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  1. It's cool to hate on WoW pvp, assuming you yourself were able to prove mastery over it... i mean if you sucked at WoW pvp then you really weren't good enough for it and shouldn't really criticize it like that.... PvP is PvP... and skill translates across genres... I think what you're looking for is pvp that is just hard enough for you to enjoy, but not too hard to where you will get stomped... which isn't what real pvpers look for.
  2. Dominated the game while it was alive, the fact of the matter is that shadowbane was a flash in the pan, the game flopped very hard, after it died the good players moved on, all that was left were the nobodies, finally able to experience the game because the good players were all gone so they were no longer oppressed. Whatever m8
  3. I cant sit here and let you throw out ad hominems towards lordbaldur when he isn't here to defend himself... you're just sad man... you're so riled up that you're just taking wild shots hoping one lands... Baldur is like 21 years old... he didn't even play shadowbane...
  4. I'm actually not lordbaldur but ok, but lordbaldur is actually in barcelona right now partying like a madman... But I do find it amusing that you would try to personally attack lordbaldur with untrue claims about his life... and then claim I was him... all based on the fact that you were too carebear for an irc channel. But hey, just like a lot of the other carebears here, who needs reality, when you can just get dominated by someone and then sit there telling yourself he is the devil to make yourself feel better... "Well he mighta crapped all over my cal-o status, but his mom we
  5. PvP players need saving? There are tons of pvp oriented games out right now... mobas are gigantic, lots of pvp survivial games... csgo is growing greatly... WoW broke 10million again... lots of PvP games in development... Crowfall won't be the "savior" the wiz101 graphics should tell you enough about what kinda pvpers they are going for... but it will be its own thing...
  6. There's only one troll here... and then there are a bunch of gullible washed up nobodies that are acting like they are trolls now because they are trying to save face after getting worked real hard.
  7. And you duped yourself into thinking you were relevant... but have never done anything in a relevant game at a relevant time to any relevant level..
  8. To crap on washed up sb newbs and get the real community to start developing...
  9. Cool? It was speaking to wolfpack's buddy buddy incompetence... Which may have carried over here from what i've heard from some old connections...
  10. Nation =! guild... man you really were newb at shadowbane lol... Some of us don't need to exploit to win...
  11. I remember when wolfpack was giving r30s special inside information... and then one of the r30s players used it to dupe when the game launched... It doesn't surprise me you would think that is stupid... when it is infact reality lol...
  12. WM some nonfactor group of washed up gamers who think they are #hardcore I assume? Yet have never done anything in any relevant game?
  13. I literally will play crowfall literally on this name... and it's literally going to make some of you ragequit when you literally see how you literally never stood a literal chance... playing shadowbane after all the good players left isn't going to help you at all in crowfall. You literally keep showing how little you know about the esports climate... pros get burned out and retire quite often... No I am saying mmorpgs aren't what professional gamers play for a living. It is a casual genre to relax and enjoy games as games... halo2 didn't matter because it
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