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  1. Could a developer please explain to me why when we create a vessel it is now nameless? I can see the reasoning if this was purely a pvp game with no advanced classes and no crafting/harvesting restriction ... but it is not. Prior to this change I could look at character select and know which of my 6 vessels had which discipline equipped because they had names. Now with this change I will have to write down which class/ advanced class vessel has which discipline and hope I do not have two identical looking vessels/ classes which I actually do. Please explain the benefit to testers on doing this?????
  2. Personally, I don't really see the problem. I have my own EK in which I have all my crafting stations and I have dedicated vessels that craft there. I have other vessels whom I use to enter campaigns. I use my spirit bank to transfer that which I am unable to craft in a keep, in said campaign.
  3. How does one obtain a runemaking techniques minor disc now since they are no longer obtainable via the ui or on a vendor?
  4. So I noticed that the highest rank stone motherloads seem to be only R5 in the new God's Reach campaign. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to obtain blue minerals from such nodes as all I seem to get is green or below.
  5. So why would this affect other vessels on my account as in them also experiencing this problem of not being able yo enter this same zone?
  6. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue. I have a vessel who is unable to log into both god's reach and his EK. I tried to enter Axis Mundi on one particular vessel and now all I get is an infinite loading screen stuck on "Loading Character State". I cannot now even enter my EK with him as he is stuck between worlds. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  7. @Arkade by food you mean the correct animal meat like Auroch for mining? And what skill training exactly (Something like "increase plentiful harvest by 1"?)
  8. OK. I am starting to see what happened. @Hyriol please explain plentiful harvesting skill caps at 5. 5 what?
  9. I have completed 10 buttons in Runemaking but it only shows 40% completed. I think that is because I have nothing in Runemaking Production. Either way I have alot more completed since the last vessel wipe but getting worse results. I am using "negligible" risk but I was using that previously so why would that matter? I was getting +40 then ....
  10. Since the last wipe I have been attempting to craft +40 harvesting picks, hammers, etc to no avail. The most I can get seems to be +37. I have tried using both green and blue resources but nothing improves this score. I have used a huge amount of ethereal dust on large and small re-rolls to no avail. I see the same issue with my blacksmith. No mater the quality of the resource I cannot get better quality weapons nor armor. I have noticed however since the wipe I am getting far more failures experimenting and far less good and higher rolls. My vessels are blue quality and I am equipping the correct disciplines and using the crafting stations I have placed in my EK. So from what I see nothing has changed on my side. Is anyone else noticing this? Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong?
  11. Any news as to when the next campaign will be available on the LIVE server?
  12. So I remember adding hands, etc to vessels with Necromancy before the wipe for 5.8.6? When I tried make a blue vessel yesterday I could not find how to do this? I guess something changed with the last patch? Any input would be appreciated .....
  13. I am also a very early KS backer and when I arrive at the Character Select Screen I have 6 Character slots available. However beneath those 6 I have 3 more that are locked and at this time unavailable. Could this mean at some stage I could acquire an additional 3 slots making a total of 9 Characters? For me that would solve the dilemma of Crafting Spec vs. Combat ....
  14. Could we please have an approximate time for when the wipe will occur tomorrow?
  15. Tyrant Executive Producer ArtCraft Developer 6,317 1,576 posts Austin, Texas One copy per PC, so "No" to the Op title.
  16. Is that not multi-boxing and did not ACE reply to a post on this yesterday stating this is not allowed?
  17. And that's the point. Locking vessels to particular disciplines is only going to work if one has a large enough player base. So this could become a downward spiral due to people leaving the game because there are not enough people to fill these essential slots. #Downwards-Spiral.
  18. I understand what you are saying in part. What I fail to understand is how one can craft (which requires certain major disciplines slotted) and be as effective as possible in pvp (where one requires other major disciplines that use the same slots as crafting)?
  19. @Andius "Just make a new vessel" is fine so long as you have a free character slot. I personally have 6 slots of which all are used. Each has a different class. With this I need separate vessels for crafting and fighting (IMO). I choose my vessels race based upon the passive for that race matching each class. I also do this for crafting. How would I do these under this new change?.
  20. What impending wipe? Everything? hmm, when? Is this based upon fact or conjecture?
  21. OK. I just checked what was shown above and see no upgrade button. I seem to be a 2015 Pledge Participant. I have in my wallet a KS Contributor to consume. When I examine this I see the following: Consume Reward Consuming this reward will consume KS Contributor and grant you the following rewards: Extra VIP KS (x1) Pack Pig (x1) Forum Badge/Frame - Early Backer KS (x1) Credits - Early Backer KS (x1) Digital Game Copy (x1) Beta 2 (x1) All Father Statue Relic w/Blessing of Knowledge (KS exclusive) (x1) Stoneborne Relic (x1) (1 cell) Farmland Parcel (standard) (x1) NOTE: Do not consume if you intend to upgrade your package. Consumed packages are no longer eligible for upgrades. You will not be able to recover your reward {r.name} once you click on consume. So according to this I cannot upgrade? Then how do I upgrade without having to pay the full cost and not the reduced cost which would take into account the $40 I payed for th KS and hence the access I now enjoy?
  22. Played on a number of SWG servers including Bria. My fondest memories are from Chilastra however, where I met the women who became my wife. Fond memories indeed.
  23. Thirded! (Seconded was already taken :-())
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