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  1. This post has been raised from the briny depths. Good on ya Maj
  2. Arnie

    Is it sad....

    This thread got off course quick!
  3. Good to see you. All hail the chief!
  4. 100% of the time this works 10% of the time
  5. *Edited for drunken jibberishness
  6. From lookin at your other posts; "im a 19 y/o male and my parents have been wage slaves their entire lives to afford me getting a good education." "i hope all you idiot college kids are chasing blizzard's heroes of the dorm and fail out of school lmfao" "paying 30$ for a 3-4 year long spin on the kickstarter 'good game' roulette: stupid" By your handle BLAZINZERO, I can tell you are a man of sophistication, and all things age appropriate; You sound like someone I would like more opinions from. Tell me more good sir, or do I have to wait until you are finished cutting yourself "to feel something."
  7. You heard it here first
  8. I'm on the phone with your buddy. He did a trace on the mods. THEY ARE MODDING FROM INSIDE YOUR HOUSE.............
  9. I laughed, nodded and cried all in one post.
  10. In this new day and age of shameless advertising, quality products can get lost in a flood of fast food and used car commercials.
  11. Role-playing in a sandbox can be extremely difficult. Your immersive experience will have to be able to handle "OMG RP LOSER" or you will be pushed to the safety of non-pvp zones. It can be difficult to balance PvP functionality with RP purists. The biggest thing is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are supportive and into the same RP style as yourself. Grow a thick skin, and savor the rare, really enjoyable moments of role playing that can add a whole new dimension to the game. Don't get discouraged if every in-game moment isn't RP but stay true to your idea of fun. And don't make the rest of us RPers look bad in PvP!
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_uqOCaS84U Hoist the Colors!
  13. Arnie


    Your signature makes up for any shortcoming in posting, AND the fact that I butted in you and Check's post massaging= Happy Pirate
  14. Arnie


    "This thread delivers" -said no one ever
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