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    Anime/ Manga, RPG's, RTS, Strategie and MMORPG's.
    I like cooking, hiking and other stuff too.

    Writing some fanfiction for stress reliefe and english "anti-rust" programm. As my english is rusty ...

    I am german, and typing fast. Pleaes point to mistakes, but do it nicely xD. I have a weak hearth~
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  1. Hello there, just checking back after a loooonng looong absence. And i was wondering, when the figurines will be shipped out to all the backers that should get them? Can't remember exactly what was stated ...
  2. ;D one more reason to up tha pledge. -- But i only wanted to say: Wow. It's neat looking~ And i only took an short look around. But there's alot to try out now. You're an devil Artcraft team ... my weekend will probably be gone now.
  3. True. I always undertestimate the stupidty of humanity xD.
  4. THE TEST KINGDOMS ^^. Hope that answers your questions. I doubt they will be lootable lateron. AND even if, no one will carry that stuff around in an campaign world.
  5. ^^ It's around 80~200 ms ping for eu people. If they have a smoewhat standard connection speed and a good pc. Still playable. IF it doesnt spike too much ^^.
  6. ... the L word. Leaveing out my anger at Daybreak Studios and old SOE. For reference sake. The more you voxelise stuff, the more burden on the server. Is it worth to have an fancy graphic on an ressource while you harvest it? What should change over sometime is, the amount of possible animations and steps to animate. So it wouldn't grow totaly stale ^^. But the mining/ gathering is only a small aspect in itself. The other things around it. Transporting, Guarding, Selecting and other activities around it make it interesting. Don't judge the alpha as finished product xD.
  7. Because we need an emote to induce that sense of superiority? Why even add something like that, just steal they're stuff xD.
  8. Cake would make me happy ... or an info drop about lots of things to come soonish xD.
  9. ^^ I think it might encourage pvp. You won't bank each second. And people will be decke dout with more gear. Aka= more fights. And the amount of ressources per world is still finite. xD Guess, what happens when 100 players fight over them. IF we get so many active again with this update.
  10. Best way against bots. DONT BUY FROM THE RMT SITES! xD Second best, auto afk test. Each 3 hours you get a test, if you fail 3 misn logout. If you fail twice ... 1 hour. Trice 2hours. And then the devs can notice it. WORST is to fight bots with things that make botting less usefull. No Trade between Players. Soulbound drops. Etc. ...guess how many games kille dthemself in the name of bot warfare. In old ragnarok online. People would report bots or even bother them via some intelligent ways. I found it amusing to have 3~5 bots sticking to my alchemist pet. We often spawned monsters and killed them that way. Or got them directly transfered to the prison via gm. Haha.. once we filled the prison up so much, the server lagged from it ... then the gm called it stupid. And instant banned every botter account. After asking thrice, if anyone is there... in 3 different languages. Best day ever... he told us to stop looking for bots so much xD. And spawned some MidBossmonsters as a small scale invasion invent for newbies in payon dungeon.
  11. YOU are the AI here. And all the other players. You can place parcels and build up stuff like that, with citys/ forts and farmland. And others could destroy them for the ruin look~ (or loot, if they conquer it. Probably) There will only be little PvE in this game. Some mobs to hunt, some more difficult then others. But the enemy you will grind most of the time, are other players. Either with peacefull means or agression. Trade. Fight. Team up. EQNext ... yeah. I really had hopes for it. Sadly sony numbercrunched on the possible things. Cost to high, way to easy to earn more with mobile games (atm). So they sold it to some russian investors... which only want to use the already existing ip to milk money of they're customers. What crowfall is doing here. IS easyer to achieve then EQNext. No need to script an AI, that will fill stale after 1 year. Regardless of how emergent it is ( be true to yourself). We players are what drive a game. DOesn't matter if an part of an community is trolling or not, most of us are decent human beings. Who hunger for an game. That one game. Given the "simple" design. You won't find anything more emergent then real humans. Friends? Backstabbed. Trade Partners? Ran off with your wife ... and the treasurey. Sqaud Members? Start to be traitors! Naturally good sides too xD. But imagine an gameworld, filled with people. THAT ACTUALLY INTERACT with each other. The last MMORPG's i played... where mostly solo grindfeast. If you dind't know people ingame, chances where high. That you would never even talk to someone. Except the needy me ... bombarding you.
  12. Sadly... alot of people are stupidly doing that. It's a freaking alpha... but people don't realize what it means. AND even telling them "it will be a bloodbath, no playing a fun game, bugs and alpha stuff" ... and then you get hate filled salty messages on your Q&A's and forums. That "Lagg! Unplayable! Everyone kills me! After 4 deaths i quit! Want my money back!" spout this xD. It's fine if they state the observations, why it lagged or that they died duo an bug (like the infernal immortal damage orbs and bombs a few weeks ago). Constructive feedback ^^. I find it amusing to a certain degree. But still so sad mostly ... Good for us is, that the Dev's aren't cowtowing to the pressure of a few individuals with loud voices. And before someone says, they made an EK map for carebears. No they probably didn't. It's there to test stuff before the import/export. So actually that "non agression" maps work as designed. And help newbies have they're peace, when they want to just try out the basics.
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