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  1. So I want to copy over what I said on reddit, because its worth mentioning: It looks great so far, but I am a little worried about two specific points: Point of Interests of the same type can have different QUALITY of material Crafting an item will have an RNG proc to decide if it gets (slightly) better stats Look, I am all for crafting diversity, and I understand the reasoning behind making a desire for good crafters. People who invest in crafting will be able to make better gear. I am just worried by all of the variance. I am not a fan of having (for example) two different kinds of copper, one is better than the other. That is what different "tiers" of materials are for. Iron is better than copper, copper shouldn't be better than copper. I feel like it's just needless at that point. Of course all this is just pre-implementation worry. It could all work out extremely well together. Those areas are just where I am a little concerned ATM.
  2. I really love playing necromancers when I can in other MMO's, and I think it would be an interesting addition to the current grouping of archtypes currently available.
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