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    zege reacted to kasabain in Patch not Downloading   
    I found a Solution listed on the Dev post
    For those of you who were experiencing issues with the patcher, please follow these steps:
    1) Open Crowfall in the file explorer.
    2) Find the "CFTest" folder and delete it.
    3) Re-open your launcher and attempt to patch again.
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    zege reacted to zinnie in Amazing job so far... But combat = le sigh   
    You know what I mean when I say telegraph, you don't have to act stupid.
    I was talking about the traditional WS, Tera, GW2, FFXIV sissy telegraphs with flashy colors on the ground that made those games so easy you could sleep through the hardest dungeons.
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    zege reacted to zinnie in Amazing job so far... But combat = le sigh   
    Indeed, I am happy you confirmed it for me.
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    zege reacted to zinnie in Amazing job so far... But combat = le sigh   
    I'm sorry, but we had this discussion 6 months ago.
    Telegraphs are for carebears that cant predict attacks and learn moves to know its range/cast-time/cooldown
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    zege reacted to chancellor in What's going on here? (Screengrab)   
    They're possibly a butcher's cut diagram? #2 would be chuck meat, in that case.
    Centaur, being strong and rather stringy, would pair well with a full-bodied red wine, like Bordeaux.
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    zege got a reaction from JamesGoblin in What Knight Promotional Class Are You Going?   
    on the KS page down near the bottom
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    zege got a reaction from JamesGoblin in What Knight Promotional Class Are You Going?   
    I will be a swordsman through and through love getting into the thick of battle
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    zege reacted to freeze in Telegraphs... Why Are People Against Them?   
    talks about skill-based combat system and advocates telegraphs...
    geezus, make him stop!
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    zege reacted to Dancer in No Monster-Dropped Equipment At All   
    Well, I never understood why (animals/monsters) mobs could drop gears, it makes no sense what so ever...
    But every MMOs are doing it now, it's like a "normal" thing now... I mean, you kill a wolf, how the f*ck could he carry a plate plastron?
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    zege reacted to tehmartini in Please No Potions or Consumables   
    While I do agree with your idea, I think we need to think outside the box on how potions are used/gained.
    Maybe instead of crafting 100 per day, you can only craft 10, or maybe they're only usable out of combat or while fighting NPCs. Maybe they only restore a small amount of health over time, or that you can only get them by completing certain requirements and aren't crafted at all? Lots of different ways to keep potions in the game without them being overpowered. I do like your point about relying on others for buffs and heals, working together is much more fun.
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    zege reacted to smilhollin in Make Arrows An Item   
    Finite. Everything revolves around resources, and that should include ammo. Obviously casters should have some other way to attack also, like melee attacks, but giving infinite ammo removes and entire aspect of the economy.
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    zege reacted to caledon in What Should The 3 Stretch Goal Be?   
    The other rulesets
    - GvG
    - Faction
    - Religion
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    zege reacted to teekey in Flying Mounts   
    Hell no to flying mounts. Distance and travel mattering is an absolute must in this game.
    It's the only way small groups will be able to survive - they can attack and run before big guilds can mobilize to respond.
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    zege reacted to maarvy in A PvP MMO for the first generation of gamers - A gap in the market   
    Since were currently backing a page of text .... I thought I'd get my thoughts on how this new mystery mmo should look . I'd realy love to see a open PvP mmo that isnt the time consuming monster of games of the past .

    Thats right I said it , no leveling whatsoever . Whichever system the devs build for creating a charecter should be completed at charecter creation so everyone lands ingame with a endgame char ( starter geared )
    Too long leveling your char has been a piss poor excuse for MMO content , sometimes ( quite often ) your compeled to do things that you need to do in order to level instead of the things you want to do . Even in the most openworld pvp mmos to date this has been the case .
    Too long MMO designers have Divided there world in to levels to accommodate player progression .
    Too long people have used there horrible chars as a excuse for sucking .
    Too long people have been kept away from good games because there half a year behind the leveling curve

    As I pointed to in the title many of the people already registered here have been around the pvp mmo scene since the very begining and thus quite a few of us are getting rather long  in  the tooth and short on free time . Its time for a pvp conquest mmo that can be played in a regular persons free time 2-3 hours .  For me this means you can log in for a few hours to farm and gear your char a good few times .... you can log in and siege or be sieged .... travel the world end to end for open pvp .

    These days a "GM" is the guy you send a tell when you need to cry about hackers or your inventory disapearing after a bug or some other stupid crap ...
    No more , We need real GM's ones that make the game experiance better ... That monitor the game and focus on areas of interest , add traps to dungeons on the fly , spawn npcs armys to throw a  spanner in a player siege , add items to the world ...you get the idea .

    I've always been a fan of full loot in mmo's , however many games have struggled with this in the past . basicly getting and crafting gear should be very easy ... losing it all should also be very easy . All towns should have Individual banks that are fuly lootable after a siege . Idealy it should be possible for a player or guild to go from the hieght of weath to the poverty line and back again within a few play sessions .

    A conquest MMO should have a win condition in my opinion , so many time in Shadowbane or Darkfall the map would become stale with 1 super power owning way too much . Enough of that crap my ego aint too big to admit I lost and I'd like to be acnowlaged when I win . Once a alliance owns a significant % of the map theyy should be declared the winner and the map restarts . It would be awesome for that to affect the next world map too , for example citys that were razed too often become derelict and new ones appear , mob camps that were over farmed become extinct or migrate or get stronger , sites of huge past battle get memorials or changes in terain ( battle worn etc) .
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    zege got a reaction from vVe in What Knight Promotional Class Are You Going?   
    on the KS page down near the bottom
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    zege reacted to Eren in Teleportation?   
    I hope not. Traveling should be a thing. Shapes economy very well, adds risk to transportation. Allows caravan teams vs bandits.
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    zege reacted to bahamutkaiser in Travel Based Magic.   
    Rather not, it's a procedurally generated world, various resource nodes and assistance points will be littered around the campaign, I'd rather that what you need be within reach of most areas and work organically from where you are to do all that you need. Then travel to where you want to be in a natural way, like a mount, that may not need to be throttled to death, but not need to in most circumstances. 
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    zege reacted to taroskin in The Issue Is Not Campaign Permanence: We Need An Iron Throne   
    Hello all,
    First up, thank you Todd for creating your thread on talking about campaign permanence. You can find that thread here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3258-lets-talk-about-campaign-permanence/. Everyone here appreciates you creating that forum for talking about this issue, and appreciates that you are listening.
    I wanted to bring up something that may be overlooked and need clarified in a clear manner for Todd and the team to gather feedback from. It's obvious that the team is worried about participation in the campaigns and the image of campaigns as feedback from the hardcore and pvp crowds from several communities have pointed out a dislike of the design setup of the EK & campaigns.
    This thread is based around an attempt to clarify this issue for the team to have some feedback to work with, and in response to a post by Todd within the above thread, as I believe people aren't actually asking for that, but rather want their success to be persistent and a "measuring stick" at the very least to clearly exist as a mechanic that drives politics, rivalry, motivation to improve and fuels Campaign warring:

    It should be clearly stated: very few people are having an issue with the campaigns being temporary. This has to be said; all players including the SB crowd know that this is vital to the vision of the game and to the design of the game. We know it'll help with stagnation and making things fun in the long term. However, there could be issues with re-playability and more importantly, issues with players feeling their actions in the Campaigns are meaningless. This does not mean people want to stay in the same campaign forever. Do not take it that way, please! So what does it mean?
    It means we want our efforts and actions in the campaigns to have meaning. There is currently a perceived lack of meaning to these actions, which is unrelated to wanting to stay in one campaign forever. People want to move about the different campaigns, reset the board and try out the different rulesets. But they want their actions within those campaigns to have meaning, effect and impact. This is where the problem lies.

    Our actions within the Campaigns, and our success in those campaigns should have meaning! If the assets and things I lose in the campaigns are temporary, or largely so, then the meaning of success and risk within the game is very low, also. So we need our actions, successes and triumphs within the Campaign worlds to have more effect on the game. I want to know who is top dog. I want to know how I'm doing in comparison to my rivals. I want to have goals that I can aim to achieve. Right now, a lot of this is either greatly diminished by the temporary nature of Campaigns (which is fine), but there is no mechanic to tie it together to make my actions have real meaning.

    Most of the feedback being given is around this problem. Not campaign permanence. So how do we solve the problem? Most of the feedback in this area is about dissatisfaction with the Eternal Kingdoms from the PvP/Hardcore crowd. I realise this is a social, building, trophy area, but there is no reason it can't also give the PvP/Competitive crowd tools to have fun, compete and give the Campaigns real, tangible impact. This can't be as stringently stated as feedback because the design and vision of the game is in Todd & the team's hands, but we can give them the feedback to make such a solution from their vision:
    Where are the Thrones that matter? This is a throne war game. But the persistent game has none. Why don't Thrones exist within the EK that guilds can vie for using the power, resources and political capital they have gained within the Campaigns? This would be a true measure of success. There is NO MEASURE OF SUCCESS for competitive guilds right now. Who cares if you have an Ivory Castle. My guild has 7 by now, and 3 guys with massive kingdoms with land bought from the cash shop. We want real, competitive mechanics and political intrigue that persists through and exists above the Campaigns. If the Campaigns are the only mediums of competition, there is no measure of success and  

    Imagine the world of Game of Thrones. It's a glorious world full of backstabbing, strife and political intrigue. The rules are constantly changing and the world is, too. All of that is because of a context. He who holds the Iron Throne rules. Everything within the Game of Thrones happens because of a motivation, because of a reason, because of a context. Some people want power, some want to rule, and some want to just survive. However, there's always a measure of these things at work.
    When we come to Crowfall we could look at the Campaigns as wars within this universe. But why are we warring? The things we're warring over in the Campaign will be (mostly) lost, so what's the point? To build a fanciful cosmetic paradise in the safety of the EK? To have fine silks and rare buildings in my own little personal kingdom? So everyone is a king with equal power and risk? No. There isn't really an overarching point to it that has been revealed to us. We're warring mostly.. "just because"... and for the PvP crowd, I'm sorry - that's not enough.  We have no goal to reach, no rivals to care about and no motivation to be the best - because there just isn't a real measure of that. We need that Goal. We need that persistent motivation to best our rivals.
    We need an Iron Throne. No.. an ETERNAL THRONE.
    We need something in the Eternal Kingdoms that says, "This kingdom, this guild, or this Leader is the most successful this world has known.". We need something to stir political intrigue. To paint targets. To identify who is doing well, who your rivals are and who you need to royally screw over in the next campaign. Without this single, over-arching, binding principle, there is no weight or impact to my actions and success within the Campaigns. We need this unifying mechanic to tie all of the Campaigns together, to tie our successes to real, tangible results and to drive political intrigue, rivalry, alliances and motivation.
    We need some mechanic that uses what we accrue from our successes and failings within the Campaign worlds to boost our political capital and success in the Eternal Kingdom or an overarching Political system or within a permanent fixture mechanic within the Eternal Kingdoms (such as a Ruler System for the eternal kingdoms) that is both consensual but with meaning and risk - if you don't partake you are missing out, but if you do you are risking everything for that glory. I want to be able to CLEARLY see who is winning and who is in power. I want to be able to CLEARLY measure my own success against my rivals. I want to have MOTIVATION to do better. None of this exists to the degree necessary for the Competitive crowd.
    Without this mechanic we are stuck in an everlasting war that has no meaning, no substance, no risk and no glory. But we'll have pretty castles in the 1,000,000 personal kingdoms of the EK, I suppose. So there's that.
    EDIT: Note; the "Iron Throne" is a metaphor. It could be whatever Todd and his team decide fits in with their vision. The important part is this: a mechanic that measures and rewards success in a persistent environment (the EK) depended upon success and resources within the Campaigns, fueling political intrigue and competition.
    Thanks for reading. In closing, I would like to remind you all of the vision statement that this project presented to us. I think it ties this whole post together, and infact highlights the area of concern we all have. We don't want another meaningless trophy. We want to compete to claim the "throne" (metaphor again!). We want to play to crush.

    TL;DR: The issue with Campaigns and the design shown to us is NOT Campaign permanence. It's the feeling that success within the Campaigns has no effect on the world. There is no persistence, no measure of success, no persisting political intrigue and no fueling of wars. There is no meaning. We need a PvP/Competitive mechanic or a mechanic that measures success from the Campaigns to exist within the persistent world of the Eternal Kingdoms so that the Campaigns, and thus success in the campaigns, have meaning and importance. Without this we are just fighting an eternal war for the next cosmetic magical rainbow carp to hang in our castle. And that just won't do. We are JUST FINE with the campaigns being temporary. We ARE NOT just fine with them heaving nearly no meaning.
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    zege reacted to silk in How To Ruin A Pvp Game. . . And Other Topics   
    PLEASE don't build a lovely pvp game and ruin it by creating incentives to avoid PVP.
    Seriously.  So many games (both those designed for PVP and those where it's an afterthought) have done this over the years.  
    I'll try to keep this short, but it likely won't be, apologies in advance.  Summary at the bottom.
    It all comes down to risk/reward.  A game has to be designed in such a way that in the majority of cases (not all), players have more to gain than to lose when engaging in pvp, especially in the small scale, more random encounter type.  If the opposite is true, for whatever reason, players will actively avoid fights unless they are assured of victory.  This very quickly leads to less fun, and declining populations, which is a nasty spiral.  
    For example, when repair costs in Shadowbane were lowered drastically, in combination with gold drops being slowly raised over time, you had a lot more people engaging in "random" fights, instead of running/recalling away, because there's always a chance to win, pvp is fun, and a death no longer meant 20 minutes of farming to pay off the repair cost.  
    In UO, if you were running around red looking for people to kill, you never wore your best stuff, until you had a lot of it, and usually a sizable pack of other players to run around with. You were much more likely to lose your GM poisoned Vanq katana (for instance) than you were to loot another one. 
    Again, I'm going with the assumption that we are looking at a full loot system in crowfall.  If I'm wrong and on death you just lost the contents of your backpack, much of what I'm saying will still hold, since it seems like resources will be much of what is at risk when people pvp.  
    If your equipment is at risk when you pvp, you must be able to cheaply and quickly replace it, and get back out to PVP more.  Further, the functional difference between "good" gear and "the best" gear needs to be quite small.  In a perfect world, the COST difference between "good" gear and "the best" gear is also correspondingly small.  If you are playing, and come upon a group of players 50% larger than you, you MUST NOT have the incentive to run away.  The design must be such that you say "lets give it a shot, we aren't sure, even likely to win, but if we do, it will be worth it".  If you lose, the design must be such that you say "lets re-arm real quick and go out and take another shot".  It must not be "Eh, we have no chance against their numbers, and I can't pay for another set of armor, we have no shot, I'm gonna log."  
    Likewise, if you are running around in "good" equipment, and come across an even sided fight with an opponent who has "the best" equipment, then you have to be able to say "we can totally take them, their gear doesn't give them that much of an advantage".  If they are 50% more powerful because they have better gear, and you have a very small chance of winning even if you play well, you are gonna run away, and the strong group is gonna get tired of people always running away from them.  Both groups of players will quickly get bored and quit.  
    Insert the same example for groups of higher and lower leveled characters, or with higher or lower levels of training, etc etc etc.  
    To create pvp, you must offer good rewards for the victor, along with a bigger target on their backs, while not punishing the losers.  There are all kinds of ways to do that.  You can offer a sliding curve for experience/currency/resource rewards, where guilds that are bigger are worth more, guilds with higher K/D ratios (or some other measure of effectiveness) are worth more.  If my group rolls into a zone and sees a group of some elite guild, a group of some newb guild, and a couple other groups in between, it should be worth it to go after the elite guild (and its rewarding the victors with more opportunities to fight).  
    To do this properly means abandoning the typical treadmills present in PVE MMOs.  You should NEVER have a huge leveling curve, or a huge equipment/gearing curve.  It should be fairly quick and easy to level, and to level alts (especially in a game that looks to have so much character diversity).  It should be quick and cheap to mas produce "good" gear for everyone, and even "the best" gear shouldn't cost you much more in time or resources.  Make it fairly painless for players to have many fully leveled and FULLY GEARED characters.  This will only enhance the pvp spec variety and keep people interested in your game.  Do this right and you create a game that is accessible to both casual players and hardcore players, by taking the "grindy" aspects off the players and putting them on the shoulders of the guilds.  
    The "treadmill" has to move to the territory/city/conquest side.  If you keep the difference between "good" and "best" gear/trainers/buffs/whatever small, then you can very easily tie "the best" things into building and ranking a city, and holding territory. Don't have a city?  Then your "good" stuff is still plenty good enough to compete with someone who has a fully ranked city and can make "the best" stuff, which is hopefully only 5-10% better.  Give the casual players with low amounts of playtime the ability to have a fully leveled and geared character, and be able to contribute in pvp by working within a guild.  Give the hardcore players the opportunity to level a dozen or more characters, experiment with them, try new tactics, explore new specs.  Doing this will make the barriers to entry low, keep population high, and keep the endgame meta dynamic fresh. 
     The city/territory side also has to have a careful balance.  The risk/reward should be higher here than anywhere else, but still not so high the losing a city is devastating to a guild.  City and territory conquest has to be accessible to the small guilds, while offering the large guilds rewards and bragging rights, and making them worth taking on by other guilds.  
    Don't create reasons to avoid pvp, even when outnumbered or underleveled/geared.
    Re-equipping and getting back out to pvp should be cheap and easy.
    The combat effectiveness delta between low and high levels, gear, training should be kept very small.  
    Combat should be rewarding to the victors without punishing the losers.
    It should be fairly easy and fairly cheap for players to fully level and full gear many characters, in contrast to every other PVE MMO on the market.  
    The "treadmill" should be on the city/territory conquest side, should be player driven, and should be on the guild as a group, not on any individual, so that both casual and hardcore players have a reason to stay.  
    Risk/reward for territorial control should be higher than anywhere else, but not so high that loss of a city/territory leads people to stop playing.  
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    zege reacted to bahamutkaiser in 02/26/15 - Announcing Stretch Goals!   
    Give me a warhorse! The knight wants his Destrier so he can ride with the Centaurs!
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    zege reacted to jtoddcoleman in 02/26/15 - Announcing Stretch Goals!   
    We are now... almost 53 hours into our Kickstarter Campaign! In that remarkably short period, we have almost collected $700,000 in pledges to make Crowfall a reality. That means we're 85% of the way to our goal!    
    You guys are amazing. We can't thank you enough for the confidence you have placed in our team and our vision.  
    Now... It's time to start talking about stretch goals!  
    Stretch Goal 1: Upgrade our Spell FX, Hire Another Eric, and female Centaurs!
      We aren't happy with our combat, spell and environmental FX. The current FX in the game are placeholders... not ideal, but it was the only option available, because we didn't have a full time FX artist. Usually games have at least one artist who specializes in making amazing visual FX (explosions, fire, smoke, lightning -- you name it.) 
     Since we don't have a dedicated FX Artist, we handed that task to one of our other artists (Eric) and made him do it. The result are FX that look good, but not amazing (no offense, Eric!)
    Eric is a fantastic artist, but his ACTUAL job is modeling 3D characters. Here are a few of the 3D characters that Eric has made -- the Confessor and the Frostweaver... see what we mean? amazing, right?
          So, the "Hire Another Eric" stretch goal really does a few things for us: First: Spell FX! We will use the funds of the stretch goal to hire an FX artist and to secure an FX technology library for creating amazing spell FX in Crowfall.  
    Here's an example of the kind of effects that we'll be able to add to the game, by licensing the right technology and putting it in the hands of a pro.  
        Second: More Characters, Faster!   To be clear, we're not going to fire Eric!
    Instead, we can put him back to work where he belongs, on characters! That means that we'll be able to get MORE character work done, more quickly!
    With this extra capacity, we're going to add another gender option for one of our previous-locked raced: the Centaur Legionnaire archetype.  That means we'll have male/female variants on: Druid, Ranger, Champion, Confessor, Knight, Templar, Frostweaver... and Legionnaire!  
    Multiple wins, for the price of one stretch goal!  
    Help us make this goal, and we'll find an FX artist -- and put Eric back to work on characters immediately!
      ============   Stretch Goal 2: Mounts and Caravans!   A major emphasis of Crowfall is transporting goods and materials. When you raid a quarry and secure a palette of Stone, getting that material back to your stronghold to it -- or to scavenge it for your Eternal Kingdom -- will be a major strategic challenge!
    The core module assumes that players will be schlepping these items back and forth in their inventory. That's workable, sure, but it's not nearly as cool as using MOUNTS and CARTS to move those items!
    Mounts are something you guys are already familiar with: find a drafthorse or a warhorse, saddle them up and ride them across the countryside.  
    Now take that concept and expand it, giving your mounts the ability to carry goods for you and expand your inventory. This opens up a whole new type of gameplay, where ambushing other factions and guilds becomes a lot more interesting (and lucrative!) and opens the door for more systems later (like taming and breeding!)  
    Help us make this goal, and we'll race to add MOUNTS to the core module! (ha! see what I did there?)
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    zege reacted to fuggeroffuggington in Ask The Team!   
    Gordon and Todd looks like hooligan Cheney and Mark Cuban. Fact.
    You had me at hello.
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    zege reacted to jtoddcoleman in Wolfpack Studios: Tainted History   
    If anything like that happened when I was there, I didn't know about it.   If I had, I would have fired the employee on the spot.  
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    zege reacted to Tyroki in Telegraphs Need To Go (New Gameplay Trailer)   
    Agreed. I'd rather see tells in a players animation than have them telegraph everything.
    I ESPECIALLY don't want to be dropping a meteor on someones head, only for them to see a big flashing telegraph on the ground and dodge out of the way. If they know I'm there, they should see my animation and know what's coming from experience. They can dodge based on experience, not because they see something on the ground (bar maybe a shadow hehe). But if they have no clue I'm there, why SHOULD they be able to just dodge away? Heck, even if they dodge me without telegraphs, it at least lets me try to lead the target. Maybe I know they see me, and aim behind them, so if they dodge behind, then they get hit. But if they dodge in another direction, well that is on me not because huuuurp, they saw a big set ring on the ground and moved.
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    zege reacted to Tyroki in Eternal Respecing   
    There are current fears of being locked in by 'bad decisions'. Personally I don't think there are any bad decisions persay, just ones that don't work for the player. 
    However, with both time and effort based training systems in place, remaking characters will feel pretty darn bad. Especially if the time based training feels anything like EVE Online. Holy crap some of that training takes forever. To lose all of that because you decided your choices just don't suit you anymore... yeeesh.
    So here is what I'm suggesting: Eternal Respecing.
    Yes. That thing in the topic name.
    What is Eternal Respecing though?
    Eternal Respecing is the ability to change your character decisions (but not time or effort based training, because if you don't like those you can always work on something else) in the Eternal Worlds. That means anything from disciplines and traits to specialisations. While in the Eternal World, you can play around with things, allowing you to find a build you enjoy.
    But Tyroki, that would be cheap. I mean, come on man, people would just respec as much as they want, whenever they want!
    Ah, but there is a catch.
    You filthy git, I knew it!
    Now now, hold on a second there sparky. Before you decide to blow up in my face, let me at least explain the catch. While you would be able to respec at will in the Eternal Worlds, once you've chosen to join a Campaign World, you will be locked in to your build.
    Not only that, so long as you're involved in a Campaign World, you will not be able to change your build until that Campaign World ends.
    Huh... but what if I want to change during the Campaign World?
    Tough luck, I'm afraid. This is why choosing shorter campaigns when you're still unsure of yourself is going to be the best testing ground. Weeell... I mean you can always test in the Eternal World, but hey. As it is, you're not going to join a 6 month campaign unless you're damn sure of yourself anyway.
    But if people can respec like that at all, wouldn't that mean people will just refine their builds until they get the best possible build?
    Best possible build for them as a player, sure. The devs have already flat out said that they realise some builds will turn out to be stronger than others. However, these builds won't be so strong in all situations. Some builds will just flat out be better for those situations. Then it also comes down to personal playstyle and preferences. The community can consider a build to be absolutely amazing all they like, but that build is useless if it doesn't suit you. Especially in a skill based combat game. You aren't going to be all perfect, and you certainly aren't going to be all powerful. Ever. So it simply won't matter.
    So there you have it. Thar be my suggestion. Agree with it or tear it apart as you feel. Heck, make suggestions. I think it's a decent idea. Just needs some refining. I mean, after consideration, I really don't feel respecing should be behind a paywall, nor do I want to have to keep deleting and remaking characters because I decided on something that, while otherwise good, just doesn't suit ME as a player.
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