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  1. We have no idea what this game is about. I know we all want SB2, but we already have clear message (e.g. EK) that this won't happen. Also, SB wasn't perfect. We remember good parts, but there were plenty of times when it was boring. I played scout, I remember running for what felt like forever looking for someone for my group to fight. I don't want to spend quite as much time just running around, been there, done that. I now value my time a lot more.
  2. I am hoping CF castle design is a bit more robust than in SB/DF. What is the point of having castle when anyone could get in at any time? You should have to siege this to get in, certainly if you could causally get in there in 30 minutes, it isn't much of a castle. Also since every asset should be protected, doing so is ultimate meaningless PvP. Not to change the subject with the above, just because it 'always' been this way, doesn't mean it shouldn't be improved. I participated in many, many city camping in SB and DF. Most were ether "look, nobody home Zzzz" or "look, someone teleported home, lets gank them 10 on 1" followed by "zerg has arrived, time to hit the road". It was rarely quick, almost never meaningless, and hardly ever a clean even fight.
  3. Don't get fixated on campaigns. You are playing as an anonymous thrall, no name and no say in where you spawn. You don't know who you are fighting, they are all red-is-dead to you. You don't get to stay, you are just visiting. This isn't nation-building meaningful PvP idea. This is "I have 30 minutes to kill, how I can get some PvP going" idea.
  4. You might be in a different campaign, the guild carrying bloodstone might be an ally... there are plenty of reasons why you couldn't or wouldn't contest it. This is by design. Keep in mind that thralls will keep spawning. With your group of 5, could you kill 5 PUGs? Sure. 10? Maybe. 20? Probably not. How did it got to 20? You were too busy fighting off other guilds and PUG numbers had a chance to build up. You won against other guild, but now you have another tough fight on your hands. They de-spawn it and collect their prize on the way out. Thralls are never there to collect boodstone, just to stop you from getting it.
  5. Provides on-demand PvP, and makes getting bloodstones marginally harder in all circumstances.
  6. I feel my name has been sufficiently besmirched at this point that I should correct the record. I don't want battleground per se. I want something to do if I have limited time. When I played SB, often times you'd log in and ask in guild "anything going on?". Often you'd get response back, get summoned into a rowing gank group and have fun rolling people. The times when that doesn't happen, or people just leveling, make me very very sad, because if I have limited time there is no way I can put a group together and get anywhere with it.
  7. I proposed this idea in 30 minutes thread, but felt it deserves its own thread. What happens if a bloodstone drops within campaign, but it isn't contested? There could be multiple reasons for this - it could be that some big siege going on at the same time, it could be that it is holiday travel day and nobody is on, or some other reason. This will end up with a group of players getting together, then doing a boring walk home. Boring and not something you want to reward with a campaign victory point. I suggest implementing following system to mitigate such occasions, plus to make it more interesting even when stones are contested. I propose designing a system, where as a player you have an option to 'haunt as a thrall'. Basically, you play as a 'monster', where you spawn in the area and get to attack blood stone carriers and any other player in the vicinity. You get to keep your character's abilities, and the game teleports you somewhere in the proximity of the action. When 'haunting' you don't see player names, don't have your own name or guild crest displayed, and you can't attack your fellow 'thralls'. You also can't access regular in-game communication channels, instead you have your own dedicated chat channel. The game should constantly spawn 'thralls' out of the queue (and there might be multiple events going on at the same time) every time bloodstone is carried. As a thrall, you get small reward every time you kill a player (but can't loot them), or big reward if you manage to destroy the bloodstone. You get no rewards if you die as a thrall, but you also don't lose anything. As guild that carrying bloodstone, you have to worry about PUG thralls. They are random classes, and are not coordinated, but they constantly spawn. If you don't actively hunt them down, the numbers can swell to the point that they can overrun you. If you are attacked by other guild, then you potentially end up in 3-way fight. Otherwise, you will have to keep fighting them off until you 'cap' your bloodstone. No matter what, there always be a thrall or two lurking around looking to kill you.
  8. I will be in the corner, quietly polishing my white armor. Hurl insults at my gender if you need me.
  9. As long as risk vs. reward is balanced, I don't think even BG-style gameplay is a problem. --Example 1-- Say a bloodstone spawns in the zone, the local guild has to try to carry it home. To make this harder, they have to fight-off players that teleported into area. If guild succeeds fighting off waves of PUGs, they get bloodstone. If PUGs succeed in over-running the guild, they all get resources/loot. Guild side spends time planning and organizing for the event. PUGs just queue to participate and spawned by the game. --Example 2-- Rune dropper mob spawns. To make fight harder, anonymous PUGs are spawned to defend the mob. PUGs can't get rune, can't see names or map and can't attack other PUGs. They can attack players going after rune, and longer they succeed at keeping the mob alive, bigger the reward.
  10. I heard farming headlights is rather lucrative, he drops good loot and is easy to kill.
  11. I agree with you. I don't think instant-spawn for everyone is a desirable feature. In my mercenary example it could work the following way: Each side sets up mercenary tent, that is used by mercenary players to spawn in battlefields. You have to make the tent, stock it with gear, and gold, and defend it from getting destroyed by the other side. There are logistics involved, just not for mercenaries.
  12. Hi pang, thank you for letting me know how you think I should post. Allow me to reciprocate - I think you shouldn't tell other people how and where to post, and shouldn't presume to know what is and isn't productive.
  13. Exactly, and this thread is discussing how to play efficiently, or more importantly, that it is possible to play efficiently and get something accomplished in 30 minutes. Also, I am not saying that everything has to be achievable in 30 minutes, simply that it is possible to achieve something in 30 minutes. Now, 'mining run' session isn't bad example of short play session experience, but I feel we could and should have more variety.
  14. I disagree that this has anything to do with attention span or commitment. Life gets in the way. I am sure many here would prefer to have more time to play games, but have to sacrifice game time for career, family, and other grown-up responsibilities. What if 30 minutes is all you have?
  15. This mitigates it somewhat, but don't underestimate what you can get done with 1$/hour labor force somewhere in the third-world country. I think the only way to address this problem is to make sure that any gold seller has to compete with entire player base (like in EVE) when selling. This makes it largely uneconomical and keep them in check via supply&demand.
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