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  1. Recruitment is going great and would be great if we can keep this going until the release! Also more beta people are wanted to test things out as a guild.
  2. If you got a char and you delete it, create a new char with the same name as the one that you deleten (but a other class) and you then login you will get your delete char instead of the new one. Sometimes crafting resources (tree's etc) are placed on the same place (2 trees in one spot).
  3. Got my email yesterday but didn't notice because it was in my advertisements folder at gmail. Amber connected here
  4. Are the emails sended out by backer order number?
  5. Best way is to get on IRC, lots of people with Amber + pledges there.
  6. We have been a little in hide mode, people will know us from other mmo's. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1267-mystical-awakening-european-pvp-community/
  7. Recruitement is now open. Join us at: http://www.mystical-awakening.net/
  8. Its to soon to say anything about that since only small pieces of the game are shown yet.
  9. 25 dollars for shipping? Why is it 10 dollars for to the netherlands on kickstarter?
  10. Checked! Was already planning to play as support/crafter and i love dwarfs.
  11. Rly looking forward how to game will plays out!
  12. Well all know its gonna be a high fantasy game. So yeah give me dragons, unicorns etc.
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