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  1. Spirit bank bug

    I never realized that ..... thank you.
  2. Spirit bank bug

    I am assuming this is a bug. After last nights hotfix I am unable to import into my Spirit Bank on Tyranny-EU. As the server gets wiped tomorrow while I am at work any eta on a fix?
  3. I switched to the EU server thinking that it was a problem with the US server. 30 minutes after I did this I got disconnected and on logging back into said EU server got the now "infamous" blue/yellow screen. Could someone look into this please?
  4. For the last few days I have noticed, each day, when I look at my kill trees Exploration has reset. Crafting does not. I do not lose ant time spent in Exploration but I do have to reapply the skills I previously learnt. Is this just something I do not understand or is it a bug others are also experiencing?
  5. Got the blue/green again after being kicked for the server. Is this a server crash or a graphics issue?
  6. Antivirus going nuts with cflivelauncher.exe

    I had the same issue this morning. Norton thinks the .exe is suspect. Fixed it by making Norton ignore it.
  7. I also have this issue .... I generally have to wait an hour or so to be able to log back into the US server. Changing to EU then back does not fix this for me. Any other suggestions?
  8. Can We Have The Profanity Rule Loosened?

    Yes, and I can also spell "you're"
  9. Can We Have The Profanity Rule Loosened?

    I personally feel there is such a thing as common decency. There are rules that polite society abides by. I understand in combat situations basically anything goes. I once served in the British Army and can cuss with the best of them. I have however evolved, went to college and earned a degree in Astrophysics and am now a High School Teacher. No insult intended but I equate bad language with lack of education and poor upbringing and would not wish to be associated with such individuals nor any affiliations they may have. I do not want to see profanity in these forums. In game ... well there are other ways to deal with this!