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  1. switched between EB amber and gold for the first days. settled on EB Gold, but regretted it last few days so switched out to EB Amber.
  2. Always something I love to have in MMO's, but never end up having :/
  3. good luck IdeaMatrix , I like the idea and and might check this out later on
  4. The awesome Tully Ackland is currently in the IRC, come chat with him!
  5. Finally got around to reading this, good stuff!
  6. come join us for the last stretch people! we now have the cool stat bot aswell for you to check out https://stats.quakenet.org/channel/crowfallgame
  7. Same here. but who knows, maybe somewhere down the line hopefully.
  8. Sounds like a cool guild, good luck guys.
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