a a superior graphics card, and hundreds more to immerse my PC in 23 gallons of horse laxative, just to get pitiful console gaming framerates. Shame on you Teufel for stating 30 fps is in anyway acceptable for a pc gamer. The master race of pc gamers has always set ourselves to higher standards, and I suggest you do the same. I know the hard working developers at ArtCraft do not find 30 FPS acceptable, and I'm sure great efforts will be made to optimize Crowfall to ensure much higher framerates before launch. As far as all races having the same "hit capsule" I'm actually kind of happy about this because it will level the playing field considerably in PVP, and overall make this game more palatable to PVP oriented players such as myself. However I do foresee problems with the Centaur race. I would certainly hate to hit a Centaur in the ass, and not have it register as a "hit". Either way, at 30 frames per second, you wouldn't really know where that arrow landed when it struck a moving target.
  3. What do you mean by "the game is so easy to aim in"? Is every spell a really wide cone? Is this game directional aiming, as in all you have to do is aim in the general direction of your target and you get a guaranteed hit? If a centaur is the fastest moving character what stops it from just glueing itself to the back of an enemy player and not stop swinging his weapon until his enemy is dead? From what I see on twitch players are not getting anywhere close to 90 FPS, so I haven't bothered playing yet. Please tell me that two pvp oriented built players, with equal gear and equal combat oriented branches in their skill trees, that the number one factor determining the victor is that players skill behind the keyboard. I don't expect "perfect" balance. Not even million player Mobas have "perfect" balance, but I do expect an honest effort to be made to ensure no one is ridiculously overpowered, just because of the skills and race he chooses.
  4. Still I think we can all agree, that if one class or race is grossly overpowered you're going to see half the playerbase eventually start to use that class/race. The reverse is also true, if a particular race/class is gimped, than your not going to see to many people play that race or class. Some sort of "balance" should be strived for to keep a diversity of players and classes in game.
  5. Fair enough, but how does ArtCraft know exactly how much less health should a Guinecean have compared to the larger classes? This seems like it will be very difficult to balance.
  6. Seeing as the different races of Crowfall are significantly different in size wouldn't each race hit box be different? Seeing as Guinecean (Hamster Race) are by far the smallest race wouldn't they have a huge advantage over all other races considering they will be much harder to hit due to their small size? Is anything being done to balance the differences in hitboxes? Do taller races have to aim down slightly to hit a Guinecean in melee? Do taller races have longer reach in melee? How does differences in size effect the pvp scene right now in prealpha?
  7. So I hear this game has a kind of "history simulator" were ruins, towns, and cities are created by simulated factions that go to war with each other, build roads, towns, etc. So my first question about this is, will these factions still exist after the servers have been created? Will there still be warring races fighting each other when you enter the game or will they all be extinct making Crowfall servers a kind of post apocalyptic type fantasy game? Could you help one npc faction or another gain ground in there simulated wars? Do you remember that vaporware EQNext? Do you recall the "Orcs by the road" scenario that was supposed to be a feature in EQ:Next? ". They like killing adventurers and stealing their gold. They don't like to be near guards or cities, because "they'll get their butts handed to them." Orcs like lonely stretches of road with occasional wanderers. EQ Next knows what areas are patrolled and populated, and how many adventurers have traveled any given stretch of road. So, rather than the designers plopping down static orc camps, orcs are created with these likes and dislikes and "released into the void." They wander around looking for just the right stretch of road to camp near, and if guards start coming by, or players beat them back too often, they'll move." Will this game have a similar style emergent AI?
  8. So, What did you guys think about the new Star Wars movie? Did you like it? Did you love it? Did you find any plot holes?
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