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  1. Thanks to all for reading and posting. Due to recent developments, looks like I won't be RPing in this game nor even playing it. Was looking forward to doing so but hey. Stuff happens. Take care, good luck, and happy hunting! Jha'ov Jhors!
  2. The original post should show fully to the moderator. The filter just catches it as it is posted. Might differ with different software, perhaps.
  3. Hey man! Fadwa here. Ditto. LOL. To the non-Mourning players and non-SBers, here's Teddie:
  4. Gawd. Now I feel all dirty and moderated. Thanks.
  5. Trackers should be dedicated, full time Scouts. Not something for someone to dabble in and/or tack on to a character build. Nice idea of a tracking mini-game per se. In this case, having tracks to follow ingame. Really like this idea because then could factor in other elements such as terrain and tactics such as counter-tracking (avoiding track traps like mud, hitting streams and rivers, etc). Track "signs" and scents. Maybe even a tracking pet. Could get real hardcore and make Trackers give up any combat abilities so that they have focus on their role entirely. Could chalk it up to job description/ duties/ reasons of lore. Nice post!
  6. This! Some of us are parents. Am a grandparent, myself. Forumbane just makes us look and sound much rougher than we actually are. custard, did I really just say that?!? LOL Well, there are some bad folks but every game and community has them so it is said.
  7. and a beer! Wizzys can have a soda.
  8. Think it changed around the 7th. Around then was able to load my full size sig then changed it out and was unable to load same size after. Am sure they changed the settings and the current ones are "grandfathered" in, unofficially, of course. War Thunder forums uses same format/ boards and I had my About Me profile go through something similiar.
  9. Sure. Been a while since I broke someone down like a cheap Sear's shotgun.
  10. When the fish stinks, it stinks at the head first. If crotchchop is an issue... Well, you'd better ban J Todd then! *feels twizzy*
  11. If I can be of any assistance, hit me up. Hey! Right on! Good to see another like-minded person. Casual/ hardcore, there's room for all! And violence. The more the merrier I say. If we are not bathing in blood, daily, we are doing it wrong!
  12. The first day of Carnage server's launch was a noob massacre. In retrospect, I have never seen as much public butt hurt and whine demonstrated as I have during the first week of SB. By the end of the month, most if not all, real carebears, quit. To me, surviving that initial purge felt like an accomplishment, But Play To Crush meant something then and it shall again. Hopefully, players (and especially non-SBers) have a little tougher skin now. On the conflict/ conflict resolution/ meta-game side of things, I think people are more ready today than they were 10 years ago. Either way, we shall soon (but not soon enough) find out.
  13. You forgot to add "sore bunghole" and "overly burning sensation". P.S. Just saw the mod post after I hit enter. lol Well if there is a report feature, we defintely could use an ignore feature.
  14. "Free For All PVP"? Well... Count Me In !
  15. Good point. With great power and awesomeness comes nerfs and handicaps. SB thieves were pretty squishy at times. Especially, Steal Thieves. The problem was catching them first. Combat Thieves were a bit more tankier. To be honest, though, no matter what build used, skill (player-based) was always the greatest determinance of what set one thief above others. Also, personal measure of success mattered, too. Some people thought stealing from full-groups and robbing them blind for hours was the awesome. Some, it was spending a lot of time sneaking into guarded areas/ cities and taking out a high-profile target. Some rolled groups and just destroyed them with their combat abilities. What I really hope for is the freedom to find our own play-style then be effective in it.
  16. custard you bird thieves. Y'all were the cause of the FOTM/ fair weather thieves. Great post! Yeah, count me in. Stealing was fun and all but let's leave some room for Combat Thieves, too! Some of us needs our stabbity stab stab.
  17. Hehe. Yeah. Oddly enough while posting I just realized that for all the killing done over the years, I never had a decent screenshot of a skull on a stick.... /mind blown
  18. I remember, in almost every game I have tried/ played, the same complainers threatening to quit, crying for nerfs, holding their breath, having tantrums and the like until they got their poorly made socksty little ways. How many games have these babies ruined? I'd rather we nip that poorly made socks in the bud, per se. Free speech and over-entitlement be damned. I just wanna kill someone and take their poorly made socks for all the whining they do. Hurry up, ArtCraft!
  19. One of my guildies kids used to PK when he was 5. Used to help babysit him by taking him out farming xp and powerlevel groups in the desert. Awesome little thief. He made lots of people cry.
  20. SB was a polished turd when it released. Buggy, laggy, broken in spots. Trailer park scrubs using dial-up did not help the game, either. But it had so many positives which out-weighed the negatives. Is mostly why, the die-hard community still supports it. There has not been anything like it since. Honestly, today's games still suck and do not come close or else we would all be playing [insert Game Here]. I think we should be focusing on what was DONE RIGHT by the past games. That's what I want to see carried forward.
  21. PVP101. Sounds good. Grow the community, one head on a stick at a time.
  22. Normally, I RP a Bad Guy/ unpleasant person type but am willing to reconsider that angle. Can't wait to get info on Crowfall's playable races and Lore. That will defintely help me figure a few things out. If anyone has any good RP stories they wanna share, feel free to post them here.
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