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  1. This question is probably pretty stupid as I am absolutely certain it has been answered elsewhere but I can't seem to find it. I was wondering as to when the betas are going to be released? I apologize for asking such a stupid question
  2. They seem to be the most popular at the moment, but hopefully we'll be able to have more of a variety in the archetypes we end up seeing. There are so many cool and different ones I expect one will soar in popularity at times and some will probably become more popular once the alpha/beta/actual game is released and people can see how each archetype plays.
  3. Sounds like it could be interesting but could get annoying very quickly. While the randomness/chaos has the potential to make it interesting but city destroying earthquakes sounds like a really awful idea. The game could become less about strategy and more about waiting for a disaster to happen and weaken the enemy. Other sorts of disasters that wouldn't leave one entirely open could be interesting though. I personally like the idea Adatum said about lightning striking during storms. That could add some realism and randomness but one would still have to form strategies to get into castles and take down enemies.
  4. Vriska

    Male Assassins

    A male assassin would sure be cool, but I do like to stick to the lore and since it stated males were killed at birth I'd expect it to be a separate-ish class not directly a male assassin.
  5. Vriska

    Male Druid Option

    Wow the idea of a male druid sounds really cool. I wonder what he's going to look like!
  6. I'm not sure how it could be used practically (maybe getting exp and items by completion/getting exp and items for hosting a quest) but it definitely sounds like it could be something really cool. I agree with Nyt in saying it probably wouldn't be that high a priority, but I would still be pretty interested in this if it were to become a feature to the game.
  7. That could be really cool! While Crowfall does seem to be a lot about killing the enemy rather than capturing them it could be a cool way to get more money/items. But I would have to wonder, what if no one was able to pay to get you released? Would there be a time limit on how long you could keep someone or could you just hold them indefinitely?
  8. I'm personally a fan of the druid and the assassin, at this point I'm fairly certain I'll be playing as an assassin first.
  9. Vriska


    Battle pets in other games typically (not always) end up being a bit useless in one way or another. Certainly not in all cases but enough to turn me off to them a bit. Cosmetic pets would be pretty cool though and maybe if they could offer other perks it would give them other uses than just looking nice. But I don't think I'd want one with me in combat.
  10. Vriska

    Damage Druids

    From the stats currently for the druid I don't think it'll be doing the greatest damage, but I wouldn't be put off by that. In other games, support classes have been just as important as the damaging ones. I'm sure with the right discipline however, the druid could do some decent damage but personally if it ends up being a more defensive archetype like it appears to be now I'd work on making it even better at what it's already good at. I except if character customization ends up being good though we'll be able to evolve past what the archetypes are "intended" to do.
  11. Vriska

    Hi There!

    So like everyone else here I've fallen victim to the hype of Crowfall. I figure maybe participating in the forms might help the long wait we've got ahead of us!
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