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  1. Exactly. You should lend that other guy your clue for a bit. Anyway, what I'm looking for here is a response from a design standpoint (you know, from a designer) as to why both systems are in place. They pretty much do the exact same thing on their own, so why go with both? Are we looking to increase the random element of damage numbers? and if so, why?
  2. The sad thing is you probably think what you've just wrote amounts to at least some amount of knowledge on the subject. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I'm forced to take your trashbaggery nonsense as a "no". I'd rather not waste any further time with the +1 riff-raff, I'll be back when somebody with a clue responds. Toodles.
  3. So are you actually going to contribute to the subject at hand in any way or? No, probably not. I'd question your ability to do so anyway.
  4. Really? I'd love to meet these people, and discuss the strengths and shortcomings of Shadowbanes combat system with them. Do you know where I can find them?
  5. One thing I've noticed from this screenshot is that this game may plan to feature both a listed weapon damage range (15-25 shown in the screenshot) and the ability to both critically hit and increase the % multiplier of critical hits. Stop reading here if I'm mistaken. One of the absolute failures of Shadowbane in terms of attempting to be a competitive game was the sheer amount of RNG associated with its combat system. Upon swinging a weapon at a person you would first get an attack rating vs defense rating check (in which you'd always have a flat 5% chance to miss anyway), followed by a
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