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    I'm a programming nerd and gamer. I have a YouTube channel that I do with my friends - Team17DoesMC - (We don't upload too much xD).
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  1. Ahh I love the smell of a new computer, XD

  2. I have to wait for alpha 3 . I WANT IT NOWWWW!!! xD
  3. These guys are obviously much better than me at budgeting. lol
  4. Its only a one month head start and really how are we sure that the Minotaur will really be better that all other archetype. Plus its only for a month so after that month everyone will be able to use the archetype.
  5. The differences between the two are probably that one is focused more around attack and on more around defense. (In my opinion)
  6. Just got my Kickstarter package so excited!

  7. Jay17

    Judicator Class

    Man, just recently saw the concept art for the Judicator. Looks so cool!
  8. Tuesday, I love band!

  9. Man that art is so cool! I wish I could make something like that!
  10. I hate Thursdays

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