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  1. Eternal Kingdoms! Kickstarter Update 19

    What I understood now (a bit late...) is that practically all is instanced. They just picked another fancy name for it. Well, what I was hoping and looking for is a seamless world. Like UO had and others as well and what made that games 'big'. Even EVE with his hundrets and thousands of 'small' systems are connected with each other. That is what I was looking for. Too bad. I will see how this will turn out but again this was kind of negative news to me.
  2. Thanks for your answer on this realy emotional topic, Gordon. I played UO since late T2A, in 1999 I believe. For my part, I enjoyed it massively for like 7 years. No matter how Trammel changed things, for my part, I had the most intensive and best time of my 'mmo - live'. So, it was a pleasure reading some insides and reminded me of realy good old days. Since then I was looking for something similar, but couiln't find it. Guess thats why I am here and pledged first time, even though I never thaught I ever would.
  3. Hey, thank you for trying to help me untangle the knot. In my oppinion it will matter how those so called 'worlds' (or server, as you described it) will be connected to each others. I personally don't think it will be like a classical server - transfer of chars. I will surely be able to visit my EK from a chosen campain I guess. More like in EVE where you can (at least) practically get from JITA to VFK jumping through gates (hehe), if you make it to get through some camped knots. I think all will depend on how those worlds and specially the EK will be tied together. Travelling will be another point of interest. Getting from A to Y with one 'portal' or worse a 'recall' will not be very exciting. Well, finally for me the 'integration of EK' (feeling of an instanced home would be a showstopper for me) and 'travelling' will be points of heavy interest. Let's wait what comes.
  4. As I read it, the EK are own 'Worlds', which in fact is the same as an instanced area of the game, issn't it? Not like properties/houses were in good old UO times. More like in many other of the bad mmo's. Thats how I read it. So in my understanding - compared to UO world/ housing - its like: Every EK is like one house in UO, where you could grant access, kick the bad guys or just give rights on chests etc,. But the EKs arent located in one big, seamless worldmap. I dont even know or understand how they are accessable. So it's not instanced, but same bad thing. I don't have a good feeling about it. Sounds more like in Age of Conan to me. You could run around in your own instanced housing - area. Which wasa crap in my point of view. Don't misunderstand me. I pledged directly when kickstarter came up. I have high hopes., But EK doesn't sound good which the information given.
  5. 02/23/15 - Today, And Tomorrow

    We will have a crowfall-party at work to celebrate the countdown. Let it be great, please