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  1. I am also a very early KS backer and when I arrive at the Character Select Screen I have 6 Character slots available. However beneath those 6 I have 3 more that are locked and at this time unavailable. Could this mean at some stage I could acquire an additional 3 slots making a total of 9 Characters? For me that would solve the dilemma of Crafting Spec vs. Combat ....
  2. Could we please have an approximate time for when the wipe will occur tomorrow?
  3. Tyrant Executive Producer ArtCraft Developer 6,317 1,576 posts Austin, Texas One copy per PC, so "No" to the Op title.
  4. Is that not multi-boxing and did not ACE reply to a post on this yesterday stating this is not allowed?
  5. And that's the point. Locking vessels to particular disciplines is only going to work if one has a large enough player base. So this could become a downward spiral due to people leaving the game because there are not enough people to fill these essential slots. #Downwards-Spiral.
  6. I understand what you are saying in part. What I fail to understand is how one can craft (which requires certain major disciplines slotted) and be as effective as possible in pvp (where one requires other major disciplines that use the same slots as crafting)?
  7. @Andius "Just make a new vessel" is fine so long as you have a free character slot. I personally have 6 slots of which all are used. Each has a different class. With this I need separate vessels for crafting and fighting (IMO). I choose my vessels race based upon the passive for that race matching each class. I also do this for crafting. How would I do these under this new change?.
  8. What impending wipe? Everything? hmm, when? Is this based upon fact or conjecture?
  9. OK. I just checked what was shown above and see no upgrade button. I seem to be a 2015 Pledge Participant. I have in my wallet a KS Contributor to consume. When I examine this I see the following: Consume Reward Consuming this reward will consume KS Contributor and grant you the following rewards: Extra VIP KS (x1) Pack Pig (x1) Forum Badge/Frame - Early Backer KS (x1) Credits - Early Backer KS (x1) Digital Game Copy (x1) Beta 2 (x1) All Father Statue Relic w/Blessing of Knowledge (KS exclusive) (x1) Stoneborne Relic (x1) (1 cell) Farmland Parcel (standard) (x1) NOTE: Do not consume if you intend to upgrade your package. Consumed packages are no longer eligible for upgrades. You will not be able to recover your reward {r.name} once you click on consume. So according to this I cannot upgrade? Then how do I upgrade without having to pay the full cost and not the reduced cost which would take into account the $40 I payed for th KS and hence the access I now enjoy?
  10. Played on a number of SWG servers including Bria. My fondest memories are from Chilastra however, where I met the women who became my wife. Fond memories indeed.
  11. Thirded! (Seconded was already taken :-())
  12. I have also noticed this in the Temple area. What I noticed was after killing a Pack Pig it would disappear and be replaced by one of a higher rank. Seems like they are on a timer and after a while reset as a different difficulty rank.
  13. The ones that are bugged are both Humans, whereas the one that is not bugged is a Half Giant.
  14. OK. I just killed an Rx3 Pack Pig with my level 1 Green Vessel Templar and got no xp for the kill. Is this normal or am I bugged? If the character is bugged what should I do? Just discovered additionally, that These vessels cannot sacrifice low level drops that my other vessel is able to sacrifice.
  15. These are Rx1. Three green lvl 1 vessels, one gains xp from killing Rx1 mobs, the other two vessels also green lvl 1 gain no xp.
  16. So I just got to the stage where I can create green vessels. I made 3. All level 1. The last one is killing level 1 spiders and gains xp from the kills. The first two are also level 1 but are getting NO xp from killing the same spiders. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Suggestions welcome ....
  17. Two possible ideas to help with folk jumping ship and creating a huge faction imbalance: 1) Diminishing Returns. The ideal faction balance points would be in the ratio 1:1:1. This could be based upon numbers of players in each faction modified by average level/vessel quality/gear rating? At a certain point beyond this balance diminishing returns kicks in reducing points a faction gets towards victory? 2) Make capture of any guard post in a world count against the faction holding a keep if the capturing faction does not occupy the said keep. One could also have the loss of guard posts cause degradation of the keep (damage to the walls ... loss of health to the occupiers).
  18. Does this mean the vessel is not locked to a particular campaign as was first suggested? Or as seems to be suggested here, that you have a new character, period, that neither decays nor can be destroyed?
  19. When I try to add Treated Steel to a Plate Breastplate I see it should accept 4 Treated Steels. When I try to add them I only seem to be able to add one. This is the same for all four armor pieces. Is there something I am not understanding or is this a bug?
  20. So I am trying to place the Throne Room I received as part of the original KS bundle in 2015. I can place it on the Shire parcel and that shows once placed the Large Building Token was used. I next used the Stonemason bench I created to create a Medium Village parcel which when placed shows available a similar Large Building Token. However for some reason I am not allowed to place the Throne Room on that parcel. Does anyone know what parcel I may craft that will allow placement of said Throne Room? Oh, and how do you invite friends to share your EK? Update: I have just crafted a Medium Town parcel and neither can I place the Lodge Throne room nor the Cottage. The cottage does fit on other parcels ..... Update on the update: Seems like to fix these placement issues all I needed to do was to log out of my EK so it would shut down. On restarting my EK I could place these structures.
  21. Two questions. 1) Is it statistically possible to get the Order Keep back before the end of the Campaign in two weeks? and 2) Where can we craft anything but Intermediate gear now?
  22. I knew I saw this somewhere ....Cleric unlock: Plate, 1H Mace! So if this is not correct could someone forward a link that specifies such a change?
  23. Maybe they could add gliders as a backpack option and then we could all get down there?
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