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  1. Sorry guys, I appreciate the desire for more CrowCast. As was posted earlier, I was in a car crash last week, which messed up my schedule and plans a bit. Hopefully I should be back at it soon.
  2. Now if only I was at the point where the first two paid for the third :-) Maybe one day
  3. Sorry guys, I recorded yesterday but wasn't happy with it. I'm sure I'll get something done today that will cover yesterday's + today's (hopefully) reveal
  4. As fun as the spell components system was in oldschool Asheron's Call, I do have to admit the game was made much better by the simplification to the foci/scarab/prismatic taper system. Spell Components in Asheron's Call
  5. Having a large game world and different zones leads to population split! Just put everyone into a FFA PvP, full loot 50ft by 50ft square! ArtCraft please! /s
  6. Good read. I am glad the devs are moving away from the combat-healing mentality, but I definitely can see where you're coming from in terms of always wanting something meaningful to do, which isn't always the case for support characters. There are definitely plenty of ways in which this can be made possible, and I just hope the devs have thought of them
  7. I'd expect more Guild v Guild, but definitely not no PvP like some people seem to think
  8. I think the special thing about it is that it's your "home". It's where you export all the stuff you tried winning on the other worlds to. It's the only place that's "permanent", whereas I think the other places are temporary/reset every so often, hence the win conditions and export.
  9. I'm thinking the exact opposite, that the Eternal Kingdoms are the "real" world where all the actual stuff happens, such as your player cities. The other worlds are where you go to get the stuff for this war. But we'll see. I doubt it will be PvP free
  10. We'll see. Again, I'm placing my bet on the "everything goes away, world gets reset" square. If we find out I'm wrong, you can have my imaginary internet points.
  11. Right, that's what I"m saying. Maybe not NO resources, but a limited amount. You would have to go out on these "expeditions" to these other worlds to get most of the stuff you need.
  12. Because of the very idea of an Export. Where are you exporting to? Again, my assumption is that this is the Eternal Kingdoms. I think this is the "real" world where you have your player cities and siege and all that. I really don't think these worlds are meant to be persistent. The fact that there seems to be win conditions, and again the "export" rules, seems to me like they are temporary battlefields that get reset.
  13. My assumption is that it goes away. I don't think those worlds are meant to have any permanence beyond whatever period it takes to meet the export condition.
  14. I think people may be making a mistake in assuming there's a "progression" of worlds. My bet is that the Eternal Kingdoms are the main, home-base place where you have your guild cities and what-not. And keep in mind we have no idea what the ruleset is like for that. The other realms are where you go to get stuff to bring back to your kingdom. My other speculation is that you can leave a world without satisfying the export conditions, you just can't "export" anything. You have to win/lose/kneel if you want to bring anything back, which is (in my mind at least) the whole point of
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